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Location South of Sadrith Mora
West of Alinor
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Tirwin begging for freedom

Tirwin is a High Elf slave belonging to Faras Givyn of Sadrith Mora. Faras' son Llonas is in love with her, and desires to wed her, but she does not return his affections.

Tirwin reappears in Summerset, on the shore west of Alinor.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will meet her while looking for Red Star Shells with Nixxie.

Tirwin: "Hey! What are you doing? Stop!"

When you speak with Tirwin, you can hear her side of the story. Llonas' love for her is entirely unwanted and unrequited and she'll ask for your help.

"Who are you? These are Givyn lands. you know. Take any star shells from this beach and you'll have them to reckon with."
You must be Tirwin. Llonas sent me.
"He sent you here? To what, spy on me?
Divines, I can't even find privacy out in this forsaken much!"
No, to gather red star shells. Why would he want me to spy on you?
"Because this is the one place I'm permitted to go that he's too afraid to follow!
Out here I don't have to endure his constant fawning, or pretend not to see him watching me out of the corner of my eye."
He thinks you two are in love.
"Love? I'm a slave, and he's my master—or as close as makes no difference. I wouldn't so much as smile in his direction if it didn't spare me the rod.
Tell me why he has you gathering Red Star Shells. What's he up to now?"
They're the price of your freedom. He wants me to buy and free you, so you two can marry.
"Gods no. Fear of his mother's wrath is the only reason I can keep him at arms length. If he's getting this bold … I have to get out of here.
What Llonas wants for me isn't freedom. You really want to free me, help me get away from these people."
What do you have in mind?
"Faras keeps my Servitude Obligation hidden in her house. Steal it for me. I can forge her signature. It won't be perfect, but it should hold up well enough to get me out of Telvanni lands."
Why risk it? I already have your slave-price
"I don't want to be bought, I want to be free. After all Faras and Llonas have taken from me, I don't want them to profit from my release. At least let me cost them."
I'll think it over.

Speaking with her again:

"I won't marry Llonas, not for anything.
Please, just bring me my Servitude Obligation so I never have to see his face again."

Siding with Tirwin[edit]

After leaving the tower with the Servitude Obligation papers, Tirwin can be found leaning against a rock pillar.

Tirwin: "See you're leaving the estate."

Speak to her and give her the papers. Tirwin will at first be suspicious of this expression of good will.

"You decided not to help me, didn't you? I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up."
Relax. I brought your Servitude Obligation.
"You really did it. You—what's the catch? What do you expect for this?"
Nothing. I have no interest in owning a slave.
"I … I don't know what to say. I was resigned to my fate before you showed up.
Hardly seems real. Maybe it isn't. Not until I'm staring at the shores of the Summerset Isles."
Good luck, Tirwin.

If you exit the dialogue and talk to her again:

"I can't believe you gave the contract up, no strings attached. You're a saint."
Good luck in your travels, Tirwin.
"I'll need it. You didn't ask for anything, but I want you to have this. Just the gold I managed to hide away over the years, minus what I'll need for passage.
Not payment, a gift. For a friend. Goodbye … and thank you, so much."

Llonas will then run up you and Tirwin:

Llonas Givyn: "Hey! Get away from her! You'll ruin everything!"
<Tirwin branishes the Servitude Obligation papers.>
Tirwin:"Shut up you slavering jackal! You see this? I'm free!"
Llonas Givyn: "T-Tirwin? I … I was supposed to free you. I was going to take your hand in marriage. It was going to be perfect. You ruined it!"
Tirwin:"Listen to me you little s'wit. I'm not your plaything. Never was and never will be. I'd sooner lie with maggots than share your bed."
Llonas Givyn: "That can be arranged! When I tell Mother about this, you'll wish you'd never spurned me! You'll beg! You will beg!"
<Llonas runs off to his mother.>
Tirwin:"That was liberating. Don't worry, I know these lands better than they ever will. Thanks again!"
<Tirwin leaves Sadrith Mora in the direction of the swamps.>

Siding with Llonas[edit]

If you decided to continue helping Llonas, you can complete your transaction with Faras. Afterwards, Llonas will run up to his mother with Tirwin trailing behind. You can then hand over the papers and watch what happens after you receive your payment. It does not go how he wished.

Llonas Givyn: "Despite all your sabotage, Mother, love wins the day. Observe!"
<Llonas kneels before Tirwin.>
Llonas Givyn: "Tirwin, my love. Nothing can stand between us now. Take my hand and we'll be married within the hour!"
<Tirwin takes the papers.>
Tirwin: "I'll take my freedom, but I'd rather kiss Mehrunes' Razor than spend another second in your company."
<He stands up shocked and furious.>
Llonas Givyn: "T-Tirwin? How dare you! You can't—you're mine! I own you!"
<Tirwin runs off without a word.>
Faras Givyn: "Llonas! Inside. Now."
Llonas Givyn: "Yes, Mother …."


Tirwin in Summerset

If she was freed, Tirwin can be found on Summerset. She will have the following to say:

"It's you! I never thought I'd see you again! You probably don't remember me. Tirwin? You freed me from those Telvanni slave drivers in Vvardenfell."
You made it home, I see.
"It wasn't too hard to give that idiot Llonas and his mother the slip, not that they didn't try, but I couldn't have done it without those papers you stole.
It's so good to be back on my home soil, even if I hardly recognize it."
Why is that?
"I was a slave for a very long time, before Llonas was even born, but it's not the Isles themselves that have changed so much as the people. I would have never imagined seeing people from all over Tamriel walking the streets of Alinor."
Is that a bad thing?
"No, I kind of like it. Gives me hope. There's a lot of tension in the air though. The growing pains will be long felt, I think."
What have you been up to since you escaped?
"Turns out all those years searching for Red Star Shells made me a fair hand at plying the waters for bounty, and Summerset has no shortage of shores. I make a good living hunting pearls, rare shells, and the like."

If you didn't free her, she says instead:

"I recognize you. You were the toady Llonas hired to buy me from his mother. I suppose I should be thanking you, even if you didn't intend for me to gain my freedom."
It's not my business either way. I was just the go between.
"I don't know why you did what you did, but if you believe you can profit from slavery without having to get your hands dirty? You're wrong. Helping Llonas made you complicit.
You were willing to give me to a monster."
You're right. I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort to help you.
"What's past is past. If I spent my time dwelling on all the wrongs dealt to me in my life, I'd die before I finished.
If you want to do right by me, do something the next time you face an injustice."
Llonas gave you your freedom and you spat in his face.
"His wedding band was just another shackle. He never thought of me as a person, just a possession. The nice things he did were always just attempts to control me. He's no victim in this and you're no bystander."