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Ordinator Tilena
Daily Job Broker
Home City Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ordinators
Ordinator Tilena

Ordinator Tilena is a Dark Elf daily job broker who can be found in Necrom. She, with the other job brokers, can be found on a terrace on the eastern side of the Necrom Trading Plaza.

Related Quests[edit]


Approaching her:

"Temple jobs available here!"
"Sacred work! It pays well!"
"Adventurers wanted! Apply here!"

When there is a job available, she'll greet you with one of the following:

"We Ordinators seek out the ambitious and brave. You seem to fit that description. Do you have time to help the Temple, and make some extra coin in doing so?"
"It looks like you've yet to encounter a foe you couldn't handle. The Ordinators could use someone like you. You will be well-rewarded."
"I don't hire any common adventurer to work for the Tribunal Temple. Do you think you have the sort of spirit which can serve the Three?"
"Hmm. Your skills are a match for the work I have to offer. I could use your assistance, if you have the time and fortitude for it."
What can I do?
What do you need?
What do you need done?
What needs to be done?

After accepting a quest:

"Do not underestimate the dangers along your path. Many adventurers have ventured out and haven't returned."
"You walk into the maw of danger itself, in service to the Three. You are to be commended, but you must put your shoulder to the wheel."
"Try to return in one piece. I've waited a long time for a capable warrior to tackle these tasks. I'd hate to prolong that search."
"Do you hesitate? There will be no renegotiating, I am afraid. I'd advise getting back to the job at hand."

Returning to turn in a job:

"Either you haven't set out yet, or you completed the task I set for you. Which is it?"
"By the grace of the Tribunal, you've returned."
"By the Mother, the Poet, and the Magician. You returned triumphant?"
"I thought for certain I would not see you again. I'm pleased to see I was wrong. That doesn't happen often. What news?"

When she doesn't have a job left for the day:

"Unfortunately, all my pending tasks for today have been taken. Stop by later and I may have new jobs to tell you about. May the Three preserve you!"
"I've nothing right now, but I look forward to working with you again. With the Three's wisdom, more work will be available soon. Talk to me later and I might have something for you to do."
"Well, that's the last of my duties done. Come back later and I may have new orders.
For now, let us silently offer our thanks to the Living Gods."
"B'vek! You've managed to keep yourself in one piece so far. I must say I'm impressed.
You may want to rest and heal up for when I have more work available for you."

Ordinator Tilena can also be asked about her organization:

Who are the Ordinators? / Tell me more about the Ordinators.
"We are holy guards and warrior-priests, dedicated to serving the Tribunal Temple and the Living Gods worshiped therein.
Here in Necrom, we tend to our flock in the Telvanni Peninsula and keep a wary eye on the portals to Apocrypha."
Apocrypha is one of the Daedric Realms, right?
"It is the realm ruled by Hermaeus Mora, and as such is a threat to the Living Gods and to us. In these lands, though, the veil between our plane and his is thin and easily pierced. We know of several ways to reach Apocrypha."
Have you explored Apocrypha?
"Hermaeus Mora is no friend of the Dark Elves, but we have sent agents into the Prince of Fate's domain, hoping to uncover hidden knowledge. We cannot go ourselves, so we employ paid agents, like you, to discover what lies beyond the veil."
What sort of tasks do you offer? / Are all the jobs you offer like this?
"That depends entirely on what the High Ordinator deems necessary. But, there are more jobs than capable hands. If you survive, then I'm sure we will continue to have work for you."

Secret Protection[edit]

"Cultists venerating Hermaeus Mora seek to steal Tribunal secrets. To protect our mysteries, we need to conduct rituals using Dremnaken teeth.
Only pristine Dremnaken teeth hold the power we need. We will pay well for unbroken samples."
Where can I find these Dremnaken?
"According to my reports, great numbers of Dremnaken reside within the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye in Apocrypha.
Return with…shall we say, three perfect teeth. The Ordinators will appreciate your efforts."
I'll return with three perfect Dremnaken teeth.

Asking about the Dremnaken:

Are these Dremnaken dangerous?
"Exceedingly. They're Daedric beasts with long claws, rows upon rows of gnashing teeth, and enough muscle to make a bull kagouti whimper.
There's a reason why we're paying someone else to gather their teeth."
If they're so dangerous, how am I supposed to get the teeth?
"You won't have to fight the Dremnaken to get their teeth.
Dremnaken teeth grow and fall out from use. Most are broken from teething on old hardcovers. You should find some perfect, unbroken teeth lying around, if you hunt for them."

Returning back with the teeth:

I gathered the Dremnaken teeth
"You managed to find precisely what I asked for. Bless the Three! I hope you cleaned those teeth up. Disgusting creatures, those Dremnaken.
Here is the reward we discussed."

Egg Raider[edit]

"I need a skilled adventurer for a mission in a dangerous situation.
The kwama eggs deep within Anchre Egg Mine are in high demand, but some crisis there has led the workers to flee. A common occurence, I'm afraid. Egg miners…."
You want me to go gather some eggs?
"You do not understand the value of these eggs here in Necrom. We value Anchre Mine eggs as a delicacy and export tithes fund many of the Temple's activities here. We cannot delay our shipments by a single day.
Will you retrieve the eggs?"
All right. I'll collect these eggs and return with them.

Asking more about the eggs:

So, these eggs are really that important?
"Yes. Beyond their financial value, we ship these eggs throughout Tamriel under the Temple's holy seal.
Providing a delicacy as delicious as kwama eggs to Dark Elves abroad reminds them of the generosity of the Tribunal and the bounty of Morrowind."
If these kwama eggs are so important, why don't you investigate this crisis?
"Settling mine crises and labor disputes is the business of the Kwama Consortium, not the Temple. If the situation deteriorates to the point where Ordinators must intervene…well. Neither the miners nor the Consortium will enjoy it."

Returning back with the eggs:

I recovered these kwama eggs.
"You did? Let me see? Ah, none of them are damaged. Well done. I'll see that these are shipped out immediately.
You've done well. Here's your reward."

Snatch and Run[edit]

"The local merchants report that their regular shipments aren't reaching Necrom. We suspect the Camonna Tong are keeping the missing goods in Camonnaruhn.
Retrieve the stolen merchandise and bring it to Necrom."
If you think you've found the missing goods, why haven't you retrieved them yourselves?
"Regrettably, corruption runs deep among many Great Houses. Embroiling ourselves in black market dealings often leads to political strife better settled by bureaucrats and the Morag Tong.
No, you will be the quiet instrument of the Tribunal's will."
I'll retrieve the missing merchandise.

After starting the quest you can ask some questions:

How sure are you that the Camonna Tong are to blame?
"I am certain.
There was a time when the Camonna Tong prized subtlety, but this new generation of gangsters are little more than silk-clad street toughs. With the war raging in Cyrodiil, they just don't have to be as cautious. Or so they believe."
How will I identify the merchandise?
"I doubt those Camonna thugs took the time to unload the parcels or scrape the labels. Look for crates marked with the Necrom merchants' insignia.
May the Three speed you in your search!"

Return and you can say:

I recovered the missing merchandise.
"Either the Camonna Tong were no match for you, or you crept though Camonnaruhn undetected. Either is a feat worthy of reward.
Here. I'll see these goods are distributed properly."

Secrets Reclaimed[edit]

"An elder scribe left the order to go serve Hermaeus Mora. Normally this is of little consequence, but the scribe in question took several volumes detailing Temple secrets with him."
You want me to recover the temple secrets?
"Exactly. From what I've gathered, the books this apostate scribe stole are currently in the Disquiet Study in Apocrypha. Bring me the books and I'll see that they're safely secured.
Do all this and I'll see you well-rewarded."
I'll return the books to you.

After starting the quest you can ask some questions:

Why are these temple secrets so valuable?
"We do not just publish ancient texts at random. Our libraries are full of epistles, saintly accounts, lost codices—some in line with orthodoxy, and some not.
In the wrong hands, these texts could sow doubt and apostasy. So, we exercise discretion."
Why would this scribe give these books to Hermeaus Mora?
"Hidden knowledge is the currency of the Keeper of Secrets. The apostate sought to gain favor and status in his new faith by revealing our texts."
Are these books dangerous?
"Beyond their threat to doctrinal purity? No. Not to one such as you, at any rate.
Tribunal sages enchant our more controversial tomes with scrambling runes. They inflict severe headaches on the reader, so I advise you don't look too closely."

Return and you can say:

I found the temple secrets for you.
"You made it out of the Disquiet Study? Impressive! I see that you've reclaimed the temple secrets I asked for as well.
Here's your reward for braving such dangers."

Manifesting Hope[edit]

"There is a place in Apocrypha called Fathoms Drift—a graveyard of ships wrecked by Hermaeus Mora. We think that some of our order's lost vessels are among those wrecks."
Why do you think your missing ships are in Apocrypha?
"Our divinations in this world have proved fruitless.
Comb the shores of Fathoms Drift and bring back any ship manifests you find. We can at least determine what ships the Master of the Tides of Fate has taken. We will make the trip worth your while."
I'll gather the ship manifests.

After starting the quest you can ask some questions:

"You walk into the maw of danger itself, in service to the Three. You are to be commended, but you must put your shoulder to the wheel."
Is there anything else that you can tell me about Fathoms Drift?
"Fathoms Drift is a ships' graveyard in Apocrypha. I've heard that some of the wrecks are floating in air, impaled on rock spires, or listing noiselessly on silent seas. It's unnerving, from the reports I've heard."
You've not been there?
"It's a place beyond the power of our Living Gods. It is filled with the spirits of drowned sailors and lost souls. It is a domain of the damned.
But do not worry. Your reward will be proportionate to the dangers of the task."

Bound in Secrecy[edit]

"We received a directive from Sotha Sil himself. The Clockwork God has requested that we send someone into Apocrypha to recover peculiar materials from Quires Wind. I have no understanding why he would want it, but his wishes are my law."
What materials do you need from Quires Wind?
"He demands an unblemished page of dark parchment, a spool of skein-silk thread, an unopened vial of seeker ink, and pristine lurker leather. Items to make a book, I suppose.
Collect these items and return them to me. I'll see your success rewarded."
I'll retrieve these items from Quires Wind.

After starting the quest you can ask some questions:

You seem unsure about this assignment.
"I am … puzzled. Few beings detest the Daedra more than my lord, Seht. Yet he still seeks out their work. Sotha Sil is the Light of Knowledge. What would he need from the Daedric Lord of Secrets?
It is not for me to ask, of course."
What else can you tell me about Quires Wind?
"It is said to be the Prince of Fate's scriptorium and bindery. Here his minions toil eternally to craft perfect volumes for their lord. Only those without flaw are brought to him, and he imbues them with power. Those volumes become the Black Books."
Do you think Sotha Sil seeks the power of the Black Books?
"Do I think he would debase himself by wielding the artifice of the Daedra? Ha! No, I do not.
Regardless, I would never question my god's plans. We are the instruments of his will. Secure these items and return. You will be well rewarded."

Return and you can say:

I retrieved the materials requested by Sotha Sil.
"I must say, I'm impressed. I've heard many stories about Quires Wind—none of them good. I know not the purpose of these items, but I appreciate your aid in gathering them.
As promised, here's your reward."