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High Ordinator Danys
Location Gil-Var-Delle
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ordinators
High Ordinator Danys

High Ordinator Danys is a Dunmer ordinator sent by Almalexia herself to restore order to Gil-Var-Delle.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will find him kneeling on a ledge above the ruined city.

"She is our Merciful Healing Mother, divine goddess of the Tribunal of Morrowind, who I am sworn to serve. Though occupied with the war that rages on, her compassion extends to all when it comes to the vile Prince of Schemes."
"Allies recruited by Almalexia to aid me in opposing the Harvester of Souls, plucked from the best of the Fighters Guild across Tamriel. Every one of them experienced at destroying Dark Anchors, which is what makes their disappearance so troubling."
"Perhaps you have heard the song in the taverns: "Oh, Gil-Var-Delle, your name is desolation on my lips."
Once, a thriving Wood Elf town was nestled here, full of life and music. Until he came."
"My goddess possesses many gifts, not the least of which is her sight. She saw you were crucial to what must happen here, and that your hatred of the Prince of Schemes burns almost as deeply as her own."
"The Harvester of Souls claimed them all, reaping every last soul. Almalexia saw the horror as it unfolded, but could do nothing.
Her memory is long and her compassion burns like the sun. She sent a group of us to destroy the Dark Anchor here."
"We couldn't budge it. Nothing we tried worked. All around it was this feeling, a chill running down our spines.
It was his presence, from when he reaped the souls of Gil-Var-Delle all those years ago. It's strengthening the Dark Anchor, somehow."
"There are evil devices planted in the earth. The Worm Cultists call them Fangs of Chaos. They seem to be channeling the residual magic from Molag Bal's presence into the Anchor.
Arys tried to destroy one, but it killed him the instant he hit it."
"Take Almalexia's Tear. Destroy the Worm Cultists. Their blood will awaken her fury.
Once my goddess's fury is released from the gem, nothing, not even these Fangs of Chaos, will withstand it. I will remain at your side to see this through."
"A goddess never suffers without purpose. The gem can destroy the Fangs of Chaos.
Blessed Almalexia warned me that no mortal could wield the gem without also being destroyed by her rage. She told me to wait for the soulless, deathless one. You."
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