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Dubdil Alar
Location Dubdil Alar Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Dubdil Alar

Dubdil Alar is a Dark Elf Telvanni mage found at Dubdil Alar Tower. He will begin a dangerous magical experiment when the tower is approached, summoning many Daedra.

His former apprentice, Nara Varam, can be found in Vivec City. She asks you to help stop Dubdil Alar's experiment before any serious harm is done.

Related Quests[edit]


In the beginning of the encounter at Dubdil Alar Tower, you will find him surrounded by Research Assistants, who are ready to start the experiment. He will then announce, "Let us begin, shall we?" As the experiment proceeds, Dubdil Alar yells,

"This is it! I've succeeded where all others have failed! I need more power! More power!"
"Keep it up! We're on the right track. This will change everything."
"We've done it. I feel the connection. The things we will learn will—"
"No. It can't be. Run! Run now!"

As the Research Assistants run, they catch on fire and die, Dubdil then beckons you over, asking for your help dealing with the Daedra, "You there! Help! Destroy those Daedra before it's too late!" As you deal with the Daedra, he says, "Keep killing them! The destabilized Daedric essence will reverse the energy flow!" Just before Mehz the Cozener spawns, Alar warns you, "A powerful presence is coming through! Be prepared!" During the fight, he says:

"Kill this peddler of lies before it destroys us all!"
"We must stop this process!"
"The pain. The darkness. It keeps me alive."
"These energies consume me!"
"It's keeping me alive to pry open the rift!"
"Kill it! Don't worry about freeing me!"
"That creature's using my power as an anchor!"
"The rift will grow if that Daedra isn't slain!"

Dubdil Lives[edit]

When you've defeated Mehz and the waves of smaller Daedra, Alar comments on the change:

"The creature's death caused a change to the rift!"
"Someone must disrupt the rift, even—even if it means my life."

When you attempt to close the rift, Alar keeps urging you to hurry up:

"Do you want me to die? You must complete the process quickly!"
"The pain. The darknes. It keeps me alive."
"Yes, exactly! Keep going!"
"You must start the process again! Quickly!"

Once the rift is closed, Alar thanks you for the assistance:

"I'm only alive because of your deeds. Thank you for stopping my foolish mistake."

He then proceeds to enter his tower:

"Leave me. I must recover my strength. Where did I go wrong? Perhaps if I look at my calculations once more."

Dubdil Dies[edit]

If you take too long in destroying the Transmutational Breach, Dubdil Alar will be consumed:

"Wait! There has to be another way!"
"No, no! This cannot be my end!"


There is one Achievement associated with this person:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Loop Eradicator.png Loop Eradicator 5 Save Dubdil Alar from the consequences of his temporal experiments.


  • Taking too long to destroy the Transmutational Breach after defeating Mehz the Cozener will lead to Dubdil Alar's death, which stops you from getting the achievement.