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Hatching Pools
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Giant Wasp, Dominion Recruit, Dominion Sharpshooter, Dominion Wildling, Senche-Tiger, Swarming Wasp
Central Shadowfen
The Hatching Pools

The Hatching Pools is located in central Shadowfen. Argonian eggs are tended to and hatched here, beneath the great Hist tree. The settlement has been taken over by the Aldmeri Dominion.

A diary can be found near the main entrance (south) to the settlement. A copy of Invocation of Azura can be found at one of the northern peaks of the Xanmeer. Several Pact-Sworn soldiers can be found outside the main entrance after the objective quest is complete.

A smaller Hist tree is growing outside the eastern entrance to the pools, with lies at the southern end of the road leading south from Mud Tree Village. A skeleton and a backpack surrounded by bottles lie to the left of the eastern entrance. A chest can spawn next to this skeleton, between the corpse and the wall. A group of ogres have taken up residence in a camp along the road east of Hatching Pools, in the ravine between the Hatching Pools and Zuuk. A chest can spawn by the Argonian-style tents in the ogres' camp.

Far-Walker the traveling merchant wanders the road between here and Hissmir.

Related Quests[edit]


Hatching Pools
Assistant Ahaht-Ei
Assistant Telixith
Far-Walker **
Fimrimion *
Gerent Ittirma Quest Giver
Keeper Am-Meesei
Keeper Keel-Lurash
Keeper Uxith-Ei Quest Giver
Private Dolilas *
Private Firathil *


**This character is a traveling merchant, and as such does not linger at this location for long


Hatching Pools Wayshrine

Hatching Pools Wayshrine is located south of the pools.


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