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Help Sun-in-Shadow become an Oathman.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Eoki
Location(s): Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Shashpilamat
Prerequisite Quest: Rising to Retainer
Next Quest: The Magister Makes a Move
Reward: Magister's Elegant Boots
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
With my help, Sun-in-Shadow achieved the rank of retainer in the Great House Telvanni. If she is to help free Eoki, she will need to climb the ranks even further. Unfortunately, becoming an oathman may present a greater challenge than she expects.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Eoki
  2. Speak to Sun-in-Shadow
  3. Watch the Council Meeting
  4. Gain an Audience with Magister Gothren
  5. Assist in Arith Sendrul's scheme
  6. Talk to Sun-in-Shadow about what to do next
  7. Deal with Ralasa Delvi

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


After completing the previous quest, Sun-in-Shadow will rush off to begin her next schemes, just as Eoki arrives, trying to reach her before she slips inside:

Eoki : "Always, she is busy and in a hurry."
"She is always busy these days. I worry she flirts with the flames of the sun and does not know to fear the fire."
What's wrong, Eoki?
"My heart and I have barely spoken. She strains her spines both day and night, poring through tomes and hatching her schemes. Her eyes are fixed on the next rank ... and the next after that. I fear for her. A soul without rest grows dim as twilight."
So she hasn't shared her next plan with you?
"No, she has not. All to the good, I guess. A finless fish weakens the shoal. But enough about me. You, my friend, are a mighty swimmer. Seek her out in her stone dwelling-place. If I know my heart, she will certainly have a task for you."
All right, I'll talk to her.

At this point, this quest will start.

If speaking with Eoki again:

"I wish I could do as much for Sun-in-Shadow as you have done."

With Sun-in-Shadow's influence within the Telvanni growing, she's begun planning her next advancement. Visiting her will have her welcome you to her home:

Sun-in-Shadow : "Ah, what a pleasant surprise. Stay a while, won't you?"

Speaking to her will have her explain her most recent crisis:

"Always a pleasure to see you, sera. I'm glad you dropped by. I could use a friend right now."
What's going on?
"I just received a summons from the Council. Typically I'd be overjoyed. After all, I just submitted a petition for advancement to oathman. But the Council never acts on petitions this quickly.
Someone's arranging pieces on the game board, I know it."
What are you asking me to do?
"If a member of the House plans to spring a trap, I need to project strength.
The councilors know you've assisted me in the past. If you appear before the Mouths on my behalf, it puts the magisters and I on equal footing. It might even save my life."
All right. I'll go to the Council House in your stead.
Sun-in-Shadow : "Thank you, my friend. Be careful."

The Council Objects[edit]

Travel to the Council Chamber on Shadow's behalf, to discover that deliberations have already gone poorly for her:

Ralasa Delvi: "My patron, Magister Gothren, opposes any further honors for the slave girl. Oh look, the lizard sent a representative. Such pretensions."
Angharal Suth: "Approach, emissary. You may inform your benefactress, Sun-in-Shadow, that the Council has elected to reject her petition."
Ralasa Delvi: "Be sure to add that all further petitions will meet the same fate. Cats and lizards have no place in our Great House."
Eraven Onthim: "Honestly, Ralasa...."
Angharal Suth: "Don't worry, Ralasa. The emissary will give Sun-in-Shadow a full account of this meeting. I have no doubt."

Speaking to the councilors for more information, while it will confirm that Ralasa is the one behind the failure of the petition, is unnecessary. Speaking to Suth will have begin the following conversation:

"There is no greater virtue than ambition, but I'm afraid Sun-in-Shadow's enthusiasm has rubbed a few of our number the wrong way."
Is there some reason I can give Sun-in-Shadow for the council's refusal?
"Beyond the obvious? Your friend possesses a keen mind and great natural talent, but even the Great House Telvanni is not above simple prejudice. The circumstances of her birth make advancement … complicated."
Do you have any advice I can give Sun-in-Shadow?
"I would counsel patience, but I have no illusions. Sun-in-Shadow will dismiss such advice out of hand. Her dreams can only be deferred for so long.
I say only this—whatever she plans to do, make sure she does it cautiously."
It seems that Ralasa Delvi is particularly opposed to Sun-in-Shadow.
"Yes. Ralasa hates practically everyone, but she's developed a particular distaste for Sun-in-Shadow. I can't tell if it's truly the will of Gothren or just a personal vendetta. Both of them revile lesser races. A perfect match if ever there was one."
Thank you for your time.
"Sun-in-Shadow will stand before us again. I only hope that it's for a promotion and not something less pleasant. Believe it or not, these meetings can go far worse.
Honor to you and your House, sera. Farewell."
"Tell your friend that I counsel patience, for the time being."

Vaelin Oren will have little to say: "This will have to wait, sera. I need a nap. These meetings exhaust me."

Llayne Sadri will have her give you a courteous comment of support: "If you come to ask me if I oppose Sun-in-Shadow's rise in rank, the answer is no. Nor does Mistress Dratha. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to Tel Mora." Or if you've completed Reclaiming Vos, she'll instead greet you with: "It's good to see you again, sera, but I'm afraid I'll be of no use to you.
Mistress Dratha harbors no ill will toward Sun-in-Shadow, but Gothren wields great diplomatic power on issues like this. There's little I can do to break Ralasa's support."

Eraven Onthim will give you a polite greeting and apology: "Honor to you, sera. Sorry about your friend's petition. She may ascend to oathman eventually. Of course, with Ralasa speaking for Gothren, she may have to wait for a good long while."

Speaking to Ralasa, especially if you are a beast race, will have her make her disdain even more clear:

"Come to have words with me, have you? Well, lets [sic] get it over with. I have things to do."

(If your character is a Khajiit or an Argonian)

"I thought I made it clear that I have no interest in speaking to beasts. Now, tuck your tail and leave me be."
Why are you so fixated on preventing Sun-in-Shadow from advancing in House Telvanni?
"I merely speak for Muthsera Gothren. His distaste for Sun-in-Shadow should come as no surprise. Beasts have no place in the House.
You may want to rethink the company you keep, outlander. Just a bit of advice."
If you are so free with advice, what would you advise Sun-in-Shadow?
"I suggest she leave Vvardenfell. Travel to Daggerfall or Wayrest and join the Mages Guild. I hear they take anyone. She would fit right in.
The fact is she has no place here. She may have earned her freedom, but she will never be a true Telvanni."
It seems like you really hate Argonians and Khajiit.
If your character is Argonian or Khajiit:
"Oh come now. I don't hate you. I just see the truth of your nature.
You beasts make wonderful servants, but to pretend you possess the same faculties as mer, or even men, is absurd. You were born to serve, just as we were born to rule."
"I don't hate them. I just see the truth of their nature.
Argonians and Khajiit make wonderful servants, but to pretend they possess the same faculties as mer, or even men, is absurd. They were born to serve, just as we were born to rule."

Try to speak to her again and she'll say:

"Magister Gothren is a very demanding mer and I have little time to cater to inane petitions or gossip with the riff-raff. Speak your business or begone."

Outside the council meeting hall you will see Sun-in-Shadow already waiting impatiently:

"Sorry, I grew tired of waiting. I received more than a few sideward glances on my way over. What happened in there?"
The Council rejected your petition.
"Oh. I see. Maybe I was too impatient—requested it too soon. Damn.
Did they give any reason? Was there anyone who spoke out against it?"
Gothren's Mouth, Ralasa Delvi, seemed dead set against it.
"Of course it was Ralasa. That pig has hated me from the start. Gothren's not fond of Argonians, but this is clearly personal.
Would you act as my emissary once more? If you go to Tel Aruhn and speak to Gothren directly, maybe he can settle this."
I'll try. I have a few questions though.
"I'll answer what I can, of course."
Why do the magisters have people who act as their Mouth?
"Most Telvanni magisters prefer to be left alone. They dislike and mistrust each other, so they appoint Mouths to handle business outside their towers.
Of course, the magister's wishes and the Mouth's wishes often get tangled. It's imperfect."
Sounds like it.
"Just trust me, it's better this way. If the councilors had to deal with each other directly there would be no peace in Vvardenfell. You wouldn't jam a bunch of alits into a pen together. Mages need room to stretch—room to breathe."
Seems like Telvanni mages need a lot of things.
"I never said House Telvanni was perfect. We take the good with the bad.
When I sit on the Council I'll put things right, how's that?"
You seem to be able to do what you want as a retainer. Is the oathman rank so important?
"Yes! When I achieve the rank of oathman, I should be able to purchase a slave. I'll free Eoki, and we'll toast to our success. That is what we've been working toward, right?
I know that some of this feels a little unsavory, but it's necessary."
None of this troubles you?
"A Telvanni mage doesn't have time to be troubled. Everyday I learn something new. Everyday I peel back one mystery to reveal another ten beneath it. If this is the price of that kind of discovery, I'll pay it!
That came out poorly. I … never mind."
What more can you tell me about Magister Gothren?
"Magister Gothren reigns over Tel Aruhn—the fungal tower west of here. He has a sour reputation, but remains one the most powerful mages in Tamriel.
I never had cause to work for him, but Eoki did. He doesn't like to talk about it."
Do you really think he's going to listen to me?
"I'd be lying if I said yes. But if there's anyone who could get through to him, it's you.
Gothren keeps a few "pupils"—henchmen more like. You'll probably have to get through one or two before he'll deign to speak with you. Just be careful."
"Mind your manners around Magister Gothren. I hear he's … unpleasant."

No Solicitors[edit]

The journey to Tel Aruhn is a fairly short, and safe one. Once at the gate, however, a guard named Midiri Berathi will prevent your entrance:

Midiri Berathi: "Tel Aruhn's closed. So piss off, ya little scamp."

Speak with her and try and convince Midiri to let you in:

"You got nix-spit in your ears? Tel Aruhn's closed. Jog on, ya fetching nchow."
I need to speak with Magister Gothren.
"Yeah? Well I need a stiff drink and a good plow, but you don't see me knocking on strangers' doors bellyaching about it.
Magister Gothren's not seeing any visitors. Not today, not tomorrow, and not next week. So shove off, guar-face."
I only need a couple of minutes of his time.
"That's a couple minutes too many. No clear off my stoop, you flat-headed s'wit."
Perhaps if you look closer, there might be an opening in his schedule? [leveled ON-icon-Gold.png]
"A bribe? Vehk's head, you really want to see him don't you?
All right, fine. Fork it over, flat-head. And keep this quiet, all right?"
Duly noted.
[Persuade] It's urgent. His Mouth may be disobeying orders.
"Disobeying orders, eh? Yeah, that sounds like Ralasa. Skeevy little nix, always sliming around the tower, jamming pies in her gob and pushing us around. To Dumac with her!
Go ahead. But if I find out you're lying, I'll put a knife in your eye."
Duly noted.

At this point, you'll be given different options which decide how you may enter. If you choose the first option, a slave Kizmar will approach you, offering you help and asking you to create a distraction in exchange.

If you choose other two options you'll hear she says the following as walking away:

Midiri Berathi: "Vehk's head … should have stopped at four drinks last night."

Regardless of the path you choose to get around the guard, once inside, you'll find the Magister in the middle of reaming one of his subordinates:

Magister Gothren: "Arith, Giravel, I've had enough of your excuses. Ralasa made your task plain. Find those thieves!"
Arith Sendrul: "I'm sorry, Magister. It will be done."
Magister Gothren: (to you) "Whatever it is you want, talk to my cringing assistant."

The cringing assistant Gothren is referring to is Sendrul, who desperately could use your help:

"Ah, greetings. I'm sorry you had to see that. Magister Gothren's really quite charming once you get to know him.
Honestly, he wouldn't have yelled if Ralasa's little snoop, Captain Giravel, hadn't interfered!"
I need to speak with the magister about my associate, Sun-in-Shadow's, petition for advancement.
"Ah, that. I'm sorry, but Ralasa is determined to keep your Argonian from advancing. Typical. I should be Mouth! Say, I might have an idea.
The thieves Muthsera Gothren mentioned fled to Shashpilamat. Could you retrieve the goods they stole?"
I could, but why should I?
"Spoken like a true Telvanni.
If you bring the goods to me in Sadrith Mora, I'll take credit for their safe return. Ralasa's gone to great lengths to discredit me, you see. My muthsera knows this. If I succeed, he'll see that I am the fitter servant!"
How does that help Sun-in-Shadow?
"Muthsera Gothren will undoubtedly promote me to Mouth! Then, in exchange for your help, I'll support your Argonian's petition. One good turn and all that.
What do you say?"
It's a deal. I'll meet you in Sadrith Mora, but I have a few questions first.
"I can't wait to see the look on Ralasa's face when Muthsera Gothren strips her of her title! And the groveling … the groveling will be delicious!"
I have some questions.
"Of course.
What can the future Mouth of Muthsera Gothren help you with?"
What did the thieves steal from Magister Gothren?
"A great many things, I'm sorry to say. They pilfered an ancient tome, a rare pendant, and a purse full of gold.
Of course, my master was most aggrieved by the loss of several slaves. Strong workers, all. Muthsera Gothren is sick with worry."
I am not a slave trader.
"No, of course not. I didn't mean to assume. Truth be told, I've always been a fierce, but very quiet proponent of beast rights.
If you return the tome, pendant, and gold, I think Muthsera Gothren will still promote me—albeit with a heavy heart."
How did thieves manage to get into Tel Aruhn to steal things?
"Well I can't say for sure, but there's a good chance the missing slaves stole Muthsera Gothren's property before fleeing Tel Aruhn. Ropefish and other people-smugglers sometimes accept magicked items as payment."
So would they be doubly punished if they were returned?
"I'm sure I wouldn't know. My master has a kind and gentle disposition, but children sometimes need discipline, yes? It would really be Slavemaster Arenim's prerogative. Unfortunately, she can be … irascible."
You seem very quick to cut a deal with a stranger.
"You should know by now that Telvanni alliances often start as fluid affairs. Not that our relationship is fluid! What we've got going here? Rock-solid.
Sun-in-Shadow's intentions align with my own. It only makes sense that we should be partners."

As you set off on the mission to recover the stolen goods, one Captain Giravel can be found, having spied on your meeting:

Captain Giravel: "Take this report to Mouth Ralasa. Immediately."
Telvanni Guard: "Yes, Captain. It will be done."

Giravel, like Ralasa, will advise you not to interfere with Telvanni:

"Here's a bit of free advice—if you cross Ralasa Delvi, you cross Magister Gothren. Believe me when I say you do not want to cross Magister Gothren."
Who are you?
"Captain Giravel, anointed ombudsman to Mouth Ralasa Delvi.
Noticed you upstairs. Magister Gothren has little patience for interfering strangers. Even less for interfering assistants like Arith Sendrul."
I'll keep that in mind.
"I hope you will. For your sake."

Murder, Theft, Bad Pastries, and Other Crimes[edit]

As Arith Sendrul promised, the goods can be found in Shashpilamat. Unfortunately, the goods had already been traded away to smugglers by the slaves who stole them. Approach that group of slave, the slave leader Zashanti, whom you might already encountered during the previous quest, will call out:

Zashanti: "Who are you? What do you want?"

Speaking to Zashanti will have her explain:

"You stink of incense and hookah smoke. Did that beast Gothren send you?"
Something like that. His servant sent me here to gather up Gothren's stolen goods.
"We are not goods! Zashanti and her friends prepare to leave this cursed island. No more lashings. No more bitter food. Only the light of the moons drifting across the Topal Sea.
We only took Gothren's belongings to pay the smugglers."
I won't keep you from escaping. I just need the tome, the gold, and the amulet.
"Bright moons. This one thanks you, walker.
We stored Gothren's trinkets in crates nearby. The smugglers will groan at their absence, but we would rather face the wilds alone than go back to Tel Aruhn."
(If you are Khajiit) I won't keep a fellow Khajiit in bondage. I just need the tome, the amulet, and the gold.
"The moons are kind. I knew you would not betray a fellow child of Jone and Jode.
We stored Gothren's trinkets in crates nearby. The smugglers will groan at their absence, but we would rather face the wilds alone than go back to Tel Aruhn."
I'll tell Gothren I couldn't find you. Good luck.

At this point, the Captain will appear, with a contingent of guards:

Zashanti: "Wait. What was that noise?"
Captain Giravel: "Greetings, Outlander. Sedura Ralasa sends her regards. Gathering up these slaves on our own would have been exhausting."
Zashanti: "No, no, no."
Captain Giravel: "Damned cats. You lot are going back to Tel Aruhn. Move out!"
Telvanni Guard: "You heard the captain. Get moving, cur!"
Darsho: "No! Darsho will not go!"

<Darsho tries to fight the Telvanni Guard but gets killed.>

Darsho: "Darsho is … free at last."

Conversation with the Captain will have him clarify on Ralasa's plot:

"Don't kick yourself over Ralasa outmaneuvering you. Trust me, you never had a chance."
Ralasa Delvi sent you?
"Of course. You didn't think she'd let that flat-headed Arith out-nix her did you?
Oh, and don't bother looking for those other stolen goods. My troops have the situation well in hand. Thanks for all your help, n'wah. So long."
I'm leaving.

The guards and recaptured slaves leave. If you speak with the Captain again:

"I've no time for idle chit-chat. Be about your business."

With Arith's plot foiled at the start, the only remaining option is to return to Sun-in-Shadow to see if she has an alternative strategy. Returning to her home will reveal her and Arith conversing and formalizing their alliance. Arith is about to leaving as you arrive.

Arith Sendrul: "Once again, it's been a pleasure. Farewell, Sun-in-Shadow."

Conversing with Sun-in-Shadow will have her be elated to see you once more:

"There you are! I'm glad you're back. I just had a fruitful conversation with our friend Arith. Seems that I'm not the only one Ralasa's holding back.
I think it might be time for a less conventional strategy."
What do you mean by less conventional?
"I underestimated Ralasa, I see that now. She plays the game far better than I do.
The only way to win a game like this is to eliminate the player."
Wait, are you asking me to assassinate Ralasa Delvi? That's your plan?
"I know how it sounds. I take no pleasure in it—it's just an unfortunate necessity. Half the Telvanni hierarchy arranged an opening at some point in their rise to power.
If you deal with Ralasa, Arith takes her place. It's the best play, sera."

At this point, you can either choose to be a willing participant, or insist that you will not assassinate Ralasa.

All right. I'll help you assassinate Ralasa.
"I knew you'd see reason. Trust me, no one deserves this fate more than Ralasa. You may have a Telvanni's heart after all.
Arith told me that Ralasa entered her room in the Council House just a few minutes ago. Good luck my friend. Be discreet!"
I'm not an assassin. I won't do it.
"I… I apologize, my friend. Perhaps I have gotten a bit caught up in Telvanni maneuvering.
Of course I will respect your choice. I'm just worried about Eoki. I fear that I may never keep my promise to free him."


You have to go to the Mouth Audience Chamber in the Council House, where you'll find Ralasa.
However on your way there you'll pass a female Khajiit slave named Tuharrii sweeping the floor, stopping as your enter the room (this is the room before you face Ralasa):

Tuharrii: "If you are looking for that evil tempered Telvanni witch, she went into that room."

The slave's direction prove true, with Ralasa waiting in the next room, ready for battle:

Ralasa Delvi: "So, the lizard thinks she can kill me? Come on then!"
Ralasa Delvi: "I'll have her skin for gloves, after I deal with you of course!"

After defeating her you'll find Sun-in-Shadow waiting for you outside the Council House:

"It's done? Thank you, sera. Not many people would take a life for their friends. At least I hope we're friends. The House … it makes it difficult to tell sometimes.
Arith and I spoke just moments ago. Things should move quickly."
I hope it was worth it.
"Arith assures me that the Council will accept my petition now. So yes, I'd call this a success. Hopefully, no one will give me cause to do this again in the future.
Once again, you have my thanks, sera."

After accepting the reward:

"I hope you will consider working with me again."
All this may backfire on you, Sun-in-Shadow.
"I admit, our handling of the Ralasa situation was stressful. For both of us. I hope we can move past it though, as friends.
Come visit me some time. I'll make it up to you, all right? I bought some very fine Khajiiti tea I've been dying to try."
I'll think about it, but I'm not your assassin.
"This may surprise you, but the higher I climb and the more powerful I become, the lonelier it gets.
A true Telvanni life always involves some seclusion, but I value our friendship—and Eoki's affection. I'd hate to lose either of you."
I understand. I'll stop by when I can.


Choosing the latter option the conversation continues, Sun-in-Shadow will give you cakes instead to give to Ralasa as a form of bribery:

Perhaps there's another way?
"Appealing to her vices might work. Ralasa has quite a love for both information and sweets. Why not give her both?
Deliver these marshmerrow cakes and let her know about Arith's plot. It's a modest offering, but with time and effort, who knows?"
"Ralasa adores cakes. I doubt you'll have any trouble delivering them, but keep your guard up."

Enter Council Hall where Ralasa is and she'll greet you:

Ralasa Delvi: "Oh look, it's the lizard's errand runner. Did she send you to kill me, I wonder?"
"Your friend considers herself my equal, but in the end it seems she's still just a witless slave. You've been ever so helpful in proving it. My thanks.
Now, what brings you to my chambers, outlander?"
Sun-in-Shadow hopes we can put this business behind us.
"Oh, delightful! Let me guess, she sent you with a bribe? Or a gift? Or an offer of service? How delicious.
Well? What does she want?"
Yes, she sends a gift. And news. Arith Sendrul tried to pull her into a plot to replace you.
"Ugh. Arith. That's hardly news. In any case, I'll take those marshmerrow cakes. Funny … she knew just what to get me. Seems her slave's instincts haven't faded with time.
Tell her I will consider her proposal. I can always use another servant."
I'll deliver the message.
Ralasa Delvi: "Where to send her first. Hmm."

Thus you delivered the cakes to Ralasa, only to find the cakes has be poisoned:

<Ralasa partakes of Sun's treats>

Ralasa Delvi: "Mmm, delicious. Powdered pearl-dust and sugar."

<Suddenly Ralasa begins to gag>

Ralasa Delvi: "Wha-? That bitch! Poison!"
Ralasa Delvi: "It burns! It burns!"

<Ralasa falls on the floor, unmoving>

Exit the Council House and you'll find Sun-in-Shadow waiting for you outside:

"Greetings, friend. You seem troubled. Please, let me explain."
You tricked me into delivering poisoned food.
"I did. But only because you wouldn't have done it otherwise. Ralasa would have killed Eoki and me eventually. She forced my hand. A Telvanni must act or die.
Please, take this and my apologies. I hope you'll see the wisdom in this eventually."

She'll continue with:

"I hope you will consider working with me again."
I don't like being tricked, Sun-in-Shadow.
"I admit, it was underhanded and unfair to you. I hope we can move past it though, as friends.
Come visit me sometime. I'll make it up to you, all right? I bought some very fine Khajiit tea I've been dying to try."
At this point, I'm unsure if I should accept any food or drink you offer me.
"Your anger is understandable.
A true Telvanni life always involves some seclusion. The higher I climb, the lonelier it gets. But I truly value our friendship, and Eoki's affection. I'd hate to lose either of you."
I'll think about it.

Either way you choose to complete this quest and start the next, traveling to Sun-in-Shadow's home will reveal a more grisly scene, however, as a magister makes a move.


  • Midiri Berathi, Volm Orenim and Kizmar won't exist in Tel Aruhn before starting the quest.
  • Tuharrii won't exist in Tel Naga before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


  • Ralyn Faryon appears twice in close proximity during the dock distraction. ?
  • Volm Orenim's pathing becomes broken when Kiznar leads the guards away from the door. He stops on the way out of the compound, shortly after starting running. Once the other two make their way outside, Volm abruptly disappears. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Objections and Obstacles
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should visit Sun-in-Shadow in her residence. She'll likely need my help to reach the next rank in House Telvanni.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
The Telvanni Council called Sun-in-Shadow to a meeting, but she suspects a plot. She asked me to go in her stead as a show of strength. I should make my way to the Council Hall.
Objective: Go Before the Council
Before I could even speak on behalf of Sun-in-Shadow, it seemed that a decision had already been reached to reject the request for additional rank. I should speak to Angharal Suth, the lead councilor.
Objective: Talk to Angharal
The Council rejected Sun-in-Shadow's petition for advancement. One of the Council Mouths, Ralasa Delvi, seemed pleased with the verdict. I should inform Sun-in-Shadow of the Council's decision.
Objective: Report Back to Sun-in-Shadow
Optional Step: Talk to Ralasa
Sun-in-Shadow has a hunch that Ralasa Delvi may be refusing her petition without Gothren's consent. I'll have to talk to Magister Gothren to find out if Sun-in-Shadow's suspicions are true. I'll find him in Tel Aruhn.
Objective: Travel to Tel Aruhn
A guard blocks the door to Tel Aruhn. I should speak with her.
Objective: Gain an Audience with Magister Gothren
I'll need to find some way to distract the guards if I'm to gain access to Tel Aruhn.
Objective: (?)
The guards were not welcoming and said Magister Gothren was not accepting visitors. A Khajiit slave nearby beckoned me. I should speak to him. (If you create a distraction with the help of slaves)
Objective: (?)
Kizmar distracted the guards long enough for me to enter Tel Aruhn. I should make my way to Magister Gothren's chambers. / I managed to convince the guard to let me into Tel Aruhn. I should make my way to Magister Gothren's chambers.
Objective: Enter Tel Aruhn
I must find Magister Gothren and speak to him on Sun-in-Shadow's behalf. Hopefully he can clear up this unfortunate business with his Mouth, Ralasa Delvi.
Objective: Talk to Magister Gothren
I found Magister Gothren, but he stormed out before we had a chance to speak. He seemed intent on berating one of his minions, Arith Sendrul. I should speak with this servant. Maybe he can provide some insight on what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Arith Sendrul
Arith Sendrul told me that returning Magister Gothren's stolen goods might earn me an audience, and should result in Ralasa's downfall. I must travel to Shashpilamat to look for Gothren's property.
Objective: Travel to Shashpilamat
I've arrived in Shashpilamat. Now I need to find Magister Gothren's stolen goods and missing slaves.
Objective: Explore Shashpilamat
I found the "stolen goods." Most of it was escaping Khajiit slaves who had paid the bandits to help them get away from Telvanni lands.
Objective: Talk to the Escaping Khajiit
Objective Hint: Talk to Zashanti
Seems like Ralasa Delvi was a step ahead of Sun-in-Shadow. Her guard captain had his men retrieve the stolen goods and take the escaping slaves back to Tel Aruhn.
Objective: Confront Captain Giravel
Ralasa Delvi confounded Arith's plan and used me to capture Gothren's lost slaves. I should return to Sun-in-Shadow to plan our next move.
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
Sun-in-Shadow asked me to assassinate Ralasa Delvi. With Ralasa dead, Arith will ascend to Mouth, and support Sun-in-Shadow's climb to oathman. I must find Ralasa in the Council House and murder her. (If you agree to murder Ralasa)
Objective: Assassinate Ralasa Delvi
I refused to murder Ralsa Delvi. Sun-in-Shadow suggested bribery as an alternative. I should deliver the marshmerrow cakes to Ralasa, on behalf of Sun-in-Shadow. (If you refuse to murder Ralasa)
Objective: Deliver Sun-in-Shadow's Gift to Ralasa
Finishes quest☑ I dealt with Ralasa Delvi. I should let Sun-in-Shadow know. (If you agree to murder Ralasa)
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
Finishes quest☑ Sun-in-Shadow tricked me into delivering poisoned food to Ralasa Delvi. I should find and confront her. (If you refuse to murder Ralasa)
Objective: Talk to Sun-in-Shadow
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