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Player House:
Kushalit Sanctuary
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ON-icon-house-Kushalit Sanctuary.png
South of Valenvaryon
House Prices
Unfurnished 13000Unavailable (13,000 Crowns)
Furnished 16250Unavailable (16,250 Crowns)
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Manor
Style Daedric
Traditional Furnishings 350 (ESO Plus700)
Special Furnishings 5 (ESO Plus10)
Collectible Furnishings 55 (ESO Plus110)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
House ID 85
Loading Screen
Loading screen
The recently abandoned Sheogorath shrine that locals call Assalkushalit features a statue to the Mad God within its stony hall. Whether you revere this Daedric Prince or want a home nestled in Red Mountain, this portal-ridden sanctuary can be yours!
Kushalit Sanctuary Entrance

Kushalit Sanctuary is a player manor in northern Vvardenfell, located south of Valenvaryon. The entrance portal is located in a small ruined alcove in the northern Ashlands. The ruin itself is located on the northern slopes of Red Mountain, far to the south.
The entrance portal leads to the northeast corner of the home. Heading south from this portal will bring you to a crossroads. A Daedric pavilion and a shrine lie south. The southern shrine contains the statue touted by the home's loading screen. If you purchase the house fully furnished, the shrine is where most of the furniture will be. A staircase inside the ruin leads up to the terrace.

Inside the home

The path west of the entrance portal leads you to the northwest platform. Here, you'll find a portal which brings you to the central platform. This platform can be accessed by walking up to the shrine's entrance and heading across the stone bridge leading west. Lava surrounds this platform, and many smooth lava formations can be seen to the west. Another portal on the second platform brings you up to the southern platform.

It was first available in the Crown Store from May 20 to June 3, 2021, then again from June 30th to July 14th, 2022 and from November 13th to 20th, 2023.



The "unfurnished" house has 53 total furnishings.


The "furnished" house has 178 additional furnishings.



There is 1 achievement associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Apprentice Decorator.png Apprentice Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 objects.