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The Year One Celebration is an event that runs from August 26 to September 7, 2021. According to Patch 7.0.3, it will be a loose combination of the existing Orsinium Celebration Event and Imperial Celebration from years past, but with the inclusion of the Craglorn zone per its addition in Update 1 and 4. The event was supplanted by the Guilds and Glory Celebration event in 2024 by combining it with the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event; however, any rewards from Craglorn were omitted in the rebranding.

The main theme of this event is completing quests and activities within Wrothgar, Craglorn, or Imperial City zones to receive event-specific bonus rewards and loot. It will also be the first event to introduce the first and second fragments for the Dagonic Quasigriff mount.

To get started, pick up the introductory quest titled Sand, Snow, and Blood from the Crown Store or Impresario tent and then travel directly to one of the three zones.

Event Tickets[edit]

There are a possible 26 Event Tickets to be earned through this event. You can receive 00000022Event Tickets per day:

Year One Coffers[edit]


During the event, these coffers were first made available and contain special rewards. A Glorious Year One Coffer can be earned once a day from completing a Daily Quest in Wrothgar, Craglorn, or the Imperial City. Each Glorious Year One Coffer is guaranteed to contain either a Motif Chapter style page or a page for the new Old Orsinium weapon style.

After earning the glorious coffer, you can earn unlimited ordinary Year One Coffer which can be found from many activities, such as daily quests, bosses, treasure chests, nodes or mobs.

Regular coffers may contain the following rewards:

  • Old Orsinium Style pages (new)
  • Maelstrom Style pages
  • Legion Zero Style Pages
  • Motif Chapters style pages from the Wrothgar, Imperial City, and Craglorn zones:
    • Yokudan, Celestial, Ra Gada, Trinimac, Ancient Orc, Malacath, and Xivkyn
  • Overland armor set pieces
  • Transmutation Crystals
  • Key Fragments
  • Crafting materials
  • Vendor Items which can be sold for Gold

The Impresario[edit]

The Impresario stocks the following items during the event, which can be bought with Event Tickets:

Double Drops[edit]

Numerous drop are also doubled, including:

  • Reward boxes for all Daily Quests in Wrothgar, Imperial City, and Craglorn
  • Increased resource node rewards
  • Bonus loot from World Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, and Delve Bosses
  • Bonus loot from chests in the Maelstrom and Dragonstar Arenas
  • Bonus loot from the bosses in the Craglorn Trials
  • Bonus Tel Var stones earned in the Imperial City

Crown Store Exclusives[edit]

  • 4-DLC Mega Pack (containing the Orsinium, Imperial City, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood DLCs) for 2,000 crowns (50% discount).
  • Orsinium DLC on sale for 1,500 crowns (50% discount).
  • Orsinium Collecto'’s Bundle on sale for 2,000 crowns (50% discount).
  • Imperial City Collector's Bundle for 2,000 crowns (50% discount).
  • Crested Viper Armor Pack


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