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Player House:
Sweetwater Cascades
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ON-icon-house-Sweetwater Cascades.png
Niben ForestBlackwood
Southwest of Borderwatch
House Prices
Unfurnished 13000Unavailable (13000 Crowns)
Furnished 16250Unavailable (16250 Crowns)
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Manor
Style Leyawiin
Traditional Furnishings 350 (ESO Plus700)
Special Furnishings 5 (ESO Plus10)
Collectible Furnishings 55 (ESO Plus110)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
House ID
Loading Screen
Set in an idyllic location between Khajiiti and Imperial lands, this tranquil villa draws upon the Anequina Aqueduct for its dancing fountains and deep cisterns. After relaxing outside, retreat indoors to enjoy healthy nourishment and restful sleep.
Sweetwater Cascades

Sweetwater Cascades is a large player house accessed from Blackwood, on the border with Northern Elsweyr. Physically, the house is found near the southeast part of the Anequina Aqueduct on the map.

The house was available in the Crown Store during Bounties of Blackwood event from September 30 to October 14, 2021.

The house has entrances and exits to and from both Blackwood and Northern Elsweyr, though teleporting to the exterior will only take you to the Blackwood entrance.



101 Items

Conservatory (40)
Flowers (12)
Stones and Pebbles (12)
Trees (7)
Vines (9)
Courtyard (13)
Lighting (48)
Braziers (10)
Chandeliers (1)
Lamps (4)
Lanterns (5)
Lightposts (10)
Sconces (18)


306 total Items. Includes the above, in addition to:

Conservatory (3)
Plants (3)
Courtyard (13)
Dining (57)
Benches (17)
Chairs (23)
Counters (2)
Tables (15)
Gallery (10)
Paintings (10)
Hearth (18)
Baskets and Bags (3)
Cabinetry (8)
Drinkware (1)
Pottery (5)
Stockroom (1)
Library (35)
Desks (2)
Literature (3)
Shelves (29)
Supplies (1)
Lighting (56)
Braziers (1)
Candles (1)
Chandeliers (2)
Lamps (1)
Lanterns (2)
Parlor (30)
Knick-Knacks (4)
Rugs and Carpets (20)
Sofas and Couches (1)
Tapestries (5)
Suite (28)
Bedding (5)
Dividers (2)
Mirrors (4)
Nightstands (2)
Trunks (8)
Wardrobes (7)
Undercroft (3)
Workshop (11)
Cargo (11)
Stools (1)





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