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This character only appears during the Secrets of the Telvanni event.
Master Faras
Location Outside of Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Master Faras

Master Faras is a Dark Elf master of House Telvanni. He can be found with his mouth and his two daughters, Tralise and Yensa outside of Necrom.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Telvanni Secret[edit]

This quest can be started from the Crown Store or speaking with him directly at their small camp south of the Gladiator's Quarters:

If you chose to start the quest directly from him and when you approach him, he will notice you:

"Perfect! A witness to our achievement. You there, come see!

He and his daughters want to celebrate the discovery of a tome that they found in Apocrypha and would like you to be a witness of the reveal:

"Traveler, have you ever stood on the precipice of discovery? An arm's length away from changing Tamriel's history? I would think not, but now is your chance. My daughters and I are on the cusp of glory and we'll have you as our witness."
What's going on?
"I am Master Faras, a supremely talented and severely undervalued mage of House Telvanni. My daughters and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of the unknown and have earned precious little recognition.
But, that ends today!"
Why's that?
"We escaped Apocrypha with a tome that belonged to a founding member of House Telvanni. It's rumored to contain dark, long-forbidden secrets.
We're in need of a witness to verify our achievement. Care to fill this role for a small sum of gold?"
I'll bear witness to this event.
Master Faras trapped by the relic's curse

He will then attempt to use the Apocryphal Relic, with poor results:

Master Faras: "Prepare yourself for the wonder of knowledge unknown! Now, let's see …."
<The book is used and the pages scatter from it. It also grows tendrils which bind Master Faras.>
Yensa: "The book! What's happening!?"
Tralise: "The magisters warned us! Knowledge taken from Hermaeus Mora always has a cost. You! Help us break this curse!"

The Cost of Knowledge[edit]

Tralise will have you collect relics from around the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha to be used in a ritual to free Master Faras. Once the items have been collected, the ritual is attempted:

Yensa: "Careful, sister! The powers we're tampering with are not without cost!"
Tralise: "I'll gladly pay the price if it means freeing Father."
<There is a burst of power, the relics turn to ash, Tralise is thrown back and Faras is freed.>
Master Faras: "My daughters. You freed me."
<Yensa notices something with Tralise.>
Yensa: "Oh no. Tralise, your eyes!"

Speaking with Master Faras afterwards:

"I was a fool to think we'd outsmarted the Prince of Knowledge. And it seems dear Tralise has paid the price of my hubris. Please, speak with my daughter Tralise.
I must speak with my Mouth. There's much to be done."
How are you feeling?
"I no longer feel like I'm sinking into a lake of bile and I have you and my daughters to thank for that. I knew Mora's magic wasn't to be taken lightly, but even I wasn't prepared for that curse's potency."
What were you hoping to find?
"Something to keep my family's name from disappearing into Necrom's shortsighted memory. But, perhaps this went too far. If you hadn't been able to help break this curse then my daughters would've been left all on their own."

After you complete the quest, he will say the following to his daughters:

Master Faras: "I can't begin to thank you enough, all of you. I am sorry for my foolishness."


Returning to their camp later on:

"While we may have failed to unlock the secrets of the tome, I can't help but feel I've learned a valuable lesson. Had you not been here, my daughters may have lost their father as well."
What will you do now?
"Once I've regained my strength, I will focus on mending Tralise's injury. Of course, there's the matter of the scattered pages, but I hope Mouth Gilvas will be able to see to that problem. I should tend to my daughter."