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Typical Ordinator armor

Ordinators are the holy guards of the Tribunal Temple. They enforce Temple law across the whole of Morrowind and have authority over almost every organization. They are typically recruited from House Indoril, with their influence especially seen in their armor style. The Hands of Almalexia are an elite subset of Ordinators, chosen to serve the living goddess Almalexia.


Named Members
Saint Olms the Just (Founder) Clockwork City
Beleru Omoril Morrowind
Donen Llervu
High Ordinator Danys
High Ordinator Vermethys Morrowind
Ordinator Areth
Ordinator Da'ravis
Ordinator Eron
Ordinator Gorili
Ordinator Kilao
Ordinator Muron
Ordinator Nethis
Ordinator Nilera Deadlands
Traylan Omoril Morrowind
Vartis Dareel
Generic Members
Hand of Almalexia
Ordinator Guard
Ordinator Warrior
Ordinator Watchman
Temple Ordinator


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  • For historical information, see the lore article.