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Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine
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Discoverable No
Foreman Naros, Foreman Vilas, Kwama Scrib, Kwama Warrior, Kwama Worker
Molag AmurVvardenfell
West of Tel Fyr
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"Kwama warriors protect the colony, reacting quickly to any perceived danger. They should be treated warily and with respect, for they are aggressive and highly dangerous."—Dorayn Redas, Kwama Keeper
Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine

Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine is an unmarked egg mine found in the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell, west of Tel Fyr. The cave network is connected to an ancient Dwemer stronghold Mzanchend.

It is patrolled by two House Telvanni guards, Foreman Naros and Foreman Vilas, as well as several slave egg miners.

The notes Instructions for Lothnarth, Arowende's Diary Page 23, and Arowende's Diary Page 26, are located here as well, inside Mzanchend. This location contains several critters, including centipedes and scribs.

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  • Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine also appears in Morrowind.
  • The kwama in the northwestern tunnels are neutral. Those in the southeastern tunnels will be hostile, as a result of the Dwemer Tonal Device having been activated.
  • This area is considered a trespass area. Foreman Naros and Vilas will attack if detected, and Urbutha will increase your bounty if she detects you, but will not attack.



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