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Help Sun-in-Shadow deal with the fallout of her actions against Ralasa.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Sun-in-Shadow
Location(s): Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine, Mzanchend
Prerequisite Quest: Objections and Obstacles
Next Quest: The Heart of a Telvanni
Reward: Magister's Exquisite Gloves
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5914
Sun-in-Shadow in a slave pen
My ambitious companion, Sun-in-Shadow, succeeded in replacing Magister Gothren's Mouth, Ralasa Delvi. But even success carries risk in Sadrith Mora. Rumor has it that Magister Gothren leaves no slight unpunished.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to Sun-in-Shadow's house.
  2. Investigate the clues there.
    1. Read Sun-in-Shadow's To Do List.
    2. Read Page from Sun-in-Shadow's Journal.
    3. Talk to Florinna Avau.
  3. Talk to Arith Sendrul once he enters the house.
  4. Go to Tel Aruhn and talk to Magister Gothren.
  5. Steal Magister Otheri's journal from his room in Tel Naga.
  6. Talk to Artih Sendrul and a projection of Magister Gothren in the Council House.
  7. Travel to Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine and speak to Lothnarth.
  8. Explore the egg mine to find the Dwarven prism, while avoiding guards.
  9. Once you have found the prism, Lothnarth will find you. Talk to him again.
  10. Enter Mzanchend and find the parts required to release the prism.
  11. Go back to the prism and release it.
  12. Leave the mine.
  13. Return to Tel Aruhn and talk to Magister Gothren.
  14. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Sun-in-Shadow's House[edit]

You can start this quest either by continuing the dialogue with Sun-in-Shadow upon completion of the previous quest or have a conversation with Eoki.

So that's why them call them Mouths

You can find Eoki on the docks of Sadrith Mora, where he will be thinking. Speak with him. Eoki believes Sun-in-Shadow has lost perspective on her strategy to free the slaves. He wishes to talk with her and asks you to arrange a meeting:

"Greetings friend. Come to look out over the water? I hope it brings you solace.
The salt-breeze used to give me hope, but not today."
Are you all right, Eoki?
"All right? I still suffer the bite of the Dark Elves' lash. My egg-kin still eat nothing but kwama-gruel. We wait and wait, and … nothing.
I know my heart works hard to free us, but the sun dips low on the horizon. My people cannot wait forever."
You seemed confident that Sun-in-Shadow would free you before. What happened?
"I trust her. It's just …. When she proposed using the Telvanni's rules against them, it seemed like wisdom. But murder? Recapturing Khajiit who meant to escape? I fear she has lost perspective.
I must speak with her. Can you find her for me?"
I'll go to her house and tell her.

After you agree to pass on the message, Eoki will tell you where she can meet him:

Eoki: "Hist bless you. Tell her to seek me out near Tel Naga."

After speaking to Eoki head to Sun-in-Shadow's House on the southeast side of town. Upon entering, you will immediately notice the house has been ransacked, with papers scattered everywhere, and there is no sign of Sun-in-Shadow.

Examine a journal page and a to do list in the main room and you will hear a call for help from a small alcove on the left side of the house.

Florinna Avau: "Is someone there? Help! I've been tied up!"

There, you will find Florinna Avau tied up. She explains that she was there to fit Sun-in-Shadow for a new dress when some Telvanni thugs burst in to kidnap Sun-in-Shadow:

"Thank the Eight! To Oblivion with these damned mages. No amount of gold is worth this kind of treatment!"
What happened here? Where is Sun-in-Shadow?
"Sun-in-Shadow asked me to come measure her for a new dress. Soon after I arrived, a pack of Telvanni thugs burst through the door and dragged her off. One of them shouted something about Tel Aruhn.
That's all I know! Please, just set me free."
Of course.

After you untie her, Florinna will then get up and run out of the house. At the same time Arith Sendrul will enter the house and realize that he was too late.

Arith Sendrul:"Hello? Anyone home?"
Arith Sendrul:"Oh … scrib jelly. I'm too late."

He had come to warn Sun-in-Shadow of the imminent attack:

"Yes, well. I came to warn Sun-in-Shadow, but it seems I arrived too late. I guess I should warn you too.
My most benevolent master, Muthsera Gothren is … disgruntled."
'Oh yes. Peeved. In the extreme.
Magister Gothren promoted me to Mouth, but he still grieves for Ralasa. As you know, grief often gives way to anger. Apparently his gentle disposition has limits when it come to assassinating his servants."
So this is his handiwork? I think his servants abducted Sun-in-Shadow.
"Pity I didn't get here sooner. I thought perhaps, with time, his fury might abate.
I'd make all haste to Tel Aruhn if I were you. Muthsera Gothren respects courage and candor. If you speak to him directly, you might receive better treatment."
All right. I'll pay Magister Gothren a visit.
Arith Sendrul:"You go on ahead. I'll wait here for a bit. Best we're no seen together. No offense."

Apparently, Magister Gothren has abducted Sun-in-Shadow in retaliation for the assassination of his previous Mouth, Ralasa Delvi. Arith, who has been promoted to his new Mouth, advises you to make for Tel Aruhn and speak directly with Magister Gothren.

Tel Aruhn[edit]

Upon entering Tel Aruhn you will notice Sun-in-Shadow locked in a slave pen. She asks you to talk to Gothren and find out what it will take to secure her release:

"Do you see what he has done to me? This is an outrage. I am a free Telvanni!
Go, speak to Magister Gothren. Demand he free me at once!"
Are you all right, Sun-in-Shadow?
"I'm not hurt. But I am angry. And a little frightened.
Gothren's men snatched me right out of my home in Sadrith Mora and used a portal to bring me here. And then Gothren ordered me to be put in a slave cage. Me! A free Telvanni!"
I came to see if [sic] can get the magister to release you.
"You are indeed a loyal friend. I've felt a bit hopeless, trapped in here, without any information. He wants me to feel like a slave, a nobody, worthless.
I must warn you—his plan is likely to make you do something for him, in order to free me."
I'm going to speak to him now.
Arith Sendrul came by to warn you when I was searching your home.
"Ah, that was a most useful cultivation. He has to be worried a bit as well, but is probably safe. Even so, he won't try to help me. I can't say that I blame him. He only just achieved his goal of being Gothren's Mouth."
I'm going to speak to Magister Gothren now.

As you approach Tel Aruhn Tower, a Telvanni Guard stationed outside the door will "greet" you:

Telvanni Guard: "The Magister is expecting you. Good luck."
"You really shouldn't keep Magister Gothren waiting."
I was told Gothren doesn't see anyone he hasn't invited.
"Might be so, but he told us to be on the lookout for someone that fits your description. I wouldn't say you're exactly welcomed to Tel Aruhn, but you are allowed to enter.
Glad I'm not in your shoes."

Enter Gothren's Tower and speak with the magister, he comment when he sees you:

Magister Gothren: "Eminently predictable, you and your lizard cohort."

When you talk with him, he will immediately blackmail you into working for him:

"Ah, the murderer appears. I should thank you for saving me the trouble of hunting you down. Watching you peasants struggle against the inevitable is exhausting."
Why did you imprison Sun-in-Shadow?
"Don't waste my time with flimsy pretense. Did you really think you could kill my Mouth and get away with it? I see all. Your clumsy intrigue is no exception.
If you wish to save your life and that of your friend, you will perform a task for me."

If you refused to help Sun-in-Shadow assassinate Ralasa and were instead tricked into delivering poisoned cakes, you can protest to no avail:

I didn't know the cakes were poisoned.
"That doesn't absolve you from blame—it just makes you sound stupid. I have no patience for stupidity.
Now I wonder if you're equal to the task I've set for you."

Both branches will lead to the same question:

What do you want me to do? / What is it you want from me?
"Magister Otheri made a discovery some weeks ago—a relic, of some Dwarven device perhaps. He refuses to share the details, so I am compelled to take those details by force.
Steal his notes from Tel Naga and deliver them to my new Mouth, Arith."
And if I refuse?
"Magisters care little for the limits of mortality—me least of all. I try to avoid turning people into shambling masses of screeching tumors, but in this case I could make an exception.
At the very least your scaled friend will die in chains."
When I bring back the notes, we're even? You'll release Sun-in-Shadow? / If I do this, we're even? You'll release Sun-in-Shadow?
"That depends on what information you retrieve. If it's useful, we can discuss the terms of the lizard's freedom.
That's as much of a promise as you'll get from me. Be grateful I am giving you a chance to rectify the wrong you've done me."
"I promise retribution and still you dawdle? We have nothing to discuss until you deliver Otheri's notes."

It turns out Gothren is quite displeased with the death of Ralasa, and wants you to steal the notes of Magister Otheri as recompense for your actions.

The Magister's Notes[edit]

Travel back to Sadrith Mora and enter Tel Naga. Take the lift to the Magisters' Retreat. While not considered trespassing, if you are spotted by Otheri or his apprentice, Arowende, they will teleport you back to the first floor of Tel Naga.

Nelos Otheri: "What's this? I don't like uninvited guests."
Arowende: "I'm quite sure you weren't invited up here. Off you go."

Wait until Arowende moves to the left side of the room and the Magister is looking away from the study, and quickly sneak to study on the right side of the room. Grab the notes and head back down the lift to exit Tel Naga.

The Dwarven Device

Head to the Council House on the north side of Sadrith Mora, enter Council Hall, speak to Arith and hand him Magistar Otheri's notes:

"There you are! I knew my master would show you mercy.
Do you have something for me?"
I secured Otheri's journal, as promised. Here it is.
"Well done! I think my master wants to speak with you himself.
Try not to make him angry, all right?"
Wait, Gothren is here?

Arith will then clutch at his head as Magister Gothren's projection spell is channeled through him.

Magister Gothren: "Well, it's about time. Come, servant."

You can then talk to his projection. Magister Gothren will then set you up with another task:

"You retrieved the journal. That was competent."
Arith has it.
"Ah yes, this is Otheri's journal. His penmanship has gotten even worse.
So it's a Dwarven artifact then? A merged tonal prism? My, my, that does sound intriguing. Seems he tucked it away in his kwama mine, Zalkin-Sul. You will fetch it for me."
You said you'd set Sun-in-Shadow free once I brought you the journal.
"I said nothing of the sort. If your work pleases me, I may deign to release your friend and forget your misdeeds. But make no mistake, n'wah—I've given you no word to keep.
Go to Zalkin-Sul, acquire the prism, then bring it to me in Tel Aruhn."
Fine. I'll bring you the prism, then we're even.
"Get me the prism. We have nothing more to discuss."

So Gothren wants you to retrieve the Dwarven artifact mentioned in Otheri's notes. Once you have spoken with the magister's projection, Arith will wake up from his trance:

Arith Sendrul:"Ugh. Where am …? Oh, dear. Just give me a moment."

You can then ask him about your next task, though he won't know much:

"Well that could have gone worse.
Ugh. Channeling spells always gives me dry mouth. Isn't that weird?"
So, is being the Mouth of Magister Gothren all you thought it would be?
"Oh yes! I mean, Muthsera Gothren expects unwavering obedience, but on the whole, it's been a delight.
I know he's treated you poorly, but isn't his candor refreshing?"
Not really.
"Hm. I can't begrudge you that. Were I in your position, I'd probably need a good sulk too. Not that you're sulky or anything! Oh, you know what I mean."
Do you know anything about this kwama mine? Zalkin-Sul?
"About as much as you, I wager.
Kwama nest there, tending to their eggs and what have you. It probably smells bad too."
So there's nothing noteworthy about this particular mine?
"Well, the Zalkin-Sul cave network strays very close to an ancient Dwarven stronghold called Mzanchend. Otheri's miners might have stumbled upon an entrance to the ruin. So, keep an ear out for clanking?"
I want you to know, I'm not happy with this arrangement

Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine[edit]

Head to Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine which is northwest of the Nchuleftingth Wayshrine. Outside of Zalkin-Sul you will meet Lothnarth. He warns you to avoid Otheri's guards and can answer a few questions about the mines:

"Hey. You need something?"
Is this the Zalkin-Sul kwama mine?
"Sure is. You looking for work? Nah, you're the adventurous type. Only time you'll lift a pick is to bash in some beastie's skull, am I right? Of course I am.
What brings you out here to the arse end of nowhere?"
I just want to have a look around.
"Well it isn't locked. Go ahead and take a peek.
Might want to keep it quiet though. Don't want Otheri's guards spotting you—trust me. They keep things locked down tighter than my fat auntie's bodice."

(If you are Khajiit or Argonian)

"Well it isn't locked. Go ahead and take a peek.
Might want to keep it quiet though. Don't want Otheri's guards spotting you—trust me. They see you dragging that tail around and they'll clap a pair of irons on you quicker than spit."
Thanks for the warning. Can you tell me more about this place?
"Sure. I've got a few minutes.
Ah, who am I kidding? I've got plenty of time. What do you want to know?"
Anything I should look out for down there?
"Other than Otheri's guards? We have cave-ins every now and again. Unruly slaves and such.
Then there's Mzanchend … but I'm sure you're not interested in that."
"Ash get in your eyes on the way here? You can't miss those gloomy old Dwarf towers.
Way I hear it, the Mzanchend ruins cut right under the mine. Plenty of treasure down there just waiting to be plucked. That's what I've heard anyway."
What exactly are you doing out here?
"Just stretching my legs … and keeping an eye out for Magister Otheri. You know these Telvanni—always barging in without warning and throwing their weight around.
Come to think of it, he's been visiting more often than usual. I wonder why."
Do you work in the mine?
"Yeah. Well, honestly I mostly just act Like I'm working. Pay's the same and you sweat a lot less."
Do you like … sort of working here?
"Stuck up Dark Elves, ash storms, slave labor pushing down wages … what's not to like?
Eh. I shouldn't belly-ache. It is what it is and I need the coin. Got to take the opportunities where you find them."

Head inside Zalkin-Sul. The whole mine is a restricted area, so being caught trespassing will incur a bounty. Head east and sneak past J'ghaim and enter the basket hiding spot. Wait for the sentry to reach the top of the incline and make his way back down, and for J'ghaim to walk past the basket, then exit the basket and follow the sentry. At the bottom of the incline, when the sentry takes a right turn around the pillar, take a left around the pillar and sneak past the sentry into the next room. Enter the hiding spot, being careful to avoid being spotted by Urbutha. Wait for both Foreman Naros and Urbutha to be on the right side of the hiding spot, then quickly make your way across the bridge to the south and enter the mysterious chamber.

This area is not restricted, so you do not need to worry about incurring a bounty. Inside the chamber you will find a strange Dwemer device. Upon approaching the device, Lothnarth will enter the room. Lothnarth makes you a proposition. He has an interested party who desires information on the device. In exchange for anything you discover, he offers to provide you with a key to Mzanchend. You can agree to his terms or pay him a bribe in order to cut his benefactor out of the deal. After making your choice, Lothnarth will explain you will need to retrieve some items in order to release the crystal:

Lothnarth: "Crazy machine, eh? Figured you'd find it quickly enough."
"Ha! I knew you weren't interested in kwama caves. One of those blackhearted magisters sent you to filch this thing, am I right?"
Good guess. So, what's your role in all this?
"I've got a proposition.
I can tell you what little I know and give you a key to Mzanchend. In exchange, you give me any notes you find in there. Anything about how it was built, what it does, anything. Got a nice offer from an interested party."
I guess that's a fair trade.
"So we've got a deal? Good.
Now, pin those ears back and listen. Otheri locked the crystal in this machine to keep it working, but he took certain parts so no one else could turn the damn thing off. We get those parts, we get the crystal."
I have a better idea. Why don't we cut out your silent partner? [Bribe]
"Well, that does make things easier. Gold's gold, right?
So, Otheri locked the crystal in place and took certain parts of the machine so no one else could turn the damn thing off. We need those parts to turn off the machine and get the crystal."

Either option will lead to the same question:

Where can I find the parts?
"The parts you need are somewhere in Mzanchend, but I'm not sure where.
I spent a lot of time watching Otheri. From what I can tell, you'll need a crank, a spur gear, one of the smaller pistons, and some kind of handle."
Crank, gear, piston, handle, Got it. I've got a few more questions.
"Sure. I've been keeping a sharp eye on Otheri ever since he set up shop in here.
I still don't know what the damned thing does, but I'll tell you what I can."
Did the prism come from inside Mzanchend?
"Prism? Oh. Right, now I see it.
I guess he found it in the ruin, yeah. All kinds of Dwarven antiques in there, along with the parts you need. I think he hides the pieces to keep us from nabbing the crystal, the paranoid old skeever."
And you have no idea what this device does?
"Sorry, but I skipped school the day they taught Dwarf machine-magic. Got no idea, friend.
I could hazard a guess. Looks a little like my pa's old jaw harp. So maybe it makes music or something? Some kind of death-music I bet. Damn Dwarves."
How did you come to have a key to Mzanchend?
"A rascal like me has to look out for his own interests, right?
Otheri dropped his key a few days back. I grabbed it and made a wax mold while he wasn't looking. Didn't take long to make a rough copy. You've got to jiggle it a bit, but it works."
"Good luck in there, bear cub. Kyne only knows what's clanking around those ruins."

Just before you enter the ruins, Lothnarth will call out to you:

Lothnarth: "Don't let some dwarven trap slice you up, eh?"

Enter Mzanchend and follow the corridor to the north. Take a left at the end of the corridor. Grab the Dwarven Spur Gear on the table at the southern end of the room. Head through the eastern corridor until you find yourself in a rectangular room. Grab the Dwarven Crank on the right side of the room (you can find Arowende's Diary Page 23 next to it) and continue the path you were following. Grab the Dwarven Piston on the bench towards the end of the corridor (you can find Arowende's Diary Page 26 next to it) and then enter the door to Magister Otheri's Laboratory. Upon entering the main chamber, the Mzanchend Guardian will detach from the ceiling. Defeat the guardian and retrieve Dwarven Release Switch from the Dwarven coffer in the back of the room. If you agreed to Lothnarth's proposition instead of paying him, grab the Technical Logbook in the northeastern corner of the room. Exit through the door near the coffer. Follow the hallway to the end and exit through the door. Take a left and go back through the door to the Mysterious Chamber.

If you agreed to his proposition when you get back to the Mysterious Chamber, Lothnarth will be waiting for you (Otherwise he won't be there).

Lothnarth: "So? Any luck?"

Speak to him.

"Shor's bones, you were gone a long time. Had me a little worried! but here you are, all in one piece.
So,don't keep me in suspense. You find those notes I asked for?"
Yes. I found this technical logbook.
"Let's see. Oh yeah, this is just the thing. Ha! You're all right, bear cub!
Once I pawn this gibberish off, it's chill winds all the way back to Skyrim! I'll finally breathe crisp mountain air again—not lung-fulls of ash and kwama spit."
Glad to hear it. Now I need to get this prism unlocked.

As you approach the prism Lothnarth will leave first:

Lothnarth: "Wait until I leave to unlock that thing, all right? I'm not anxious to see what happens when you pull that crystal … prism. Whatever."

Use the items on the machine's base, pull the lever to release the crystal and take it. Upon releasing the crystal, the mine will start to collapse, and Keesu will run into the room. He tells you the kwama have gone into a frenzy, and are attacking everyone in sight.

Keesu:"Run! The mine's collaps—the kwama are—what is this thing? Never mind! Get out of here, through the east mine!"

Keesu will then exit through the door on the right, follow him and walk along the path through the mine to the surface.

Once you escape the mine, you might find Keesu near the entrance who can be talked again:

"The rocks were falling, the kwama attacking. So many lost!"
Did the other miners make it out?
"Has the dust blinded you? I barely made it out with my tail intact, and I wasn't far from the door! Some may have escaped, but not all. Oh, by the Egg, what could have done this?"
What will you do now?
"I'm getting away from this place. Perhaps this misfortune can turn to my salvation. The slave masters will think me a corpse, lost to the mine's collapse. I can use that to my advantage.
The Hist is calling me. I will pray for my lost friends."

Back to Tel Aruhn[edit]

"We're done here. Begone"

Head back to Tel Aruhn and give the prism to Magister Gothren:

Magister Gothren: "You didn't get yourself killed. That's promising."
"Ugh. What's that I smell? Grease and kwama dung? Let's make this quick, n'wah. I won't have you soiling my rugs any longer than necessary.
The prism. Do you have it?"
I have it here.
"Well that is a surprise. I do hope this isn't some cheap forgery, for your sake.
Ah. Some kind of merged tonal prism. A lively one too. Fascinating. I do hope that fool Otheri didn't damage it. He's almost as clumsy as you."
All right, enough. We're even. Free Sun-in-Shadow and we'll leave.
"Vehk's head, do you still labor under the delusion that you have some power in this place? Bah—it's hardly worth discussing. I've grown tired of our little chats.
You completed the task I set before you. You can have your lizard back."
Good. Farewell.

Magistar Gothren agrees to free Sun-in-Shadow, and has Volm Orenim bring her in to release her. Speak with Sun-in-Shadow, who thanks you for freeing her. She promises to lay low for a while and patch things up with Eoki:

"Sera, I cannot thank you enough for helping me. I wasn't sure if I'd ever leave Tel Aruhn alive.
I'm sorry. I know I've asked too much of you."
You might want to lie low for a while, Sun-in-Shadow.
"Sage advice. I've had my fill of schemes for now. I plan to dedicate myself to my studies and try to patch things up with Eoki. The last time I saw him, I said some … hurtful things.
Again, thank you. Next time you're in Sadrith Mora, come visit."

After finishing the quest she will approach the Magister and chastise him for abducting her.

Sun-in-Shadow: "I am a free mage of House Telvanni. You had no right to imprison me!"
Magister Gothren: "You presume to lecture me? You who conspired to kill my servant?"
Magister Gothren: "Thank whatever scaly gods you worship that I didn't rend the flesh off your back and feed you to the tower's roots! Cross me again, and your life is forfeit."
Magister Gothren: "We're done here. Begone."

The Magister will then teleport her out of his tower.


  • In the overall quest description in the journal, it states that Sun-in-Shadow succeeded at replacing Magister Gothren's previous Mouth, Ralasa Delvi. However, it is not her who replaces Ralasa, but Arith Sendrul.
  • Archmagister Nelos Otheri and his apprentice Arowende won't exist in his chambers in Tel Naga before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Keesu won't exist in Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine before reaching the related objective.
  • While she says to meet her next time you are in Sadrith Mora upon completing the quest, Sun-in-Shadow offers the next quest right outside Tel Aruhn Tower.


  • Before Patch 3.0.8, this quest may have been impossible to complete, as Florinna Avau would sometimes not appear. (Bug confirmed on both PC and Xbox One)
  • There is no specific objective description in the journal during the objective to speak with Magister Gothren's projection. ?
  • After the projection of Magister Gothren dissipates and Arith recovers, an objective marker appears above his head. However, no objective, hint or optional objective appear in the quest HUD to match it. ?
  • After installing the Dwemer parts on the prism holding machine, the lever still doesn't appear and as such when using the prompt to pull it, you pull at empty space. ?
  • Although the mine collapses after extracting the prism, it can still be re-entered via the initial door, and inside it is as it was the first time you went through, with everyone inside still alive and the mine in stable condition. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Magister Makes a Move
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sun-in-Shadow is probably hatching her next scheme in the Sadrith Mora Hireling House. I should seek her out.
Objective: Meet Sun-in-Shadow in Her Home
Someone ransacked Sun-in-Shadow's home. I should investigate.
Objective: Examine Sun-in-Shadow's Home
Objective Hint: Talk to Arith Sendrul
It appears that Magister Gothren's henchmen abducted Sun-in-Shadow from her home. I must travel to Gothren's stronghold, Tel Aruhn. According to Arith, confronting him directly provides the best chance of diffusing the situation.
Objective: Talk to Magister Gothren
Objective Hint: Travel to Tel Aruhn
Magister Gothren blackmailed me into stealing valuable information from Magister Otheri. If I complete this task, he might release Sun-in-Shadow and bury his grudge against us. Otheri probably tucked his journal away somewhere in Tel Naga.
Objective: Steal Magister Otheri's Journal
I secured Magister Otheri's Research Journal. I should deliver it to Gothren's Mouth, Arith Sendrul. He waits for me in the Council House.
Objective: Talk to Arith Sendrul
Objective: Talk to Gothren's Projection
It seems that Gothren's not done with me yet. He demanded that I seek out Otheri's Dwarven Prism in a kwama mine called Zalkin-Sul.
Objective: Travel to Zalkin-Sul
I found a Nord miner stretching his legs outside Zalkin-Sul. I should see if he knows anything about the mine.
Objective: Talk to Lothnarth
The Nord miner, Lothnarth, warned me about Otheri's guards patrolling the Zalkin-Sul egg mine. I should try to find Otheri's Dwarven Prism without rousing suspicion.
Objective: Explore the Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine
I found Magister Otheri's mysterious Dwarven Prism, firmly locked into an ancient device. Lothnarth arrived shortly after I did. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Lothnarth
Lothnarth gave me a key to the Dwarven ruin, Mzanchend. I must scour the ruins for a few tools to help me unlock Otheri's Dwarven Prism and technical documents for my Nord companion.
Objective: Enter Mzanchend
I entered Mzanchend. Now I just need to find the parts to unlock Otheri's Dwarven Prism.
Objective: Find the Tools to Release the Crystal: 0/4
I collected all the requisite tools to operate Otheri's device. I should use them to unlock the Dwarven Prism.
Objective: Release the Dwarven Prism
Objective Hint: Place the Lever Base Components
Objective Hint: Release the Prism
Objective Hint: Take the Prism
Removing the Dwarven Prism caused some kind of groundquake. I should make haste to the exit.
Objective: Escape the Mine
I've escaped from the collapsing mine with the unique dwarven prism that Magister Gothren wanted. I should bring it to Tel Aruhn.
Objective: Return to Tel Aruhn
I escaped the Zalkin-Sul egg mine before it collapsed. Only one task remains—delivering Otheri's Dwarven Prism to Magister Gothren in Tel Aruhn.
Objective: Talk to Magister Gothren
Finishes quest☑ Magister Gothren accepted the Dwarven Prism as recompense for our debt and released Sun-in-Shadow. I should talk to her so we can end this business with the cruel master of Tel Aruhn.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.