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Treasure, also known as Contraband items, are items that exist only to be sold in exchange for gold, as well as to add some flavor to the game. They are bound to a player's account and so cannot be traded to other players. There are many different types of treasure items, meaning that a character collecting treasures can have their inventory fill up fast. Treasures not being kept for a personal collection should therefore be sold periodically. This page does not encompass Crafting Motifs, style materials, and provisioning ingredients which can be stolen; only the items whose only purpose is to be sold to a fence (or vendor, depending on the item's source) for gold.

Treasures are most commonly found by stealing: searching in owned containers, pickpocketing, or looting innocent citizens you have killed. These are marked as stolen, and can be sold or laundered at fences. Once laundered, the treasure can be sold to any other vendor. Treasures can also be found from other sources such as loot from dragons and harrowstorms, the daily rewards chest in the Dragonguard Sanctum, and from various event drops (e.g. Plunder Skulls). Treasures found this way are not marked as stolen, and so can immediately be sold to a vendor or placed in the bank.

A treasure's sell value depends on its quality, shown in the table below. Items of higher quality are less common to find. Duplicate contraband items will stack in your inventory, but with varying caps.

Item Quality Item Value Duplicates stack cap
Normal 0000004040 Gold 100
Fine 00000100100 Gold 20
Superior 00000250250 Gold 5
Epic 000015001500 Gold 1

†The Thieves Guild skill Haggling and the Champion ability Infamous both increase the price when fencing, but not laundering, stolen items.

Exceptions to this include:

  • Undaunted Plunder can be dropped from group dungeons and trials, and, despite being Epic quality, sells for 000010001000 Gold.
  • Some Legendary treasures can be dropped from veteran hardmode trials and sell for 0001000010,000 Gold.
  • Other Legendary treasures are used for Kari's Hit ListCrown Store and cannot be laundered or sold, so are shown with a price of 000000000 Gold.
  • Treasures obtained as antiquitiesGreymoor sell for a higher price: Simple for 00000250250 Gold, Intermediate for 000010001000 Gold and Advanced for 000050005000 Gold. This does not apply to those obtained as bonus items from an excavation however, which are from the standard set of treasures with the prices in the table.

Treasure Type[edit]

Most treasure items have one or more 'Treasure Type' labels. These are only relevant for certain Thieves Guild LarcenyThieves Guild or Blackfeather CourtClockwork City quests.


By Zone[edit]

Each zone DLC adds a new set of contraband treasures:



  • An item may have a higher chance of spawning in a zone appropriate to it (e.g. Alik'ri Glassware in the Alik'r Desert) although there is always a lower chance of it spawning in any other zone.