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Lost Treasures of Skyrim

Lost Treasures of Skyrim was an Antiquities-themed event available to players who owned the Greymoor Chapter. The event ran from September 23 until October 5, 2020 and various rewards could be earned simply by owning the Greymoor Chapter. During this event the Standard and Collector's Editions of the Chapter were also on sale.

In addition to the Antiquity promotion, players could get double rewards from all Western Skyrim Dailies, World, Delve and Trial Bosses, and Resource Nodes. The Impresario was selling all the berries needed for the Mossheart Indrik mount, as well as the Sapling Indrik pet and bound Sovngarde Stalwart Style armor pages. Each day you could earn 3 tickets by completing a Western Skyrim daily quest or trial quest.

During the event, a member of the Antiquarian Circle named Eveline San could be found in various towns across Tamriel in the company of Davas Felder, Dailedrith, Chomps, and Bray.

Antiquarians Unite![edit]

Rewards that can be earned

This event encouraged players to dig up antiquities throughout Tamriel. Each antiquity found by players would contribute to a running total, which was updated each day of the event.

Once the community had unlocked all three rewards or the event ended, all Greymoor owners could claim the unlocked items from the Crown Store for free. The goal reached 100% on October 2, 2020 and all three rewards were then made available to be claimed from the Crown Store as the Lost Treasure of Skyrim Reward Bundle for a period of two weeks. This bundle was available to all players who purchased Greymoor, including those who purchased within this two-week period.

Box of Gray Host Pillage[edit]


During the event, reward boxes called Boxes of Gray Host Pillage can be earned. Complete your first Western Skyrim Daily per a day will reward an you will be rewarded the Bulging Box of Gray Host Pillage. Additional dailies will instead reward you ordinary Boxes of Gray Host Pillage which also can be looted from other sources.

Box Rewards[edit]


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