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This character only appears during the Secrets of the Telvanni event.
Location Outside of Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni

Tralise is a Dark Elf mage affiliated with House Telvanni. She can be found with her father and sister outside of Necrom.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Telvanni Secret[edit]

Speaking with Tralise before Master Faras:

"How lucky you are to witness my family's century-defining triumph. If you're looking for a role in a powerful Dunmeri house, now's your chance. Speak with my father."

You can speak with Master Faras, and he will ask you to witness him using the Apocryphal Relic found. Do so and the following happens:

Master Faras: "Prepare yourself for the wonder of knowledge unknown! Now, let's see …."
<The book is used and the pages scatter from it. It also grows tendrils which bind Master Faras.>
Yensa: "The book! What's happening!?"
Tralise: "The magisters warned us! Knowledge taken from Hermaeus Mora always has a cost. You! Help us break this curse!"
Tralise attempting to help her father

After you have watched Master Faras' attempt at the ritual fail and imprison Faras. You can speak with Tralise to complete the quest:

"It was foolish to tamper with the tome without the right precautions, but Father and Yensa wouldn't hear of it. Fruit from the same zealous and over-eager branch.
Sorry, traveler. You're owed coin. I haven't forgotten."
What will you do about your father?
"I'm confident that my sister and I can nullify Hermaeus Mora's curse with time and the right ritual. Much preparation will be needed though. Thank you for bearing witness, even if it wasn't the spectacular achievement my father promised."

The Cost of Knowledge[edit]

After you have completed the previous quest, Tralise will have a proposal for you:

"I love my sister, but she's wrong. Our focus should be on freeing our father from this curse. We can't afford to waste time searching for scattered pages just yet. Traveler, you may be our only hope. May I ask for your aid?"
What's to be done?
"I believe we can siphon the energy of this curse and place it on similarly powerful Telvanni relics. It would wound my father's pride beyond repair if we asked the magisters directly for aid, so I propose we borrow them instead."
"It wasn't long ago that these relics were in my family's possession. Had we not fallen out of favor, well, that's neither here nor there. I promise to return them.
Here's a list of all the necessary relics. You'll be compensated, of course."
I'll acquire the relics.

You will be given Tralise's List of Powerful Relics and can ask her further questions:

"My sister and I will remain here and prepare the ritual to counteract the curse. While we won't be able to break it outright, hopefully we can lessen the pain. Speak with me again once you've gathered the relics."
I have a few questions.
"Of course. I can't imagine being in your position, so please, ask away. I'll do my best to dispel any concerns you may have."
How did your father get this tome?
"I can't even begin to tally the amount of coin my father has spent on fruitless maps in search of Apocryphal relics. Of course, given time, one would eventually succeed. We trudged through a mountain of ichor for that cursed tome and for what?"
What did he expect to get out of it?
"Adoration? Reverence? What else could a Telvanni Master want? This tome was said to contain powerful secrets forgotten to even the most venerated of magisters. So, in his eyes, it was a shortcut."
It seems you don't agree?
"I won't defend my father's preening. It's been years since my mother passed and he is still struggling to climb out of her shadow. While I may not agree with his methods, I'd never leave him in this state."
Why can't you go to the magisters for aid?
"After Mother passed, the magisters treated us like urchins who merely fed off her fame. Father did everything he could to keep the family afloat while my sister and I finished our schooling. Since then, he vowed to never go to them for aid."
How does this list of relics fit into that?
"Like I said, he did everything he could, including selling off some of Mother's prized relics. The list is a promise I've made to get them back. Properly, of course. Between my sister and me, I'm certain we can bring renown back to our family name."
What was that your sister said about pages?
"The pages she's moaning about are the ones released during the curse's activation. While the information written on those pages is certainly valuable, our focus should remain on releasing my father. The pages can wait."
Tralise, impaired

After you have found the Runic Burial Urn, Dwemer Accumulator and Blade of Binding from around the Telvanni Peninsula, you can return to Tralise:

"You're back! I hope that means you've acquired the necessary relics. Unfortunately, in my haste, I failed to consider all the tools necessary for the ritual. My deepest apologies.
Traveler, I must ask you to venture into Apocrypha."
Here are the relics you asked for. What else do you need?
"Yensa is concerned that the three relics will not be enough to dull this curse. She recommends we source an ancient phylactery hidden away in Apocrypha by Magister Nisfarik. If you can acquire it, we can use its stored energy to power this ritual."
Do you know where it is?
"Yensa believes Nisfarik stored his most potent phylactery within Bastion Nymic. We'd go to retrieve it ourselves, but we must stay and begin preparations. I worry I've already asked too much of you, but please, traveler. There isn't much time."
I'll go to Bastion Nymic and recover the phylactery.

After you agree to retrieve the Phylactery, you can speak with her once more:

"Thank you. Yensa and I will prepare the ritual. When you return we can begin immediately."

Speaking to her once more before going into Bastion Nymic:

"Venture into Apocrypha and retrieve the phylactery. It should be kept somewhere within Bastion Nymic. My sister and I will stay here and prepare the ritual to free my father from this curse."

You can recover Magister Nisfarik's Phylactery by completion a Bastion Nymic daily and retrieving the relic while in there. Return to the sisters and so they can begin the ritual to free their father:

Tralise: "Thank the ancestors, you're back! And with the phylactery I see. We need your help with the ritual."
Tralise: "Place the phylactery in the circle!"

Once the ritual begins, Tralise will channel alot of magicka:

Yensa: "Careful, sister! The powers we're tampering with are not without cost!"
Tralise: "I'll gladly pay the price if it means freeing Father."
<There is a burst of power, the relics turn to ash, Tralise is thrown back and Faras is freed.>
Master Faras: "My daughters. You freed me."
<Yensa notices something with Tralise.>
Yensa: "Oh no. Tralise, your eyes!"

You can then speak with Tralise, you will see her eyes are glowing blue but she now appears to be blind:

"Is that you, outlander? I can't see anything. I can feel the curse's absence, though. Like a great weight has been lifted. It seems the ritual worked precisely as intended."
What happened?
"It seems undoing the curse's hold on my father came with a price. My sight. But, I am happy to hear my father's voice once again. Thank you for your help.
This reward feels a paltry sum in comparison to the aid you offered, Traveler."


After completing the quests:

"Good to hear you again, traveler. I shudder to think what would've happened had you not come across us and my father's antics, but I find myself with a renewed sense of purpose."
What purpose is that?
"My father, despite his efforts, is just like the other Masters of Necrom. All stumbling towards greatness on the backs of others. Mistakes like this will continue to happen, and lives will be lost. I think I can change that."
How will you do that?
"Now, I've never given much thought to leading my family, but if I can raise us out of obscurity? Become a Master known for safer practices and cautious study? It's a grand dream, perhaps, but it's a start."