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Investigate the new Telvanni magistrate of Vos.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Vos — Help restore the rightful ruler of Vos.
Quest Giver: Gray-Skies, northeast of the Tel Mora Wayshrine
Location(s): Vos, Tel Mora, Pinsun
Next Quest: At Any Cost
Reward: Dratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5840
Llayne Sadri watches over a dying Mistress Dratha
The powerful Telvanni mage, Mistress Dratha, teeters on the brink of death. Now her replacement, Master Savarak, rules Vos with an iron fist. The situation seems dire.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Gray-Skies.
  2. Talk to Savarak Fels in the Vos Gathering House.
  3. Talk to Llayne Sadri at Tel Mora.
  4. Investigate Savarak's Manse.
  5. Return to Llayne.
  6. Meet with Nerandas at the wharf.
  7. Investigate Tel Mora tower.
  8. Return to Llayne.
  9. Meet with Menwendel at her nursery.
  10. Talk to Gray-Skies.
  11. Follow the clues to the Black Snails' hideout.
  12. Find Menwendel.
  13. Find Nerandas.
  14. Locate a toxin sample.
  15. Return to Tel Mora.
  16. Find Llayne in Vos.
  17. Defeat Savarak.
  18. Return to Llayne.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

An "Unnatural" Couple[edit]

When you first approach Vos, you'll find Dalnorea and her lover, Gray-Skies, preparing to leave town. It appears Grey-Skies was once Dalnorea's slave and the pairs relationship has caused disapproval with the locals.

Speak with Gray-Skies to start the quest:

If you're not Khajiit or Argonian If you're a Khajiit or Argonian
"You mean to spend some time in Vos? I wouldn't linger if I were you.
You don't have scales or fur, so you should be safe for a time. But if Savarak and his lackeys smell a whiff of danger on you, they'll put a knife in your back by suppertime."
"You mean to spend some time in Vos? I wouldn't linger if I were you.
Savarak thinks we're little more than beasts. Cause any trouble, and his lackeys will put you in chains … or a shallow grave."
Who is Savarak?
"The new wizard-magistrate. When Mistress Dratha fell ill, House Telvanni put Savarak in charge of Vos. It was all honey and orchids for a time, but not anymore.
The people are desperate for Dratha to return. I'm beginning to lose hope."
Has anyone tried to do anything about it?
"Openly? No. Some work against him in secret, but he sics his Black Snail mercenaries on anyone who opposes him publicly.
Don't believe me? Ask him yourself. He covets Tel Mora tower, but until Dratha dies, he holds court in the gathering house."
I'll pay Savarak a visit.
"Keep your wits around Savarak. He's slippery as a slaughterfish and twice as deadly."
What more can you tell me about Savarak?
"He's a member of House Telvanni, like Mistress Dratha.
Mistress Dratha is powerful, but reclusive. Savarak's a little more ambitious."
So Savarak has legal sanction to rule here?
"Technically, yes. Luckily, Mistress Dratha's Mouth, Llayne Sadri, has been working against him in secret.
We're lucky to have her. Savarak can sniff out a conspiracy like a nix-ox sniffs out truffles. Without Llayne we'd probably be dead already."
Who is Mistress Dratha?
"She's one of the oldest, most powerful Telvanni councilors and the ruler of nearby Tel Mora—the great fungal tower just across the river. She ruled Vos and lands beyond until she fell ill.
Some people think it's just old age. I'm not so sure."
Was she a better ruler than Savarak?
"A thousand times, yes!
Our Mistress has a mixed reputation. Outsiders often say she is cold and calculating. That may be, but I don't mind. She cares for us from a distance—intervening only when necessary. She respects our freedom."
So the people would like to see her recover?
"We pray for her recovery every day. If Dratha dies, I fear that Vos will die with her."

You can also speak to Dalnorea, she will tell you why she and Gray-Skies are leaving Vos.

"I wish we didn't have to leave Vos, but it just isn't safe here anymore. I may be a Dark Elf, but I also fell in love with an Argonian … a former slave at that! I'm not exactly on Savarak's good side."
Tell me more about Savarak.
"He's a member of House Telvanni. Young, but a capable wizard with powerful friends. It seems he's likely to take over Tel Mora for good when Mistress Dratha passes away.
None of us want to live in a Vos ruled by Savarak."
Is that why you're leaving?
"We're being forced out. Savarak doesn't like the idea of a Dunmer falling for a slave, especially an Argonian. "Unnatural," he calls it. "Unseemly and profane." It's nonsense, but people get strung up for less.
To Oblivion with him, and this town!"

Meet with Savarak[edit]

Go inside Gathering House and talk to Savarak in Vos, he isn't particularly welcoming.

"I do hope you forgive my candor, but I must ask—what brings a bumbling outsider to my gathering house? Do you fancy yourself a Telvanni mage? No, I think not. You may take your leave. Immediately."
You're Savarak, aren't you?
"Ah. I see the n'wah is well-informed. If you know that I am Savarak, you must also know that I rule Vos as its wizard-magistrate. Do you bring me some petition, or is this just a social visit?"
I hear your reign has been difficult for many of Vos's citizens.
"Have a care how you speak, outlander.
It is true that certain of Vos's citizens have struggled during this period of transition, but I'm hardly to blame. They've taken Dratha's illness very hard. It's led to idleness and crude insubordination."
So it's true. You're abusing the people of Vos.
"Someone has to. Dratha's Mouth, Llayne Sadri, refuses to assist me. She just lurks by her mistress' bedside in Tel Mora—scheming and fomenting unrest.
People in crisis require a firm hand. If that offends your gentle sensibilities, move on."

Speaking to him again:

"We have nothing else to discuss. Begone."

So Savarak amounts to admitting to mistreating the people of Vos. Next go speak with Llayne Sadri, who seems to be leading the opposition to Savarak.

Ill Master and Vigilant Deputy[edit]

Enter Tel Mora and go upstairs, you will encounter Llayne Sadri speaking with Menwendel about Mistress Dratha's condition.

Menwendel: "I'll check on her again in the morning. For now, just get some rest, ay? You look awful."
Llayne Sadri: "Yes … thank you, Menwendel. And please, let me know straight away if you make any progress on a cure."
Menwendel: "Of course. And I meant what I said. Sleep, Llayne."
Llayne Sadri: "Yes, yes …. And who might you be?"

Speak with her.

"It takes some pluck to enter a Telvanni tower uninvited. Impressive.
I'm Llayne Sadri, Mouth to the glorious Mistress Dratha. What is it you want, outlander?"
I've come to discuss the situation in Vos.
"The situation? The catastrophe more like. Savarak and his Black Snail mercenaries are strangling the life out of that town. I do what I can, but Savarak has the support of the Council. My hands are firmly tied.
You, on the other hand …."
How can I help?
"Savarak won the support of the Council shortly after my mistress fell ill. I've always known him to be clever and enterprising, but all this wealth and muscle—that's new.
Despots rule with swords and coin. Savarak has an abundance of both."
Do you know where the gold and mercenaries are coming from?
"I don't. But I think we can find some answers in Savarak's manse.
He's turned the old Berano house into a palace—and a fortress. If you break in and find some evidence of corruption, I might be able to turn the Council against him."
What should I be looking for exactly?/What would I be looking for, exactly?
"This can't possibly be the first time someone's asked you to snoop through a wizard's manse.
Just look for anything that seems out of place. Official documents often provide clues on this sort of thing. Letters too. You'll know it when you see it."
You're Dratha's Mouth. What's wrong with her?/So, you're Dratha's Mouth. What's wrong with her?
"I wish I knew. Our resident herbalist, Menwendel, has been developing on a variety of cures. She's capable—brilliant even—but my confidence wanes. We know the illness deadens the mind and causes rigors in the limbs, but beyond that we're stumped."

Speaking with her again before leaving:

"Savarak's Black Snail mercenaries are everywhere, so be careful. At least a few of them will be patrolling the halls of the manse.
You'll more than likely have to do a lot of sneaking, so don't forget to stretch?"


Enter the Savarak's Manor, go downstairs, then take the route to the left and,you'll find three pieces of evidence along the path: Black Snails Shipping Notice, Freshly Penned Note, Letter to Savarak. These notes show clearly that Savarak is bribed into a plot against Mistress Dratha, with House Hlaalu and a Dark Elf named Nerandas responsible for it. These notes also mention an upcoming secret meeting with this Nerandas.

Retrieve the evidence and report back to Llayne Sadri:

"You're back? I admit, I didn't expect you to return. Forgive me. It's hard to know who to trust these days. It seems you actually do mean to help us. Did you find anything?"
<Show Llayne the documents you found.>
"Honestly, what kind of idiot leaves this many documents lying about?
Still nothing about my Mistress's illness. Damn. Well, what do we know? House Hlaalu is bankrolling Savarak's operation. His wealth and mercenaries arrive via Selvil Island …."
And one of his subordinates is supposed to attend a secret meeting.
"Right. With someone named Nerandas, yes? The Hlaalu's hatchetman here in Vos, no doubt.
If they're using pass-phrases, they must not know each other by name or by face. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
I could try to meet with Nerandas instead.
"Exactly. Find Nerandas near the wharf and use this pass-phrase. I'll have the few House guards still loyal to Mistress Dratha make sure no one approaches. We don't want the real contact to muck things up.
Learn what you can, then make a swift exit."

Speak to her again and she'll reassure you the plan will work:

"I know deception doesn't come easily to everyone. Just allow this Nerandas fellow do all the talking. Hlaalu agents tend to be chatty. It's one of their many, many shortcomings."

Impersonate the subordinate of Savarak and meet with Nerandas instead on his boat at the docks:

"It's about fetching time. Well?"
The cliff racer takes wing.
"But the stench remains. You Telvanni servants …. Late! Always late!
Our plot to kill Dratha proceeds at a snail's pace. I blame myself, in part. Tel Mora's fungal growth has proven to be more resilient to the toxin than I expected."
So we're poisoning the Tel Mora mushroom?
"Of course we are! To release lethal spores! What moonsugar cart did they drag you out of?
I'm near to finishing the new toxin, but I need to know the current status of the infection. Examine the diseased nodule at the tower's base and report back."

If you speak to him again, he'll say:

"Well? Why are you still standing here? Go investigate the fungal growth!"

So Nerandas has been poisioning the mushroom tower. Collect a bit of Malignant Growth and show it to Llayne:

"You still have your head on your shoulders, so it can't have gone all that poorly. Did you manage to learn anything?"
The tower's fungal growth is killing Dratha. Savarak and the Hlaalu poisoned it.
"What? Those fetching bastards. The answer was right here the whole time. Mistress forgive me.
Look, I'm no slouch when it comes to magic, but fungal infections are well outside my area of expertise. You'll have to find Menwendel, our herbalist."
Where is this Menwendel?
"She established a small nursery beside the tower. With any luck, she'll be there. If not, ask her assistant, Gray-Skies.
Please don't dawdle. I'm not sure how much longer my mistress can hold on."
What will you do in the meantime?
"I'll contact the Telvanni Council immediately. I'm sure they'll love to hear about Savarak's tawdry affair with those gold-pinchers in House Hlaalu.
If I know the council—and I do—Savarak will be feeding the shroom beetles by week's end."
And Vos will be free of his reign.
"Indeed. The citizens of Vos will be free to go about their lives in peace.
Although, for Vos to truly flourish, we must also restore my Mistress Dratha to proper health. From the looks of things, she doesn't have much time."
"Remember, Menwendel should be tending to her nursery just south of here. Show her that … thing. I'm certain she'll know what it is. More importantly, she'll know how to help my Mistress recover from its effects."


Enter Menwendel's Nursery, at first sight there seems to be no one here. While you look around you'll hear a call for help:

Gray-Skies: "Is someone there? Please, help me! Down here!"

Go down the cellar and you'll find Gray-Skies, frightened:

"It's you! Hist be praised!
Savarak set those Black Snail thugs on us. A half dozen of them. I tried to …. Sorry, just let me catch my breath."
It's all right. Where's Menwendel?
"They took her! She didn't make it easy. Bit one of their ears off and broke a flask over another one's face. But in the end, they were just too much for her.
The leader kept shouting not to kill her. Said someone named Nerandas needed her alive."
Which way did they go?
"I heard one of them mention a hideout along the coast. There are a few old pirate dens south of here. Maybe they've claimed one?
Menwendel knows more about the fungal towers than anyone. Hist only knows what they have planned for her!"

If you speak to him again, he says:

"Don't worry about me, friend. Just find Menwendel!"

So Menwendel has been forcefully taken away by Black Snails and you need to rescue her first. It seems Menwendel has been fighting all the way, thus leaving behind all sorts of stuff. Follow these trails and you'll find Pinsun, the bandits' hideout.

Enter the cave, you'll find Menwendel near the entrance, seems she has managed to escape by herself:

"Back, you imp-faced brute! I have moldy bread and I'm not afraid to use it!
Wait … I've seen you before."
Relax, I'm here to help.
"Oh. Sorry about the imp-face thing. Your face is really quite … I don't know. Never mind.
I'm glad you're here! I was just preparing to make my escape. Should be a lot easier now. Why are you here anyway? Did Gray-Skies send you?"
Llayne sent me. We think Savarak's trying to poison Tel Mora. <Show her the malignant growth.>
"Well that's gross. Hmm. Looks like it was stitched to the lower stalk, but these striae …. Oh no. It's the spores! The growth vents spores into the tower that—never mind.
I think I can help Dratha, but I need a sample of the toxin they used."
I'll find your sample and put a stop to things here.
"Nerandas is hiding in here somewhere. If you deal with him, these brutes will scatter like roaches under a lantern.
Now, I can make it back to Vos on my own. You give these bastards a good drubbing, find that toxin, and meet me back at Tel Mora!"
"Go on then. Stop Nerandas and find a sample of that toxin! I'll make my way out of here while you're providing a distraction."

First reach the far end of the cave and deal with Nerandas. This time he'll know your not one of Savarak's people and attack on sight:

Nerandas: "Meddler! Imposter! You won't leave this cavern alive!"

There is a notice near Nerandas, which reals the toxin's location. Go to grab a sample of Nerandas's Fungal Toxin.

Desperate Struggle[edit]

Return to Tel Mora, you'll find Menwendel attending to Dratha:

"There you are! I gave Mistress Dratha some chokeweed bitters to slow the effect of the spores, but this is like binding a troll's hands with fishing twine.
Did you bring the toxin sample I asked for? I can't brew an antidote without it."
I have it right here.
"Perfect! I'll get to work on this right away.
Oh, one other thing. Llayne took off toward Vos with a handful of guardsmen. I think they mean to arrest that guar's arse, Savarak. She might need your help."
All right, I'll track her down.
"If you find that oaf, give him a good kick in the nethers for me. Y'ffre knows how long it's going to take me to clean up my nursery."
"Checking up on me? I've got this situation handled—cross my heart and all that. Mistress Dratha will be fine. You just go help Llayne, all right?"

Menwendel tells you that Llayne has gone after Savarak. You follow only to find Llayne just outside the tower:

"Savarak's gone! Damn that slippery bastard! We tossed his manse, the gathering house, the wharf …. We turned the whole damned town upside down, and nothing.
He can't have just vanished. What did we miss?"
What about that shipping notice I found in the manse? Something about "Selvil Island?"
"Of course! His Black Snail mercenaries have been resupplying there. That must be where he's headed."
Where is this island?
"Selvil Island is just east of the tower. If he manages to get away I'll never forgive myself.
It will take me too long to gather up all the town guards. I need you to go after him. Please, sera, make sure he doesn't board that ship!"
"I'm going to check on Menwendel's progress. I believe in you, but nothing can be left to chance. Vehk willing, Mistress Dratha will make a full recovery.
With her health restored, those Hlaalu bastards won't dare make another play for Tel Mora."

Go confront Savarak on Selvil Island:

Savarak Fels: "You meddlesome prat! Dratha may survive, but I'll make sure you won't!"

After finishing him off, return to Tel Mora to find Mistress Dratha up and about. Enter the tower and Llayne will be speaking to the mistress:

Llayne Sadri: "The outlander will come through for us. I know it."

Speak to Llayne and she'll say:

"You're back! My Mistress and I feared the worst. Is it over? Is Savarak slain?"
Yes. Savarak won't trouble the people of Vos any longer.
"What a relief. With Mistress Dratha's approval, I'll send runners to nearby towns and let the people know it's safe to return. Thank you, my friend. Truly.
Take this. And I believe my Mistress Dratha would like a proper word as well."

After you received the rewrad, she'll walk away, saying:

Llayne Sadri: "Muthsera, this is the warrior I told you about—the one that exposed the Hlaalu plot and struck down Savarak."

Speak to Mistress Dratha to start the next quest.


  • Savarak and his allies won't exist in the Gathering House before starting the quest.
    • Mistress Dratha, Llayne Sadri and Menwendel won't exist in Tel Mora before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Menwendel's Notes cannot be read upon picking them up or once in your quest items.
  • Menwendel won't exist in Pinsun until investigating every part of the trail she left.

Quest Stages[edit]

Reclaiming Vos
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start An Argonian named Gray-Skies encouraged me to talk to Savarak myself. I'll pay this new magistrate a visit.
Objective: Talk to Savarak
Savarak admitted to mistreating the people of Vos. He noted that Mistress Dratha's Mouth, Llayne Sadri, is fomenting unrest from inside the tower, Tel Mora. I should talk to her to get her perspective.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne suspects that the truth about Savarak's sudden wealth and power may be hidden away in his manse. I must break into his house and search for any evidence of corruption.
Objective: Find Evidence of Corruption: 0/3
I found an assortment of documents in Savarak's manse: a letter to Savarak from House Hlaalu, a shipping notice directing Black Snails to Selvil Island, and a note pertaining to a secret meeting. I should share my discoveries with Llayne.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne and I hatched a plan to squeeze information out of one of Savarak's coconspiritors, Nerandas. I must travel to the wharf outside Vos and impersonate one of Savarak's henchmen. Nerandas might just share some important information with me.
Objective: Meet with Nerandas
Nerandas revealed that House Hlaalu conspired with Savarak to poison Mistress Dratha. Apparently, the source of her illness lies at the base of Tel Mora's fungal growth. Now I just need to find it.
Objective: Investigate the Base of Tel Mora Tower
I found the malignant growth at the base of Tel Mora. I must show it to Llayne so we can plan our next move.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
Llayne urged me to show the malignant growth to a local herbalist named Menwendel. She might know how to heal the towering mushroom and reverse the toxin's effect.
Objective: Go to Menwendel's Nursery
Menwendel's nursery appears to have been ransacked. I should speak with Gray-Skies to see if he knows anything about the attack.
Objective: Talk to Gray-Skies
Gray-Skies told me that the Black Snails took Mendwendel [sic] to a hideout south of Tel Mora. Hopefully Mendwendel [sic] left some kind of trail I can follow.
Objective: Follow Clues to Track Menwendel's Captors
I found the coastal hideout where Nerandas and the Black Snails took Menwendel. I should look for the herbalist.
Objective: Search for Menwendel
I found Menwendel. I should see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Menwendel
In order to heal the Tel Mora mushroom and Mistress Dratha, Menwendel will need a sample of the Hlaalu conspirators' toxin. She also urged me to deal with Nerendas [sic]. Killing him should scatter his forces, but I'll have to find him first.
Objective: Find Nerandas
I found Nerandas. Now I should deal with him.
Objective: Defeat Nerandas
I killed Nerandas. Now to find a clue to the toxin's location.
Objective: Find a Clue to the Toxin's Location
I found a note that described where to find Nerandas's toxin. I should collect a sample for Menwendel.
Objective: Collect the Toxin Sample
I collected a sample of the Nerandas's fungal toxin. I should deliver it to Menwendel in Tel Mora. She'll need it to brew an antidote for Dratha.
Objective: Bring the Toxin Sample to Tel Mora
I arrived in Tel Mora. I should talk to Menwendel.
Objective: Talk to Menwendel
According to Menwendel, Llayne set off toward Vos with a handful of guardsmen to arrest Savarak. I should track her down to see if she needs my help.
Objective: Find Llayne
I found a flustered Llayne. I should find out what troubles her.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
I suspect that Savarak plans to flee Vos via Selvil Island. I must track him down and deal with him before he escapes.
Objective: Defeat Savarak
Finishes quest☑ I defeated Savarak and thwarted House Hlaalu's attempt to claim Vos and Tel Mora for themselves. I should return to Tel Mora and inform Llayne of our success.
Objective: Talk to Llayne
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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