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The following are known Events of 2021 in Elder Scrolls Online.

Events in 2021[edit]

New Life Festival 2021[edit]

December 16, 2021January 4, 2022

The New Life Festival returns to Tamriel! Breda is back to offer you festive quests for the season that bestow valuable rewards.

  • As always, the first New Life quest you complete each day will award you Event Tickets (3, this year) and any completed New Life quests will award you a New Life Festival Box.
    • This box contains an assortment of valuable and flavorful items, along with a chance for motif pages, style pages, furnishings, or special charity writs (Deep Winter or Imperial).
    • Added to the Festival boxes this year are a chance to get a tradeable page of the new Nord Carved armor style.
  • The Impresario has brought back ALL of 2021’s morphing collectibles for the Unstable Morpholith.
  • She also offers bound pages for the Nord Carved armor style for 5 tickets each, as well as the Powderwhite Coney pet. Happy hunting!

Undaunted Celebration Event 2021[edit]

November 18November 30, 2021

Grab your axe and a bag for plunder, the Undaunted Celebration returns to Tamriel! Plumb the depths of dungeons for bonus rewards during this annual event.

  • The first final dungeon boss you defeat in a day will drop (2) Event Tickets and a special Glorious Undaunted Reward Box.
  • This box contains an assortment of valuable goods, motif pages, and a chance for one of the new style pages for Opal weapons, this year themed for the Elden Hollow I boss, Chokethorn.
  • Last year's rewards, including Iceheart, Lord Warden, the Nightflame, and Swarm Mother are also potential findings within these boxes.
  • Defeating those bosses on the Veteran Hard Mode of those dungeons has a chance to drop the Opal shoulder style page for those bosses.
  • Subsequent dungeons you complete will continue to award slightly-less-valuable Undaunted Reward Boxes, which still have a (somewhat smaller) chance to drop the above listed weapon style pages.
  • The Impresario offers Chokethorn's style pages for the Opal equipment for 5 tickets each, as well as the first three (of five) fragments for the Doomchar Plateau house.

Witches Festival 2021[edit]

October 21November 2, 2021

This year the Witchmothers emerge from their breweries in greater number this year to herald the approach of the terrifying Crowborne Horror, an entity that threatens to intrude upon Tamriel with its terrifying host of monsters.

  • Witchmother Taerma visits all Impresario tents as well as Olyve's Brewery to offer you a new daily quest to gather the means to entrap the Horror in a pocket realm where it can be destroyed.
  • Plunder Skulls now have a chance to drop some of the new rewards for this season, including fragments for the Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog pet, the Witch's Bonfire Dust memento, and the Marshmallow Toasty Treat memento.
    • Grave Dancer weapon style pages and Glenmoril treasure maps are still potential offerings from skulls this year.
    • Furnishings and furnishing schematics appropriate for the holiday are also available as both Plunder Skull contents and Impresario offerings.
  • As with previous years, your Event Tickets come from the first boss-type creature that would drop a Plunder Skull. You can get 2 Event Tickets per day this way, all in one parcel, as a drop from the boss. Don't forget to loot them!
  • Hollowjack style pages, previously relegated to the Witches Grab Bags, are now available as part of a folio of rewards for completing any Witches Festival crafting writ (which can drop from any Plunder Skull).
  • This event also introduces the first TWO of five total fragments for the final morph for the Unstable Morpholith, the Doomchar Plateau plot-style home. They are available from the Impresario for 10 Event Tickets each.

Explorer's Celebration October 2021[edit]

October 12October 20, 2021

The Explorer's Celebration will run a second time this year as a reward for the community completing a bonus challenge during the Bounties of Blackwood event.

Players will receive additional rewards for the following in-game activities:

  • Increased drops from harvest nodes (not fishing)
  • Increased XP gains from every source (This stacks with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers)
  • Increased gold earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources

Bounties of Blackwood[edit]

September 30October 12, 2021

Year One Celebration[edit]

August 26September 7, 2021

Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event[edit]

July 22August 3, 2021

The Pan-Elsweyr Celebration celebrates the release of the DLC from the Season of the Dragon storyline; the Elsweyr Chapter and the Dragonhold DLC. During this event you will receive bonus loot, rewards and Event Tickets from exploring and questing within the Northern and Southern Elsweyr zones. This event introduces the first fragment required for the Dagonic Quasigriff — the Smoke-Wreathed Gryphon Feather and also the Ja'zennji Siir Style.

Midyear Mayhem 2021 (June)[edit]

June 24July 6, 2021

The second Midyear Mayhem event of the year, this run introduces the Alliance Banner-Bearer Style, a weapons style consisting of alliances-themed staves and shields. They are purchasable from the Impresario or can be earnt by collecting 10 Alliance Banner Emblems from the Pelinal's Midyear Boon Boxes and combining them with the right license from Predicant Maera. The Alliance Banner Emblems are guaranteed to appear in the first Pelinal's Midyear Boon Boxes you open per a day.

The Impresario also introduces the third and final fragment needed for the Deadlands Firewalker Personality, along with the other necessary fragments. She has also brought back the bound Ebonsteel Knight Style pages and Breton Terrier pets.

You can earn a total of 3 Event Tickets per day during this event. The first 2 come from completing any daily quest that focuses on Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. You may earn an additional ticket by completing an Imperial City District daily quest.

Champions Reforged[edit]

June 115, 2021

The Champions Reforged event went live alongside the Blackwood release on PC/Mac. Free Champion Point respecifications were enabled for the duration.

Explorer's Celebration 2021[edit]

May 1320, 2021

The Explorer's Celebration returns for a second time in May 2021. During the event there is double XP gains from every source, increased yields from harvest nodes and double gold rewards from all monster kills, quest rewards and similar. This mini-event has no achievements, collectibles or quests associated with it.

ESO Play for Free Event[edit]

March 31April 13, 2021

Running concurrent to the Anniversary Jubilee, there will be a Free Play Event, where anyone can download the Elder Scrolls Online base game with Morrowind chapter and play for free. To get started, visit the Official Free Play and select your platform. Also during this time, The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition and Greymoor Chapter will be discounted.

Alongside this, cks]]Crown Packs Crowns will be on sale, any new accounts made during this time period will get 00500500 Crowns.

Anniversary Jubilee 2021

Anniversary Jubilee 2021[edit]

April 1April 15, 2021

The Seven Year Anniversary event will run from April 1 to April 15, 2021. The event was initially meant to run until April 13, but was extended on all platforms due to maintenance downtime on the PlayStation servers on April 5, 2021.

Like previous years, you can complete the event's Ache For Cake quest to obtain this year's Jubilee Cake 2021 memento. Using the memento during the event will give you two-hour 100% XP boost.

Completing daily quests will gift you a Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box, which contain the same loot as last year, with some additions. Notably Imperial Champion weapon style pages will be introduced during the event.

You have the chance of earning a max of 39 Event Tickets during the Event run. Three tickets can be earned a day by using the Jubilee Cake 2021 memento the first time that day. This event, the Impresario will introduce the first two fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker personality: the Vial of Simmering Daedric Brew and Vial of Bubbling Daedric Brew along with the 2021 replica cake and bound pages for the Imperial Champion Style.

Jester's Festival 2021

Jester's Festival 2021[edit]

March 25April 1, 2021

The Jester's Festival event is live from Thursday, March 25 at 2PM GMT until Thursday, April 1 at 3PM BST. This year three brand-new daily quests are added alongside the original three event quests:

Jester’s Festival Reward Box return as daily quest reward and can contain valuables, consumables, recipes, furnishings, Revelry Pies, and fragments of the new Playful Prankster's Surprise Box memento.

The first time you complete a daily quest each day, you'll receive a Stupendous Reward Box instead of the regular one. This special box can include the same items as detailed above, but it also has a chance to contain these items:

Heroes Reforged

Heroes Reforged[edit]

This event begins with the launch of Update 29 on the live servers. This is Monday, March 8, 2021 for PC/Mac, and Tuesday, March 16, 2021 for Xbox One and PlayStation4. It will run for two weeks, and will allow you unlimited free respecs from Rededication Shrines for the following:

  • Attributes (Health/Stamina/Magicka)
  • Skills (and Morphs)
  • Champion Points (from the Champion Point system menu)

When you first log in after Update 29 goes live, all Skills and Champion Points will be automatically reset. Though the changes to skills in Update 29 only affect the Champion System, this event will allow you to test builds, reset/respec as many characters as you'd like for free for two weeks.

This is not a full in-game event, as there will be no event tickets distributed—just free re-specializations. That's two weeks to experiment and test your builds at no cost.

Tribunal Celebration 2021

Tribunal Celebration Event 2021[edit]

February 25March 9, 2021

The Tribunal Celebration Event was a combination of the Clockwork Celebration Event and the Morrowind Celebration Event. It introduced the Doctrine Ordinator Style, alongside a new skin, pet, and memento. The Doctrine Ordinator Arms Pack, Dwarven Crown Crate, and Music Box, Mother Morrowind's Sacred Lullaby were also available from the Crown Store during this time.

You could earn up to 00000022Event Tickets a day: one each for completing a daily quest in Vvardenfell and Clockwork City. The first daily quest you completed also rewarded a Glorious Tribunal Coffer.

Midyear Mayhem 2021

Midyear Mayhem 2021[edit]

January 28February 9, 2021

In addition to the rewards from previous Midyear Mayhem, the new Ebonsteel Knight armor style pages have been introduced. Pages have a chance to drop from bosses in the Imperial City, but are also available from the Impresario for 5 tickets each. The corresponding weapon styles are only available from the Crown Store by purchasing the limited time Ebonsteel Knight Arms Pack during this event.

You can earn a total of 3 Event Tickets per day during this event. The first 2 come from completing any daily quest that focuses on Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. You may earn an additional ticket by completing an Imperial City District daily quest.

Elder Scrolls Online Global Reveal Event[edit]

January 26, 2021

The Elder Scrolls Online Team revealed their plans for major updates in 2021 on their Twitch channel. This year's story arc is the Gates of Oblivion.

New Life Festival 2020[edit]

December 17January 5, 2021

The New Life Festival returns for testing! This year, however, we have some special treats for you…

  • First, we’re introducing the long-requested Imperial New Life Quest, celebrating the Imperial tradition of the Old Life Remembrance.
  • As always, the first New Life quest you complete each day will award you Event Tickets (3, this year), and any completed New Life quests will award you a New Life Festival Box.
    • This box contains an assortment of valuable and flavorful items, along with a chance for motif pages, style pages, furnishings, or special charity writs.
    • The charity writs from years prior to 2019 are now sunset; if you have those writs, you can still complete them, they just won’t drop anymore. However, this year there are several new Imperial Charity Writs which, along with the Deep Winter Charity Writs that still drop, all count toward prior achievements involving these writs.
  • Completing an Imperial Charity Writ will reward you a random page from this year’s wintry weapon selection, the Rkindaleft Dwemer style.
  • Lastly, the Impresario has brought back ALL of 2020’s Indriks berries and feathers for your pursuit, and will sell Rkindaleft Dwemer weapon style pages for 5 tickets each.
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