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Investigate the new Telvanni magistrate of Vos.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Vos — Help restore the rightful ruler of Vos.
Quest Giver: Gray-Skies, northeast of the Tel Mora Wayshrine
Location(s): Vos, Tel Mora, Pinsun
Next Quest: At Any Cost
Reward: Dratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 5840
Llayne Sadri watches over a dying Mistress Dratha
The powerful Telvanni mage, Mistress Dratha, teeters on the brink of death. Now her replacement, Master Savarak, rules Vos with an iron fist. The situation seems dire.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Gray-Skies.
  2. Talk to Savarak Fels in the Vos Gathering House.
  3. Talk to Llayne Sadri at Tel Mora.
  4. Investigate Savarak's Manse.
  5. Return to Llayne.
  6. Meet with Nerandas at the wharf.
  7. Investigate Tel Mora tower.
  8. Return to Llayne.
  9. Meet with Menwendel at her nursery.
  10. Talk to Gray-Skies.
  11. Follow the clues to the Black Snails' hideout.
  12. Find Menwendel.
  13. Find Nerandas.
  14. Locate a toxin sample.
  15. Return to Tel Mora.
  16. Find Llayne in Vos.
  17. Defeat Savarak.
  18. Return to Llayne.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Reclaiming Vos
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start An Argonian named Gray-Skies encouraged me to talk to Savarak myself. I'll pay this new magistrate a visit.
Objective: Talk to Savarak
Savarak admitted to mistreating the people of Vos. He noted that Mistress Dratha's Mouth, Llayne Sadri, is fomenting unrest from inside the tower, Tel Mora. I should talk to her to get her perspective.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne suspects that the truth about Savarak's sudden wealth and power may be hidden away in his manse. I must break into his house and search for any evidence of corruption.
Objective: Find Evidence of Corruption: 0/3
I found an assortment of documents in Savarak's manse: a letter to Savarak from House Hlaalu, a shipping notice directing Black Snails to Selvil Island, and a note pertaining to a secret meeting. I should share my discoveries with Llayne.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne and I hatched a plan to squeeze information out of one of Savarak's coconspiritors, Nerandas. I must travel to the wharf outside Vos and impersonate one of Savarak's henchmen. Nerandas might just share some important information with me.
Objective: Meet with Nerandas
Nerandas revealed that House Hlaalu conspired with Savarak to poison Mistress Dratha. Apparently, the source of her illness lies at the base of Tel Mora's fungal growth. Now I just need to find it.
Objective: Investigate the Base of Tel Mora Tower
I found the malignant growth at the base of Tel Mora. I must show it to Llayne so we can plan our next move.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne urged me to show the malignant growth to a local herbalist named Menwendel. She might know how to heal the towering mushroom and reverse the toxin's effect.
Objective: Go to Menwendel's Nursery
Menwendel's nursery appears to have been ransacked. I should speak with Gray-Skies to see if he knows anything about the attack.
Objective: Talk to Gray-Skies
Gray-Skies told me that the Black Snails took Mendwendel [sic] to a hideout south of Tel Mora. Hopefully Mendwendel [sic] left some kind of trail I can follow.
Objective: Follow Clues to Track Menwendel's Captors
I found the coastal hideout where Nerandas and the Black Snails took Menwendel. I should look for the herbalist.
Objective: Search for Menwendel
I've found Menwendel. I should see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Menwendel
In order to heal the Tel Mora mushroom and Mistress Dratha, Menwendel will need a sample of the Hlaalu conspirators' toxin. She also urged me to deal with Nerendas [sic]. Killing him should scatter his forces, but I'll have to find him first.
Objective: Find Nerandas
I found Nerandas. Now I should deal with him.
Objective: Defeat Nerandas
I killed Nerandas. Now to find a clue to the toxin's location.
Objective: Find a Clue to the Toxin's Location
I found a note that described where to find Nerandas's toxin. I should collect a sample for Menwendel.
Objective: Collect the Toxin Sample
I collected a sample of the Nerandas's fungal toxin. I should deliver it to Menwendel in Tel Mora. She'll need it to brew an antidote for Dratha.
Objective: Bring the Toxin Sample to Tel Mora
I've arrived in Tel Mora. I should talk to Menwendel.
Objective: Talk to Menwendel
According to Menwendel, Llayne set off toward Vos with a handful of guardsmen to arrest Savarak. I should track her down to see if she needs my help.
Objective: Find Llayne
I found a flustered Llayne. I should find out what troubles her.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
I suspect that Savarak plans to flee Vos via Selvil Island. I must track him down and deal with him before he escapes.
Objective: Defeat Savarak
☑Finishes quest I defeated Savarak and thwarted House Hlaalu's attempt to claim Vos and Tel Mora for themselves. I should return to Tel Mora and inform Llayne of our success.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
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