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House Telvanni is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. They refused to join the Ebonheart Pact, partially on the grounds of slavery, as the Argonians, which make up a large proportion of their slaves, were granted equal membership of the Pact and all Argonian slaves were to be released.

The affairs of the House are run by the Telvanni Council, which consists of five powerful Telvanni wizards, formally led by Archmagister Nelos Otheri. However, the councilors prefer not to be disturbed and do not usually act directly, but rather through intermediaries known as Mouths, who attend the council sessions in Sadrith Mora on their behalf.

For historical information, see the lore article.


Telvanni Councilors[edit]

Name Location Mouth
Archmagister Nelos Otheri Tel Naga, Sadrith Mora Angharal Suth
Magister Gothren Tel Aruhn Ralasa Delvi (later Arith Sendrul)
Mistress Dratha Tel Mora Llayne Sadri
Magister Therana Tel Branora Eraven Onthim
Master Firuth Hanud Tower Vaelin Oren

Named Members[edit]

Adept Banus
Adept Bilotan
Adept Delatha
Adept Muvrulea
Adept Sendet
Adept Talso
Adept Tatennil
Adept Tendren
Adept Ureso
Adept Velanda
Angharal Suth
Arith Sendrul
Belronen Telvanni
Beron Telvanni
Birama Tobor
Daynillo Rethul
Daynillo Vedran
Divayth Fyr
Dralosa Arys
Dram Selaro
Dubdil Alar
Eraven Onthim
Ervyna Duleri
Faras Givyn
Farona Telvanni
Folms Telvanni
Fondryn Dalen
Forven Tobor
Fyrayn Telvanni
Ivela Telvanni
Kalina Telvanni
Kovan Giryon
Lady Llarel
Llasi Omoren
Llayne Sadri
Llonas Givyn
Magister Gothren
Magister Therana
Manwe Relthren
Master Firuth
Matriarch Lladi Telvanni
Merarii Telvanni
Milvonu Athram
Mistress Dratha
Nelos Otheri
Novice Feranos
Overseer Mertisi
Ralasa Delvi
Revus Demnevanni
Savarak Fels
Sedura Jaxilsu
Sentry Athires
Sentry Relenila
Sentry Shelethys
Serjo Dandril
Solryn Thirandus
Sorcerer Vunal
Steward Bahluk
Steward Seden
Telare Relenim
Tilenra Sildreth
Tiras Tirethi
Tolendos Arys
Trendrus Veralor
Urvel Drath
Vaden Inlador
Vaelin Oren
Wizard Jinrisa

Generic Members[edit]

Generic Members
Field Assistant
House Guard
Telvanni Champion
Telvanni Conjurer
Telvanni Geomancer
Telvanni Ghost
Telvanni Guard
Telvanni Infector
Telvanni Mage
Telvanni Sun Mage
Telvanni Sword Dancer
Telvanni Torchbearer
Tel Mora Protector
Vassamsi Overseer
Vassamsi Steward
Vassamsi Vigilant