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The following are known Events of 2024 in Elder Scrolls Online.

Events in 2024[edit]

Guilds and Glory Celebration[edit]

January 18 - January 30, 2024

What do Orcs, the Imperial Legion, a shady criminal syndicate, and a cult of murderous assassins have in common? They’re all celebrated in the Guilds and Glory Celebration! And maybe making a pretty solid Activity Finder group while they’re at it. The assassin is a healer, it’s all good.

  • This event focuses on the Orsinium, Imperial City, Thieves’ Guild, and Dark Brotherhood DLCs.
  • Your Event Tickets from this event come in a single batch of 2 tickets, awarded by completing any one of the following each day:
    • Delve and World Boss Quests in Orsinium, Hew’s Bane, the Gold Coast, or Imperial City
    • The Weekly Trial Quest for Maw of Lorkhaj
    • Killing and looting an Imperial City district sweeper or Coldharbour Elite Guard in the sewers
    • Killing and looting the final boss of Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower
    • Killing and looting the final boss of Maelstrom Arena
  • Various bosses, resource nodes, and daily quests in any of the target DLC zones award extra loot during this event. Like with the earlier Gates of Oblivion Celebration, event coffers work a little differently here. There are zone boxes, Imperial City boxes and dungeon boxes, all named in accordance with the location they were gleaned from.
    • Zone boxes are found by completing daily quests in their respective zones, killing delve and world bosses, public dungeon bosses, random enemies, treasure chests, safeboxes, resource nodes, thieves’ troves, and pickpocketing NPCs.
    • Dungeon boxes come from the final boss of Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, and Maelstrom Arena.
    • Imperial City boxes come from Imperial City daily quests, district sweepers, and the Coldharbour Elite Guards of the sewers.
  • The first of these boxes each day is a Glorious quality box with higher drop chances of the good stuff. The first final dungeon boss of the two dungeons or the arena will offer a Glorious quality box of its respective type. You can earn 3 total Glorious boxes per day as a result, one from zone content, one from Imperial City content, and one from dungeon/arena content.
    • These boxes can contain the following items:
      • Crafting materials
      • Saleable treasures
      • Style items for Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon zone motifs (depending on box source)
      • Set items from Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon zones (depending on box source)
      • Imperial City key fragments (if from an Imperial City box)
      • Tel Var stones (if from an Imperial City box)
      • Companion gear
      • Furnishing recipes
      • Treasure Maps or Survey Reports
      • Motif chapters for Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon motifs (depending on box source)
      • Pages for the new Bristleback Hunter outfit style
    • Note that final bosses from Veteran Dungeons/Arenas drop two boxes to account for their higher difficulty. If one of these would be eligible for being Glorious, you’ll get one Glorious and one regular.
  • The Impresario will carry bound style pages of the Bristleback Hunter armor style for 5 tickets each. She will also have all three fragments of the new Molag Bal Imp pet and the first of three fragments for the Planemeld’s Master face and body markings (one morph that contains both collectibles when completed).