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Llonas Givyn
Home City Sadrith Mora
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (In the swamps/Back in Sadrith Mora with Nixxie)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Llonas, in Sadrith Mora

Llonas Givyn is a Dark Elf noble who can be found in Sadrith Mora. He is Faras Givyn's son.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When first meeting him, Llonas will lament about his love.

"Ah, love! How cruel the fates that keep me from my heart's desire and force me to lock away my true feeling. Chains bind my heart, yet it yearns to be free!"
Problems with the love of your life?
"Oh, what does an outlander know about the complexities of Dunmeri love …? But you're only trying to help and maybe I do need a simpler perspective.
How does an outlander convince an overbearing mother that the object of their affection is worthy?"
Your mother doesn't approve of your relationship?
"Of course not! Tirwin is a slave—my mother's slave! I tried to buy her freedom, but Mother laughed at the mere suggestion that I'd be allowed to sully our reputation with a "n'wah" bride.
Perhaps an outlander's offer wouldn't rouse her suspicion?"
Slow down. I might be willing to help, but I don't know if I want to buy a slave.

You can ask him more about the situation after accepting the quest.

"I don't expect you to pay, obviously! It's just that mother might reveal what it would take for her to release Tirwin if it was anyone but me asking.
Knowing that might give me some idea how to free my love. It couldn't hurt to ask, could it?"
I can do that much, but won't your mother be suspicious if I ask about Tirwin?
"Tell her you've heard Tirwin excels at finding red star shells. Telvanni wizards prize them, and they're very rare. Most of the locals know that Tirwin is the best at finding them—mother loves to gloat."
All right, I will speak to your mother about Tirwin.
"I couldn't bear gazing upon Tirwin since mother rebuked me, but now I can't wait to see her lovely face again!
I'll be down at the swamp where she hunts shells, come find me once you've finished dealing with Mother. She'll be at our tower."
See you there.

Exiting the conversation and re-entering it after accepting the quest:

"Mother should be at home, ordering the servants about and taking care of the family business.
You should go and ask her about buying Tirwin."
I'm still not sure I want to buy a slave.

After talking to his mother about Tirwin, you can return to Llonas. He will be gazing out at the nearby swamp.

Llonas Givyn: "Oh, Tirwin, where are you? What I'd give for just a glimpse."

Tell him what you learnt.

"Well, did you speak to my mother? What'd she say? Knowing her, it's something incredibly unreasonable."
She wants three red star shells
"Three? Three! That's as many as Tirwin manages to find in a month, and she's perfect!"
Should we ask her to help?
"No! No, no, no, no. If mother found out, she'd never let Tirwin go free, not for any price!
It's an unreasonable sum, but the fact that she asked for red star shells might work in our favor."
How so?
"I've been training a Nix-hound to help Tirwin, so she can spend more time with me instead of in that vile swamp.
Aside from the fetcher fly incident Nixxie's got a solid track record. I'm certain she won't let us down."
Where is Nixxie now?
"She's around here somewhere. Nix-hounds vanish when they're afraid, and Nixxie's a bit skittish. She'll head off toward the water after I call for her.
Look around the shorelines and you'll probably find her digging up shells. just go where she points."
Very well. I'll be on the lookout for Nixxie.

Llonas will then call Nixxie to him.

Llonas Givyn: "C'mon Nixxie! Show yourself!"
<Nixxie appears in a puff of smoke.>
Llonas Givyn: "There you are! Nixxie—go find star shells! Show this nice person where they are!"

Nixxie then runs into the swamp where you will need to follow.

While in the swamp, you will encounter Tirwin who will explain her side of the story. Namely, she has no love for Llonas at all. You have the choice of either stealing her Servitude Obligation papers from the tower or continuing to help Llonas. You have the opportunity to question him about the lack of requited feelings by finding him in Sadith Mora with Nixxie.

"You're back! Did Nixxie pull through? Do you have the red star shells?"
I ran into Tirwin while I was collecting shells.
"You did? Isn't she beautiful? And so smart, too. I mean, I know she's a bit older but—
Wait, did you tell her what you were doing? And why you were doing it?"
Yes. You should know she doesn't share your feelings.
"Ha! What? Oh, she's fooled you! She fools everyone you know? These feelings have to be our little secret under Mother's roof but soon we won't have to hide them! I just need you to take those shells to Mother and it will all become clear. You'll see!"
No. Tirwin really doesn't love you. All she wants is her freedom. I won't help you.
"You … you're serious? I can't believe it! Tirwin loves me! We're going to be together no matter what you, or my mother think! She's mine! You understand me? She's mine!"
Not if I can help it.
If you're certain. I'll go deliver the shells.
<Conversation ends and Llonas runs off with Nixxie.>
Llonas Givyn: "Nixxie, come! Victory is at hand!"

If you rebuffed him, you have the option of changing your mind if you speak to Llonas again before stealing the papers.

"Hmph. It's you. You made yourself perfectly clear the first time. There's nothing you can say that'll stop me from being with Tirwin."
I'm reconsidering helping you with your plan after all.
"You were very unkind … but I can forgive you if you really have come to your senses.
All you have to do is deliver the shells to Mother and complete the deal like we planned. Then Tirwin can be freed and we can finally be married."
I still need to think about it.
<Ends Conversation>
Very well. See you at your mother's.
<Conversation ends and Llonas runs off with Nixxie.>
Llonas Givyn: "Nixxie, come! Victory is at hand!"

If you decided to steal the Servitude Obligation papers and give them Tirwin, an angry Llonas will arrive afterwards:

Llonas Givyn: "Hey! Get away from her! You'll ruin everything!"
<Tirwin branishes the Servitude Obligation papers.>
Tirwin:"Shut up you slavering jackal! You see this? I'm free!"
Llonas Givyn: "T-Tirwin? I … I was supposed to free you. I was going to take your hand in marriage. It was going to be perfect. You ruined it!"
Tirwin:"Listen to me you little s'wit. I'm not your plaything. Never was and never will be. I'd sooner lie with maggots than share your bed."
Llonas Givyn: "That can be arranged! When I tell Mother about this, you'll wish you'd never spurned me! You'll beg! You will beg!"
<Llonas runs off to his mother.>
Tirwin:"That was liberating. Don't worry, I know these lands better than they ever will. Thanks again!"
<Tirwin leaves Sadrith Mora in the direction of the swamps.>

If you decided to continue helping Llonas, you can deliver the shells to Faras Givyn. After the transaction, Llonas will run up to his mother with Tirwin trailing behind.

Llonas Givyn: "Mother, wait!"
Faras Givyn: "Don't bother protesting, it's already done. Your little pet has been sold."

You can then give the papers to Llonas.

"Haha! We did it! I bought Tirwin—I can't wait to deliver the news! And the look on Mother's face will be priceless!"
Here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you.
"You sound just like Mother. Well, both of you are going to see how wrong you are.
Nothing can keep us apart now!"

After giving you your payment, Llonas will then proceed to free Tirwin. It does not go how he wished.

Llonas Givyn: "Despite all your sabotage, Mother, love wins the day. Observe!"
<Llonas kneels before Tirwin.>
Llonas Givyn: "Tirwin, my love. Nothing can stand between us now. Take my hand and we'll be married within the hour!"
<Tirwin takes the papers.>
Tirwin: "I'll take my freedom, but I'd rather kiss Mehrunes' Razor than spend another second in your company."
<He stands up shocked and furious.>
Llonas Givyn: "T-Tirwin? How dare you! You can't—you're mine! I own you!"
<Tirwin runs off without a word.>
Faras Givyn: "Llonas! Inside. Now."
Llonas Givyn: "Yes, Mother …."