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Help save the scholars of the Keep from an ancient curse.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Heimlyn Keep — Break the curse of Heimlyn Keep.
Quest Giver: Beron Telvanni
Location(s): Heimlyn Keep
Next Quest: What Was Done Must Be Undone
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 3642
A special blend
Heimlyn Keep is under a terrible curse. A group of Covenant soldiers attacked, thinking they were assaulting a military target. Instead they loosed an ancient magic hidden beneath in the vaults.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Beron Telvanni.
  2. Collect five Spectral Essences and four Tainted Hearts.
  3. Talk to Merarii Telvanni and activate the Daedric Urn.
  4. Talk to Merarii Telvanni.
  5. Find and speak with Adras Furari, Ramalii Malena, Neron Arona and Hadrill Diina.
  6. Find the Covenant soldier.
  7. Speak to Merarii Telvanni.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you arrive at Heimlyn Keep, you will be met with disaster. There are cursed civilians everywhere. A distressed Telvanni mage by the name of Beron is tending to one of them. Speaking with him reveals that the Covenant attacked the keep, thinking it was a military outpost. They were wrong: Heimlyn Keep is a Telvanni complex devoted to tending to an ancient reliquary full of dangerous relics. The Covenant managed to get into the reliquary and smash a particularly awful relic, which unleashed the spellplague that now ravages the keep. Beron Telvanni has run low on the potions that he's using to help the cursed civilians in his care. He asks you to collect Tainted Hearts from the corpses that litter the complex, and to harvest Spectral Essences from the spirits that the curse has released.

You can collect spectral essence by killing the spirits around Heimlyn Keep. The corpses of those taken by the curse can be found everywhere, though there's usually a nix-hound or two not far from where each body is located. Once you have the components, find Beron's wife, Merarii. She will thank you for the ingredients, and tell you to blend them in the Daedric urn on the table nearby. The urn will allow the ingredients to form properly to create what is known as an Etheric Totem, which will be useful in your next assignment. Blend the components and speak with Merarii.

Merarii says there are still civilians hiding in houses, protected by wards held by some of her remaining assistants. She wants you to use the Totem to shield the civilians so they can run to safety without fear of being afflicted by the spellplague. She also informs you that one of the Covenant soldiers managed to hide in one of the towers. She wants you to check on that soldier after you've aided the civilians.

The civilians are located in buildings located all across the keep. Reassure the fearful citizens and send them on their way after administering the protection of the Etheric Totem. Make your way to the tower the Covenant soldier is supposedly located, and climb the ladder to the tower's battlement. The Covenant soldier up top seems remorseful. She tells you that her superior smashed the relic that released the curse, and promises not to cause trouble. Release her from the tower and return to Merarii for a sum of gold and to learn the next steps in resolving the spellplague crisis.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Curse of Heimlyn Keep
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Telvanni mages want to soothe those affected by the curse in Heimlyn. Beron Telvanni asked me to collect spectral essences from the ghosts and tainted hearts from the corpses.
Objective: Collect Tainted Hearts from the Corpses: 0/4
Objective: Collect Spectral Essences from the Ghosts: 0/5
I've collected the ingredients needed by the Telvanni. I need to deliver them to Merarii Telvanni in the southern part of the keep.
Objective: Talk to Merarii Telvanni
Merarii Telvanni has come up with a more effective counter to the curse: an Etheric Totem. She wants me to create the totem using an artifact called a Daedric Urn.
Objective: Form Etheric Totem in the Daedric Urn
I've created the Etheric Totem. I should speak to Merarii Telvanni and learn what she wants me to do with it.
Objective: Talk to Merarii Telvanni
Field assistants are guarding a few residents of the keep huddled in living quarters. I should talk to them and let the totem's aura affect them. I must convince them to leave.
Objective: Talk to Adras Furari
Objective: Talk to Ramalii Malena
Objective: Talk to Neron Arona
Objective: Talk to Hadrill Diina
Objective Hint: Use the Etheric Totem to Stun Ghosts
When the curse was unleashed, a Covenant captain fled to the top of the keep's tower. I should see if she's still up there.
Objective: Find the Covenant Soldier
Finishes quest☑ I should speak to Merarii Telvanni once more.
Objective: Talk to Merarii Telvanni
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