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This article is about the battleground. For the skill, see Domination (skill).

Domination is a battlegrounds game mode falling under Land Grab. Its objective is to secure capture points to earn 500 points for one's team. These Capture points, which are evenly spread around the map, are captured by players who stand close to them.

The game begins with all four capture points spread around the map, which can be captured by participants standing close to them. The number of participants affects the speed of capture. If participants from two or more teams are at a point, the point's affiliation will be eroded only if the number of participants not of the point's affiliation is higher than that of the participants belonging to the team. While capture points are under the control of a team, they will earn 4 points for that team for every 'tick' that elapses.


As with all other Battlegrounds, Domination features a number of Battleground-specific medals.

Icon Name Points Description
Capture Points
ON-icon-medal-Dominator.png Dominator 100* Capture a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Vigilant Defender.png Vigilant Defender 500* Earn 250 defense points at a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Gleaming Guardian.png Gleaming Guardian 50 Take 15k damage
ON-icon-medal-Dauntless Defender.png Dauntless Defender 100 Take 30k damage
ON-icon-medal-Valiant Vanguard.png Valiant Vanguard 200 Take 60k damage
ON-icon-medal-Steady Centurion.png Steady Centurion 400 Take 250k damage
ON-icon-medal-Iron Soul.png Iron Soul 50* Survive a 10k damage hit
ON-icon-medal-Steel Skin.png Steel Skin 50* Survive an 11.75k damage hit
ON-icon-medal-Humble Protector.png Humble Protector 100 Do 5k healing while defending a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Devoted Protector.png Devoted Protector 200 Do 25k healing while defending a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Sublime Protector.png Sublime Protector 300 Do 37.5k healing while defending a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Divine Protector.png Divine Protector 500 Do 375k healing while defending a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Helping Hand.png Helping Hand 50* Score a 10k healing hit on an ally defender
ON-icon-medal-Offensive Execution.png Offensive Execution 10* Kill a defender at a capture point
ON-icon-medal-Defensive Execution.png Defensive Execution 5* Kill an attacker while defending a capture point
*Medal can be earned multiple times per match.


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Battleground Dominator.png Battleground Dominator 10 Control all four Capture Points simultaneously in a Domination match.
ON-icon-achievement-Divine Protector.png Divine Protector 10 Earn your first Divine Protector Medal by healing at least 375,000 points of damage for Capture Point defenders in a single Domination match.
ON-icon-achievement-Steady Centurion.png Steady Centurion 10 Earn your first Steady Centurion Medal by taking at least 250,000 damage in a single Domination match.
ON-icon-achievement-Vigilant Defender.png Vigilant Defender 10 Earn your first Vigilant Defender Medal while defending a Capture Point in a Domination match.
ON-icon-achievement-Newblood Standard-Bearer.png Newblood Standard-Bearer 5 Seize your first Capture Point in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Standard-Bearer.png Veteran Standard-Bearer 10 Seize 50 Capture Points in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Grand Standard-Bearer.png Grand Standard-Bearer 15 Seize 250 Capture Points in Battlegrounds.
ON-icon-achievement-Newblood Standard-Guardian.png Newblood Standard-Guardian 5 Earn 10 Defensive Execution Medals by defeating opponents attacking one of your Capture Points.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Standard-Guardian.png Veteran Standard-Guardian 10 Earn 100 Defensive Execution Medals by defeating opponents attacking one of your Capture Points.
ON-icon-achievement-Grand Standard-Guardian.png Grand Standard-Guardian 15 Earn 500 Defensive Execution Medals by defeating opponents attacking one of your Capture Points.


  • As a land grab Battleground, Domination games have the potential to net Fire Drake Style style pages.