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This page lists all limited-time events which have taken place in The Elder Scrolls Online. Events can be special occasions that only occur once, or can be recurring every year. Recurring events include:

The Crown Store usually has special offers coinciding with these events, such as discounts on relevant DLCs and cosmetics, and can include the temporary return of limited availability items such as DLC Collector's Editions, Player Houses and Crown Crates. Sometimes the Crown Store also has additional sales corresponding to various real-world cultural events not otherwise celebrated in-game, such as Valentine's Day ("Heart's Day"), St Patrick's Day, Friday the 13th ("Fatal Fredas/Serpent 13"), a combined dye sale for Canada Day, US Independence Day & Bastille Day, and the annual Black Friday ("Black Fredas") sale.

Since late 2018, most game events have also provided Event Tickets to participants, used to purchase special items from the Impresario.

Four of the recurring events also have their own Achievements, some of which unlock special furnishings for purchase.


Previous Events
Current Year: 2023
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Current Events[edit]

Future Events[edit]

Future Events - Hidden if not announced

Whitestrake's Mayhem (Summer 2023)[edit]

Late June, 2023

The Three Banners march to war once more! As with previous years, you can get your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity from the introductory quest with Predicant Maera or use one leftover from last time if you have it. You will receive Pelina’s Boon Boxes from completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or Imperial City districts, or as a bonus reward in Rewards for the Worthy mails you receive. Event ticket distribution remains as it was, with 2 tickets coming from the first Cyrodiil daily quest completed each day, and an additional 1 ticket for the first Imperial City district daily completed each day.

  • This season, boon boxes contain the usual offerings plus a chance to receive an unbound, tradeable style page for the Sancre Tor Paragon weapon styles. If you’ve already earned a Sancre Tor Paragon page that day, you can instead earn pages from the returning Tools of Domination weapon styles.
  • Imperial City bosses have a chance to drop pages for the Sancre Tor Paragon armor style. If you’ve already earned one that day, you can instead find Gloamsedge armor style pages from last Mayhem.
  • You will also be able to complete the Meadowbreeze Memories morphing collectible skin with this event.
  • This season’s Bags of Veteran’s Glory can contain the following items and will always give you something you don’t already have. All contents of these bags are bound to you.
    • Legion Zero Armor Style Pages
    • Legion Zero Vigiles Armor Style Pages
    • Second Legion Armor Style Pages
    • Standard-Bearer Emotes
    • Standard-Bearer Staves and Shields Style Pages
    • Ebonsteel Knight Armor Style Pages
    • Black Drake Armor Style Pages
    • Battle-Scarred Body and Face Markings
    • Black Drake Warpaint Body and Face Markings
    • House Dufort Banneret Armor Style Pages
  • This Mayhem continues a passive +100% Tel Var Stone gain throughout the life of the event, no scroll or buff required. Please note that this does not affect Tel Var Stone gains from slaying players.

Zeal of Zenithar 2023[edit]


Your hard work is rewarded during Zenithar’s holy festival! If you are a returning player, you can complete the introductory quest if you want a refresher, but it is not necessary to dive right into the event’s bespoke daily quest “Honest Toil.” This quest still awards 3 Event Tickets the first time you complete it per account each day. The Impresario will now have the first fragment for the Passion Dancer Garment costume, the third morphing collectible for this year’s Dibella-themed offerings.

  • Some changes were made to box sourcing this year and a few other aspects of the event:
    • With the quest “Honest Toil,” the minimum gold you must spend at a guild trader to complete one of the conditions was increased to 10,000 gold, up from 5,000 gold.
    • The Belkarth Festival Grounds are now a “high traffic” area for purposes of suppressing Companions and Assistants (but not, presently, pets and summons).
    • Fasaria, the bestower for “Honest Toil,” is now also present at any Impresario tent if you’ve completed the introductory quest. No need to travel to the Belkarth Festival Grounds to pick up the quest if you’re already near an Impresario (but you still need to go there to turn in the quest).
  • While you still get a gold-quality Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel from “Honest Toil” each day, we did make some small changes to the sourcing of Zenithar’s Delightful Parcels (the purple quality ones):
    • Completing “Honest Toil” on other characters after the first each day.
    • Altered for 2023: Completing a basic daily crafting writ – once per day per account.
    • Altered for 2023: Completing a Master writ – once per day per account, per crafting discipline (Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothier, Jewelrycrafting, Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting).
    • Defeating a world boss or world event while grouped with a guildmate (100% drop chance).
    • Group Arena rounds, while grouped with a guildmate (50% drop chance on non-final rounds, 100% on final round).
    • Stealing them from hard-working civilians of Tamriel (a small chance from pickpocketing, looting safeboxes, and opening thieves troves).
  • Either type of parcel can include (with gold-quality Sublime ones having higher chances to drop the good new shiny stuff):
    • NEW: Kwama Miner Outfit Style Pages
    • NEW: Ashlander Peasant Weapon Style Pages
    • Returning: High Rock Spellsword Outfit Style Pages
    • Crafting Resources
    • Style Items for Motifs
    • Crafting Boosters (Blacksmithing tempers, etc.)
    • Research Scrolls
    • Furnishing Recipes
    • Provisioning Recipes
    • Repair Kits (equipment or Cyrodiil repair kits)
    • Treasure Maps
    • Imperial City vault keys
    • Companion Gear
    • Currency pouches for Gold and Tel Var, which have a very tiny chance for an enormous 100k jackpot.
  • During this event, the following global effects are in place:
    • Wayshrine travel costs are reduced by 75%. Happy traveling!
    • Repair costs on vendors are reduced by 50%.
    • Crafting Inspiration gain from all sources is increased by 100%.
    • Vendor prices across Tamriel are reduced by 10%.
      • These include:
        • Vendors that sell items for Gold, AP, or Tel Var stones, including the Golden Vendor.
        • Houses purchasable for Gold.
      • These do NOT include:
        • Bag or Bank Space upgrades
        • Currency vendors that do not sell things for Gold, AP, or Tel Var
        • Guild Traders, whether it be for reserving their services, collecting from sales, or anything else.
    • Philius Dormier, the Impresario’s Assistant, is revamping his inventory to source some retired collectibles from previous years.
      • He will have the Unstable Morpholith pet fragments from 2021, as well as fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker personality from the same year.
      • His inventory will change slightly with the season, much like the Indrik vendor at the Belkarth Festival grounds, so check back with him frequently if you missed something from that year or the current offerings aren’t to your liking.


Whitestrake's Mayhem (Spring 2023)[edit]

May 11 — May 23, 2023

Whitestrake's Mayhem returns to Cyrodiil and the Imperial City!

  • Complete your introduction with Predicant Maera (or do it again this year if you want) to receive your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity.
  • Pelinal’s Boon Boxes are rewarded for completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or Imperial City district daily quests, or as a bonus reward with Rewards for the Worthy mails you receive.
    • These boxes contain a variety of goodies ranging from Tel-Var stones to Cyrodiil repair kits or soul gems, as well as a chance for Cyrodiil style pages, Daedric siege weapons, transmute geodes.
    • There is also a small chance to receive a tradeable style page for the Tools of Domination weapon style, returning from a previous year's Imperial City Celebration.
  • This event re-introduces a passive +100% Tel Var Stone gain from the Imperial City Celebration events, which lasts until the end of the Whitestrake's Mayhem. Note, that this does not affect the Tel Var Stone gains from slaying other players.
  • You can earn a total of 3 Event Tickets per day during this event.
    • The first 2 come from completing any daily quest that focuses on Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. You may earn an additional ticket by completing an Imperial City District daily quest. Visit both places if you want to maximize your ticket earnings!
  • In addition to the rewards from previous Mayhems, this year’s new Outfit Style is the Gloamsedge Armor.
    • Style pages for this armor have a chance to drop from bosses in the Imperial City but are also available from the Impresario for 5 tickets each.
    • Bosses in the Imperial City also have a small chance to drop an additional page for last Mayhem's House Dufort Banneret armor style.
  • The Impresario will have bound style pages for the Gloamsedge Armor for 5 tickets each, as well as the face and body markings (sold separately) for 5 tickets each. Also available will be all three fragments of the Passion Dancer Blossom Pet, all three fragments for the Passion's Muse Personality, as well as the first and second fragments of the Meadowbreeze Memories Skin.

Crazy King Battleground Weekend (April 2023)[edit]

April 20 — April 25, 2023
Crazy King Weekend

The Crazy King Weekend took place between April 20 — April 25, 2023. A solo and group queue for Crazy King were available for the duration, and all Battlegrounds matches had a 25% bonus to Alliance Points earned.

Anniversary Jubilee 2023[edit]

April 6 — April 18, 2023

Happy 9th Birthday, ESO! Chef Donolon’s cake this year is a creepy kiwi-meets-calamari culinary confectionary catastrophe. Completing the event’s introductory quest gets you this new cake, consuming a slice of which will give you 3 Event Tickets and a 2-hour duration +100% experience bonus during the event!

  • During the event, completing any daily quest in Tamriel will give you an Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box in addition to its other rewards.
    • These boxes will have a smattering of potential rewards including crafting materials, recipes, transmute crystals, and a chance to get an outfit style page for the new Bonemold Armor Style, last year’s Saberkeel Armor Style, or the Worm Cult Armor Style.
  • The Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear can offer you things you don’t have from among Saberkeel, Worm Cult, Jephrine Paladin, Imperial Champion, Prophet, Lyris Titanborn, Sai Sahan, and Abnur Tharn outfit styles/motifs. It also has a chance to give you an additional style item for the Worm Cult motif, and if you somehow end up with a grab bag after claiming all of the rewards it can offer, the bag will instead contain a Group Repair Kit.
  • The Impresario will offer cake furnishings for all cakes - including the new one - as long as you have the cake for the corresponding year. She will also carry bound style pages for the Bonemold armor style, as well as all three fragments for the Passion Dancer Blossom pet and all three fragments for the Passion's Muse personality. She also carries the first of three fragments for the next morph, the Meadowbreeze Memories skin. The second and third fragments for the skin will become available in later events for that quarter.

Jester's Festival 2023[edit]

March 29 — April 6, 2023

The Jester’s Festival is back with jovial and/or ludicrous prizes! As always, you can complete the introductory quest to acquire your Pie of Misrule, a collectible Tool that grants you a 2 hour 100% experience bonus during the duration of the event.

  • The first Jesters Festival daily you complete each day will award you a gold-quality Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box and 3 Event Tickets, with subsequent dailies granting purple quality Jester’s Festival Boxes that have smaller chances to give you The Good Stuff.
  • This year’s silly offerings include the Broom weapon style and Bucket armor style, useful for taking out the trash and mopping up after your kills in the battlegrounds (respectively). You will also be able to collect fragments for the utterly adorable and delightfully ridiculous Jester’s Daedroth Suit, in honor of a certain terrible lutist you can have perform during one of the event’s quests. Last, but not least, is a long-requested “outfit style” for Hide Shoulder – the thing you do, not the thing you wear.
    • Fragments for the Jester’s Daedroth Suit, as well as pages for the Broom and Bucket styles, can drop from Stupendous Jester’s Festival Boxes given out for the first event daily quest you do each day, while the Hide Shoulder “collectible” is available from the Impresario during this event for 5 Event Tickets.
    • After Jesters Festival ends, the Hide Shoulder collectible will be on her assistant, Philius Dormier, forever more!
  • The Impresario will have all three fragments of both the Passion Dancer Blossom pet and the Passion’s Muse personality, along with bound versions of fragments and style pages for the new offerings this year.

Chaosball Battleground Weekend (March 2023)[edit]

March 16March 21, 2023
Chaosball Weekend

The Chaosball Weekend took place between March 16 – March 21, 2023. A solo and group queue for Chaosball were available for the duration, and all Battlegrounds matches had a 25% bonus to Alliance Points earned.

Explorer's Celebration (March 2023)[edit]

March 2March 10, 2023

The first Explorer's Celebration of 2023 ran from March 2nd to March 10th, shortly before the launch of the Scribes of Fate DLC on PC/Mac.

Players will receive additional rewards for the following in-game activities:

  • Increased drops from harvest nodes (not fishing)
  • Increased XP gains from every source (This stacks with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers)
  • Increased gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources

Capture the Relic Battleground Weekend (February 2023)[edit]

February 16February 21, 2023
Capture the Relic Weekend

The Capture the Relic Weekend took place between February 16 – February 21, 2023. A solo and group queue for Capture the Relic were available for the duration, and all Battlegrounds matches had a 25% bonus to Alliance Points earned.

Season of the Dragon Celebration[edit]

January 26 — February 7, 2023

Those Dragons keep returning to your homeland! You know what to do. This event includes all of the year's content for the Season of the Dragon, including both the Elsweyr Chapter and the Dragonhold DLC as well as all four dungeons released as part of the year's story: Depths of Malatar, Frostvault, Moongrave Fane, and the Lair of Maarselok.

  • Pick up the introductory quest, “Bane of Dragons,” either for free in the Crown Store or from Captain Samara at the Impresario’s tent outside of Rimmen.
  • The first daily quest you complete in Northern Elsweyr or Southern Elsweyr rewards a Glorious Elsweyr Box. Subsequent dailies, as well as activities in the zones or linked dungeons, will award slightly lower quality Elsweyr Boxes.
    • These boxes can contain valuable treasures, style items or motif pages from the year-of storyline, Elsweyr-specific crafting materials (such as Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Rheum, or Dragon's Bile), treaure maps, furnishing recipes, or a tradeable style page for the new Claw Dancer armor style.
  • The first daily you complete in Northern Elsweyr will award you one Event Ticket. You can get a second Event Ticket for the first daily you complete in Southern Elsweyr as well, for a maximum of two Event Tickets per day per account.
    • These include dailies such as the Dragon-hunting quests.
  • Bosses and Dragons in both Elsweyrs, as well as bosses in Sunspire, Depths of Malatar, Frostvault, Moongrave Fane, and the Lair of Maarselok drop additional loot during this event.
  • As with other celebrations, resource nodes, daily quests, and other activities in the zones are more bountiful during the Season of the Dragon. Don't let the shadow of a Dragon's wings keep you indoors!
  • The Impresario will carry bound style pages of the Claw Dancer armor style for 5 tickets each. She will also have three fragments of the new Passion Dancer Blossom pet, the new base item for 2023's morphing collectibles themed around Dibella!
  • The Impresario will also carry the first fragment of the first morph, the Passion's Muse personality.

Global Reveal Event[edit]

January 25, 2023

The Developer Direct will happen on 12PM PST/1PM MST/3 PM EST/8PM GMT. The Twitch stream reveal of the next Chapter will happen at 12:45 PM PST/1:45 PM MST/3:45 PM EST/8:45 PM GMT on January 25.[1]

Domination Battleground Weekend (January 2023)[edit]

January 12January 17, 2023
Domination Weekend

The first Domination Weekend took place between January 12 – January 17, 2023. A solo and group queue for Domination were available for the duration, and all Battlegrounds matches had a 25% bonus to Alliance Points earned.

New Life Festival 2022[edit]

New Life Festival 2022
December 15, 2022 — January 3, 2023

The New Life Festival returns to Tamriel! Breda and Petronius are back to help you embark on a festive adventure across the world.

  • As always, the first New Life quest you complete each day will award you Event Tickets (3, this year) and any completed New Life quests will award you a New Life Festival Box.
    • This box contains an assortment of valuable and flavorful items, along with a chance for motif pages, style pages, furnishings, or special charity writs (Deep Winter or Imperial).
    • Added to the Festival boxes this year are a chance to get a tradeable page of the new Evergreen armor style.
  • The Impresario has brought back all of 2022’s morphing collectibles for the Soulfire Dragon Illusion. She also offers bound pages for the Evergreen armor style for 5 tickets each, as well as the returning Powderwhite Coney pet.