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There are four types of materials involved in Blacksmithing: Ores, Ingots, Tempers, and Gems.

Ores are the raw materials that can be found in the world in mineral deposits. By themselves they cannot be used, but they may be refined into Ingots at any armor crafting station.

Ingots are used to make Heavy Armor as well as all bladed or blunt melee weapons.

Tempers can be used to improve existing armor or weapons.

Gems are used to craft weapons and armor with traits.


Node Ore Refine Into
Iron Ore ON-icon-ore-Iron Ore.png Iron Ore ON-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
High Iron Ore ON-icon-ore-High Iron Ore.png High Iron Ore ON-icon-ingot-Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot
Orichalcum Ore ON-icon-ore-Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore ON-icon-ingot-Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot
Dwarven Ore ON-icon-ore-Dwarven Ore.png Dwarven Ore ON-icon-ingot-Dwarven Ingot.png Dwarven Ingot
Ebony Ore ON-icon-ore-Ebony Ore.png Ebony Ore ON-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony Ingot
Calcinium Ore ON-icon-ore-Calcinium Ore.png Calcinium Ore ON-icon-ingot-Calcinium Ingot.png Calcinium Ingot
Galatite Ore ON-icon-ore-Galatite Ore.png Galatite Ore ON-icon-ingot-Galatite Ingot.png Galatite Ingot
Quicksilver Ore ON-icon-ore-Quicksilver Ore.png Quicksilver Ore ON-icon-ingot-Quicksilver Ingot.png Quicksilver Ingot
Voidstone Ore ON-icon-ore-Voidstone Ore.png Voidstone Ore ON-icon-ingot-Voidstone Ingot.png Voidstone Ingot
Rubedite Ore ON-icon-ore-Rubedite Ore.png Rubedite Ore ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingot


Ingot Craft Into
ON-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot Iron Armor and Weapons
(Level 1-14)
ON-icon-ingot-Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot Steel Armor and Weapons
(Level 16-24)
ON-icon-ingot-Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot Orichalc Armor and Weapons
(Level 26-34)
ON-icon-ingot-Dwarven Ingot.png Dwarven Ingot Dwarven Armor and Weapons
(Level 36-44)
ON-icon-ingot-Ebony Ingot.png Ebony Ingot Ebon Armor and Weapons
(Level 46-50)
ON-icon-ingot-Calcinium Ingot.png Calcinium Ingot Calcinium Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points10-Champion Points30)
ON-icon-ingot-Galatite Ingot.png Galatite Ingot Galatite Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points40-Champion Points60)
ON-icon-ingot-Quicksilver Ingot.png Quicksilver Ingot Quicksilver Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points70-Champion Points80)
ON-icon-ingot-Voidstone Ingot.png Voidstone Ingot Voidsteel Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points90-Champion Points140)
ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingot Rubedite Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points150-Champion Points160)


Tempering Alloy
Temper Effect
ON-icon-temper-Honing Stone.png Honing Stone Improve quality from Normal to Fine
ON-icon-temper-Dwarven Oil.png Dwarven Oil Improve quality from Fine to Superior
ON-icon-solvent-Natural Water.png Grain Solvent Improve quality from Superior to Epic
ON-icon-temper-Tempering Alloy.png Tempering Alloy Improve quality from Epic to Legendary

In addition to blacksmithing items, tempers are also used in Diagrams for furnishings. Specifically:

  • Normal quality diagrams do not require any tempers
  • Fine quality diagrams require 9 Honing Stone
  • Superior quality diagrams require 6 Dwarven Oil
  • Epic quality diagrams require 3 Grain Solvent
  • Legendary quality diagrams require 1 Tempering Alloy

Dwarven Oil is also used in one Provisioning recipe:



There are 18 gems used for crafting, 9 for weapons and 9 for armor. Though some traits are the same for weapons and armor, the gems used are different.

Weapon traits:

Gem Trait Description
ON-icon-trait material-Chysolite.png Chysolite Powered Increases healing done
ON-icon-trait material-Amethyst.png Amethyst Charged Increases chance to apply status effects
ON-icon-trait material-Ruby.png Ruby Precise Increases Weapon and Spell Critical values
ON-icon-trait material-Jade.png Jade Infused Increases weapon enchantment effects and reduces enchantment cooldown
ON-icon-trait material-Turquoise.png Turquoise Defending Increases Physical and Spell Resistance
ON-icon-trait material-Carnelian.png Carnelian Training Increases experience gained from kills
ON-icon-trait material-Fire Opal.png Fire Opal Sharpened Increases Armor and Spell Penetration
ON-icon-trait material-Citrine.png Citrine Decisive Chance when gaining Ultimate to gain 1 additional Ultimate
ON-icon-trait material-Potent Nirncrux.png Potent Nirncrux Nirnhoned Increases Damage of the weapon

Armor traits:

Gem Trait Description
ON-icon-trait material-Quartz.png Quartz Sturdy Reduces block cost
ON-icon-trait material-Diamond.png Diamond Impenetrable Increases Critical Resistance and the item takes less durability damage
ON-icon-trait material-Sardonyx.png Sardonyx Reinforced Increases the item's armor value
ON-icon-trait material-Almandine.png Almandine Well-fitted Reduces the cost of Sprinting and Roll Dodging
ON-icon-trait material-Emerald.png Emerald Training Increases experience gained from kills
ON-icon-trait material-Bloodstone.png Bloodstone Infused Increases armor enchantment effect
ON-icon-trait material-Garnet.png Garnet Invigorating Increases attribute regeneration
ON-icon-trait material-Sapphire.png Sapphire Divines Increases Mundus Stone effects
ON-icon-trait material-Fortified Nirncrux.png Fortified Nirncrux Nirnhoned Increases Physical and Spell Resistance
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