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Help a Dunmer pursue his true love.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Llonas Givyn in Sadrith Mora
Location(s): Sadrith Mora, Givyn Tower
Reward: Star-Shell Dagger
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Llonas Givyn desires to marry his love, Tirwin. Unfortunately, Tirwin is a slave belonging to Llonas's mother, Faras, who disapproves of the pairing.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Llonas Givyn.
  2. Talk to Faras Givyn.
  3. Find Llonas by the swamp.
  4. Find 3 Red Star Shells.
  5. Talk to Tirwin and decide how to proceed.
  6. Free Tirwin or purchase her for Llonas.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In Sadrith Mora you meet a lovestruck Llonas Givyn. He claims that he is in love with Tirwin, an Altmer slave owned by his mother. His mother refuses to allow him to free her so that he can marry her. He asks you talk to his mother to see what it will take for her to free Tirwin. Speak with Faras Givyn. After some convincing she tells you the price for her slave is three red star shells. Talk to Llonas by the water. He will call for Nixxie, the nixhound that he trained to help Tirwin look for star shells. Follow Nixxie and dig in the star shell mounds. After digging up your third star shell you will be confronted by Tirwin. Tirwin explains that she does not share llonas's feelings for her and that she wishes to be free. At this point you have two options: help free Tirwin or purchase her for Llonas.

Buy Tirwin for Llonas Givyn[edit]

Head back to Llonas and speak with him, then inform him you have the shells his mother requested in exchange for Tirwin. You'll need to meet him back in front of his mother's house. Faras Givyn will give you Tirwin's papers, and you can give them to Llonas. He will free Tirwin, who will elect to leave Vvardenfell, instead of marrying Llonas as he'd hoped.

Free Tirwin[edit]

Tirwin asks that you steal her servitude obligation papers so that she can escape. The papers are in Givyn Tower and you will need to break in to get them. The door has a simple lock and is guarded by Sentry Nulwrila. Wait for the sentry to move away from the door before picking the lock. Once inside you will be given a bounty if spotted. There is a basket hiding spot directly to the right as you enter. Wait for Steward Bahluk to walk up the stairs to the desk then exit the hiding spot and slip past the steward. Wait for Sentry Relenila to walk up to the torch then sneak past the small area with the bookcase and hide in the basket hiding spot to the right of the torch. Once the sentry is looking away exit the hiding spot and enter the trap door to the basement. In the basement use the hiding spots to sneak past Natalgreesh and Sentry Shelethys. Grab the documents and teleport out. Give the papers to Tirwin who will thank you far helping to free her. Llonas will then run over furious that you ruined his plans to marry Tirwin. Tirwin will tell him off before escaping to her freedom leaving Llonas to run off to tell his mother.


  • Faras Givyn and her slaves won't exist in Sadrith Mora before starting the quest.
  • The servitude contract cannot be read once in your quest items.
  • Regardless of the outcome of the quest Tirwin can later be met on the shores of Summerset, though she will be much more happy to see you if you sided with her during the quest.


  • After collecting the last red star shell, Nixxie runs off and a puff of smoke appears around her like the previous times, but she doesn't actually disappear and instead remains visible and still. ?
  • After completing the objective to gather the red star shells, Nixxie will still appear out of smoke when approaching spots where they could be previously found, while the mounds no longer exist. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Bound by Love
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Llonas asked me to inquire about purchasing Tirwin from Faras and discover what it would take for her to part with her slave.
Objective: Talk to Faras Givyn
Faras Givyn demands Red Star Shells for Tirwin. I should inform Llonas of what I learned.
Objective: Tell Llonas Givyn His Mother's Price for Tirwin
Llonas loaned me a nix hound he's trained to sniff out Red Star Shells. When the creature points to the location of a shell, all I have to do is dig.
Objective: Collect Red Star Shells: 0/3
I finished collecting shells for Llonas, but a High Elf appeared as I was leaving. She wants to talk.
Objective: Talk to Tirwin
I met Tirwin and she expressed her desire to escape from Faras and Llonas both. She's asked me to steal her Servitude Obligation from Faras for her. Alternatively, I already have the shells Llonas needs. Perhaps I should speak to him about all this.
Complete one: Agree to Buy Tirwin for Llonas Givyn or Steal Tirwin's Servitude Obligation
(Siding with Tirwin)
I stole Tirwin's Servitude Obligation. She'll be happy to hear that. I just need to deliver it to her.
Objective: Give Servitude Obligation to Tirwin
Finishes quest☑ I gave Tirwin the Servitude Obligation, but it looks like she wants to say something to me before she departs. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Tirwin
(If you proceed with the original plan)
I agreed to continue with Llonas's plan to obtain Tirwin's freedom. Now I only need to complete the slave deal with Faras.
Objective: Trade Shells to Faras Givyn
Finishes quest☑ I completed the transaction for Tirwin with Faras. Llonas has arrived, with Tirwin in tow, to take the contract. I don't know what he's planning, but my part in this ends when I hand it over to him.
Objective: Give Llonas Tirwin's Servitude Obligation
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