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Help Sun-in-Shadow with her fracturing relationship with Eoki.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Sun-in-Shadow or Arith Sendrul
Location(s): Sadrith Mora, Vassamsi Mine
Prerequisite Quest: The Magister Makes a Move
Reward: Tear-Stained Staff of the War Maiden
Telvanni Magister
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 5922
Sun-in-Shadow pleads Eoki not to leave.
After a harrowing experience at the hands of Magister Gothren, Sun-in-Shadow finds herself at a crossroads—torn between a mage's ambition and the fruits of companionship. Dedicating herself to one may well destroy her chances at the other.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow outside of Tel Aruhn tower or talk to Arith Sendrul on the docks in Sadrith Mora.
  2. Meet Sun-in-Shadow at her house and speak to her again.
  3. Talk to Eoki at the docks.
  4. Go to the Gateway Inn to talk to Atarga.
  5. Talk to Lagdabash.
  6. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow.
  7. Find Bothamul near Tel Aruhn and speak with him.
  8. Meet and talk to Eoki outside Vassamsi Mine.
  9. Enter the mine.
  10. Deal with the guards and help the slaves escape.
  11. Defeat Slavemaster Arenim.
  12. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow and help her decide what to do about Eoki.
  13. Leave the mine, then talk to Sun-in-Shadow once more.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

To begin the quest speak to Sun-in-Shadow in Tel Aruhn directly after The Magister Makes a Move or speak to Arith Sendrul on the docks in Sadrith Mora. Both mention that you should stop by Sun-in-Shadow house when you have the chance.

As you enter Sun-in-Shadow's House you find Eoki berating her for the recent events including the return of the kajiit slaves and the deaths of the miners in Zalkin-Sul. Speak to Sun-in-Shadow. She is worried that Eoki has lost faith in her and may be planning an escape attempt. She asks you to talk to Eoki.

Head to the docks on the west side of Sadrith Mora and speak to Eoki. Eoki is planning an escape and asks that you assist him. Eoki asks you to bring a payment to the Ropefish smugglers who are facilitating the escape of Eoki and many other slaves. He warns you to only give the payment to his contact Atarga. Head to the Gateway Inn on the east side of town. Inside you will notice that Atarga is extremly drunk and her two compatriots Hazbur and Lagdabash send her upstairs to sleep it off. Speak with Lagdabash. She offers to take the gold but you make it clear that your directions were to give it directly to Atarga. Lagdabash tells you to bring it to their boss Bothamul near Tel Ahrun. After finishing speaking to Lagadabash when you go to leave Sun-in-Shadow will enter the inn. She asks you if you have spoken to Eoki. You can either tell her the truth that Eoki is planning an escape or lie to her and tell her that nothing is amiss.

Upon reaching the spot Lagadbash told you to go she and Hazbur will ambush you trying to steal the gold. Kill them and then read the note nearby. Bothamul's camp is just north of where you are. Speak to Bothamul when you reach the camp. Give him the payment and then head east and speak to Eoki.

Eoki and his companions plan to save the slaves working at Vassamsi Mine. Eoki explains there are two ways to do so. Rihnissi wants to use smoke bombs to incapacitate the guards. Azri wants to kill the guards. You can choose either approach. After speaking with Eoki Sun-in-Shadow will appear through a portal. She begs Eoki not to leave but he refuses. Eoki asks Sun-in-Shadow to come with him to see the terrible conditions the slaves face in the mines, to which she agrees.

Sun-in-Shadow and Eoki captured by Slavemaster Arenim

Enter the mine and either attack or use the smoke bomb to incapacitate the two guards in the main entrance. Free the slaves Kessa and Bakhati and continue forward. A guard will spot you and run to fetch the Slavemaster while Captain Flaeus will attack. Defeat the captain and continue through the door to the work area, fighting any guards that are in your way. Soon you will find Sun-in-Shadow with Eoki. Sun-in-Shadow tells Eoki she wants to leave and Eoki will say she is coming with him. Sun-in-Shadow will use a spell to knock down Eoki and run into the next room claiming she is being kidnapped. Eoki will then run after her. Upon entering you will find Sun-in-shadow and Eoki bound by magical chains, conjured by Slavemaster Arenim. After defeating the slavemaster, Sun-in-Shadow will be able to use her magic to free herself, but Eoki will still be chained. Speak with Sun-in-Shadows. She is not sure whether she should stop Eoki from escaping or allow him to leave. She will ask you what you think, and you can counsel her that if she loves, him she should let him be free, or that she should hold on to him.

Free Eoki[edit]

If you counsel Sun-in-Shadow to free Eoki, Sun-in-Shadow will dispel the binding spell on Eoki and allow him to leave. Eoki will warn her that the Telvanni will eventually betray her before running through the exit door. Sun-in-Shadow tells you she needs a moment to herself and tells you to run ahead. Exit the mine through the door on the right. Speak with Eoki. He will explain that the few slaves who survive will link up with the Ropefish who will help them escape Vvardenfell. He thanks you for helping him. Speak with Sun-in-Shadow to finish the quest.

Keep Eoki Enslaved[edit]

If you counsel Sun-in-Shadow to keep Eoki enslaved, she will leave him in his bindings and ask you to speak with her outside the mine. Exit the mine through the door on the right. Sun-in-Shadow will tell Eoki's friend Rihnissi that Eoki was injured in the fight, and that he is not able to travel. Sun-in-Shadow tells her that Eoki wants her to leave without him. After Rihnissi leaves, speak with Sun-in-Shadow to finish the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Heart of a Telvanni
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sun-in-Shadow mentioned that she needed some time to reflect. I should visit her to see if she's made any progress.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow in Sadrith Mora
Eoki stormed out of Sun-in-Shadow's house after scolding her for turning her back on other Telvanni slaves. Sun-in-Shadow asked me to speak with Eoki. She hopes I can persuade him not to do anything rash.
Objective: Talk to Eoki
I agreed to help Eoki and some other slaves escape Sadrith Mora. I need to deliver Eoki's payment to Atarga, a member of the Ropefish mercenaries who help slaves escape. I can find her in the Gateway Inn.
Objective: Deliver Payment to the Ropefish Contact
Eoki's contact, Atarga, was incapcitated [sic]. I should speak to her companion, Lagdabash[sic]
Objective: Speak to Lagdabash
My contact, Atarga, staggered off drunk. When I turned to leave the inn, I found Sun-in-Shadow waiting for me. She's likely been following me. I should talk to her before I set out to find the Ropefish leader, Bothamul.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
I must travel to a small island near Tel Aruhn to deliver Eoki's payment to the Ropefish leader, Bothamul.
Objective: Deliver the Payment to Bothamul
Objective Hint: Search the Camp
I delivered Eoki's payment to the Ropefish. I should meet him at Vassamsi Mine and give him the news.
Objective: Talk to Eoki
I agreed to help Eoki free the slaves locked away in the Vassamsi Mine. I should enter the mine and take a look around.
Objective: Enter the Vassamsi Mine
I must eliminate the guards near the mine's entrance to prevent them from raising an alarm.
Objective: Deal with the Guards at the Front of Vassamsi
Eoki told me that the Vassamsi guard captain may be nearby. Without their leader, the other guards may scatter. I must find this captain and slay him.
Objective: Defeat the Guard Captain
A larger contingent of guards wait for me deeper inside the mine. I must defeat them so the remaining slaves can escape.
Objective: Help The Slaves in the Mine Escape
Eoki led Sun-in-Shadow to the back exit of the mine. Most of the slaves went out that way too. I should follow.
Objective: Escape the Mine
Sun-in-Shadow and Eoki fled through the door. I have a bad feeling about what lurks on the other side. I must hurry to their defense.
Objective: Help Sun-in-Shadow Defeat Slavemaster Arenim
I defeated the Slavemaster Arenim. I should talk to Sun-in-Shadow to decide where to go from here.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
☑Finishes quest (If you advise Sun-in-Shadow to let Eoki go)

Sun-in-Shadow decided to let Eoki go. I should talk to her one last time.

Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow Outside
☑Finishes quest (If you tell Sun-in-Shadow to keep Eoki as a slave)

Sun-in-Shadow resolved to keep Eoki as a slave, hoping to win him back over time. I should talk to her one last time. (

Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow Outside
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