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Gates of Oblivion Celebration

The Gates of Oblivion Celebration is a DLC event which celebrates the release of both the Blackwood Chapter and The Deadlands DLC, as well as the two dungeon DLCs, Flames of Ambition and Waking Flame.

The main feature of this event is numerous drops in Blackwood and the Deadlands being doubled, including: Rockgrove's Weekly, Daily Delve and World Boss quest rewards, and crafting nodes. Additionally, all bosses from the aforementioned trial, The Cauldron, Black Drake Villa, Red Petal Bastion, and The Dread Cellar and the Delve and World Bosses will also drop additional loot.

The event quest Burdensome Beasts is available during this event.

Glorious Coffers[edit]

ON-icon-furnishing-Leyawiin Trunk, Carved Octad.png
This reward box might contain useful crafting materials, powerful set items, or even rarer treasures.

When you complete your first daily quest in Blackwood or the Deadlands or Fragrave, or the weekly Rockgrove quest, you'll receive a Glorious Blackwood Coffer or a Glorious Fargrave Coffer reward box. It will depend which quest is completed first. These reward boxes have a much greater chance to contain rarer event rewards (such as the unique styles).

Additional dailies completed afterwards will instead give you the Blackwood Coffer or Fargrave Coffer reward box. These boxes can also be found from harvesting nodes and killing monsters, such as Group Bosses and Havocrel Executioners.

Blackwood and Fargrave Coffer Loot[edit]

  • Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood Style Page
  • Random Crafting Materials
  • Fine or Superior rarity sellable treasures
  • Motif Style Pages
    • Overland
      • Sul-Xan
      • Blackfin
      • Ivory Brigade
      • House Hexos
      • Fargrave Guardian
      • Annihilarch's Chosen
    • Dungeon
      • True-Sworn
      • Waking Flame
      • Knights of the Silver Rose
      • Crimson Oath
  • A Fine, Superior, or Epic rarity Blackwood or Deadlands overland set item
    • Dungeon set item will be given instead if you obtained the Reward Box in a Dungeon
  • Companion Gear
  • Blackwood or Fargrave themed furnishing recipes
  • Blackwood or Deadlands Surveys or Treasure Maps

Gates of Oblivion Celebration 2023[edit]

Gates of Oblivion Celebration 2023
Defeat the agents of Mehrunes Dagon and earn bonus rewards during this new in-game event!

The inaugural Gates of Oblivion Celebration runs from November 16 to November 29, 2023. It introduced the event-related quest Burdensome Beasts which can be started from the crown store, the Impresario's tent or directly from Plokun in the wilds of Blackwood.

The event also introduced the Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood Style pages along with the second fragment needed for the Hoardhunter Ursauk furnishing. Two event tickets can be earned a day, by completing one daily quest in Blackwood or the Deadlands, or defeating the final bosses in either the Flames of Ambition and Waking Flame dungeons.

It was originally set to end on November 28, 2023 but was extended by one day due to maintenance.[1]

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