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ON-icon-ava-Forward Camp-Dominion.png Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion
Type Quests Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Tamriel Expert Adventurer
Dye Dominion YellowDominion Yellow
Title Dominion Hero
Housing Serenity Falls Estate (037750003,775,000 Gold)
Furnishing(s) Dominion Hero Shield (0001000010,000 Gold)
Complete all Aldmeri Dominion quest achievements.

Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion is awarded for completing quests in the Aldmeri Dominion territory. Most types of quests count, though repeatable quests only count the first time. It is not necessary to complete every quest in each zone, as there are always extras. It is also not required that the main quests be completed in each zone, though they will certainly help. Quests in the starter zone of Khenarthi's Roost are not counted. The number of quests needed for each zone are as follows:

Zone Quests
Auridon 37
Grahtwood 38
Greenshade 40
Malabal Tor 40
Reaper's March 45
Total: 200

This achievement will allow you to purchase Serenity Falls Estate outside S'ren-ja for 037750003,775,000 Gold, and you can purchase a Dominion Hero Shield for your house. It costs 0001000010,000 Gold and can be purchased from global achievement furnishers.