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This character only appears during the Secrets of the Telvanni event.
Location Outside of Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni

Yensa is a Dark Elf mage affiliated with House Telvanni. She can be found with her father and sister outside of Necrom.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Telvanni Secret[edit]

Speaking with Yensa before Master Faras:

"You've come at a wonderful time, traveler. That tome my father holds contains secrets the likes of which no mortal eyes have ever seen. Speak with him if you wish to know more."

You can speak with Master Faras, and he will ask you to witness him using the Apocryphal Relic found. Do so and the following happens:

Master Faras: "Prepare yourself for the wonder of knowledge unknown! Now, let's see …."
<The book is used and the pages scatter from it. It also grows tendrils which bind Master Faras.>
Yensa: "The book! What's happening!?"
Tralise: "The magisters warned us! Knowledge taken from Hermaeus Mora always has a cost. You! Help us break this curse!"
Yensa observing her father's predicament

Talking to Yensa afterwards:

"We took every precaution before breaking into Apocrypha's vaults. I thought we were being so careful.
Speak with my sister. I need a moment to think."

Speaking with Tralise you can complete the quest, once this is done Yensa will call out:

Yensa: "Sister, the pages! The curse scattered them to the winds! Father can wait, we have to collect the pages!"

Speaking to her after the pages were scattered:

"Did you see the curse scatter the tome's pages? Any number of those secrets could raise our family from obscurity. Father would want us to do everything we could to gather them.
Please, speak with Mouth Gilvas, he'll know what to do."

The Cost of Knowledge[edit]

Speaking with Tralise, she will disagree with Yensa about the importance of the pages over freeing their father and asks you to collect some relics they can use for this purpose. You can speak with Yensa afterwards and ask some questions:

"Take great care when handling these relics. They aren't simple trifles. Truth be told, I wish collecting them weren't necessary. Too much magical power in one place can be disastrous."
Tell me about your family.
"Of course. After all, in these lands your family standing determines your worth. Sorry, that's not a judgment [sic] on you.
It's just the three of us. After Mother's passing, Father dedicated himself to his research. Which, as you can see, led us here."
What happened to your mother?
"A terrible illness took her from us when we were children. She was an extraordinarily gifted mage, and her loss lessened our family's esteem greatly.
It was Father's hope that a discovery of immense value would make up for his—our loss."
Tell me about this research.
"He's always obsessed over the founding members of House Telvanni and has long believed that they took their most powerful secrets to the urn. When he caught wind of a lost journal kept in an Apocryphal vault, well, he couldn't resist."
And those scattered pages you mentioned?
"Everything we've fought for is held in those pages. Untold secrets, long-lost spells. All the trappings of a powerful Telvanni family. We can't stand idly by while our last chance at salvaging our name flutters away."

Speaking with Yensa before handing over the Runic Burial Urn, Dwemer Accumulator and Blade of Binding to Tralise:

"It's horrible, seeing my father in this state. I did everything I could to ease his pain. If you have the relics, please give them to Tralise."

Tralise will then ask you to collect a fourth relic from Bastion Nymic. Speaking with Yensa before you leave:

"Tread carefully in the halls of Bastion Nymic. Find the phylactery and bring it back as quickly as you can. The sooner we end this nonsense with Father, the sooner we can gather the scattered pages."

After you have collected the fourth relic, you can return to the group. Yensa will be busy maintaining the ritual:

"I'm a little preoccupied, traveler. Speak with my sister while I maintain the ritual."

Once the ritual begins, Tralise will channel a lot of magicka:

Yensa: "Careful, sister! The powers we're tampering with are not without cost!"
Tralise: "I'll gladly pay the price if it means freeing Father."
<There is a burst of power, the relics turn to ash, Tralise is thrown back and Faras is freed.>
Master Faras: "My daughters. You freed me."
<Yensa notices something with Tralise.>
Yensa: "Oh no. Tralise, your eyes!"

Speaking with Yensa afterwards:

"I wouldn't have thought I'd ever rely on the kindness of a stranger. While this may not have been the showcase we intended, I assure you our family is still destined for great things.
Trust that I will see to that."
What happened to your sister?
"We knew breaking the curse would be no easy feat, but the magics we used pushed us both to our limits. There was a moment where … I faltered, but Tralise was there to catch me. She may not admit it, but she took on much of the ritual's burden."
And that's why she was injured?
"When a curse is broken, there's a burst of magicka. The more potent the curse, the stronger the blast. Since Tralise was shouldering the ritual, she took the brunt of it. With time, we may be able to mend the damage, but for now we must all rest."


After you have completed both quests, Yensa will suggest doing something about the scattered pages:

"I hope this doesn't paint me in a poor light, adventurer, but there's still the matter of the scattered pages. Father will recover soon and Tralise, well, I'll do what I can. But, my mind can't help but wander."
What can I do to help?
"Speak with Mouth Gilvas if you haven't already. He's a loyal aide to my family, has been for decades. He'll know how to best handle the situation. It would take a great pressure off our shoulders."