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Crafting Motifs are books that unlock the ability to craft an item in a certain style through blacksmithing, clothing, or woodworking. Reading a motif also unlocks the related style for use with the Outfit System. Every player begins the game having already "learned" the racial motif associated with their race.

There are two types of motif, complete and partial. Complete motifs are the entire book, which will unlock the style for all weapons and armor. Partial motifs are divided into fourteen chapters, each of which must be found and read to unlock all parts of that style. Some partial motifs, such as Dwemer, can be found fully complete, which when read unlocks all fourteen chapters at once.

The motifs are also divided by rarity:

  • Blue motifs are refer to the first nine racial motifs that were released with the base-game. They are quite common and can be found in containers and backpacks, for example.
  • Purple motifs are more commonly dropped or possibly rewarded after certain quests, such as dailies. Every DLC or chapter that has been released introduces purple motifs which are associated with said content.
  • Gold motifs are usually reserved for motifs that contain the entire book. They very rare and generally are found in containers or can only be obtained in certain circumstances. Almost all purple motifs can be found as the entire book.

For a full list of exactly how to obtain every type of motif, see the True Style Master page.

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Crown Store MotifsCrown Store[edit]

Although many motifs are available for purchase from the Crown Store, this refers only to store-exclusive styles.