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(lore page)
Location Wrothgar, Mournhold
Species Echatere
Health 60,370 (hostile)
39,959 (friendly)
1 (passive)
66,121 (Sil-Var-Woad)Summerset
Reaction Hostile
An Echatere
The Echatere at the Undaunted Enclave

Echateres are tusked creatures with pointed hooves and large antlers. They are found mainly in Wrothgar and serve the Orcs as livestock and beasts of burden. Those found in the wild are usually hostile. Young echateres are called echalettes.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Echateres fighting for dominance in the wild
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
The echatere rears up and stomps the ground, doing moderate physical damage as well as staggering all enemies in front of it as indicated by a red cone.
An attack that does moderate physical damage as well as knocking down all enemies in front of the echatere. This ability displays a block telegraph.

Unique Echateres[edit]


  • Echalettes, young echateres found throughout Wrothgar Orsinium
  • Pack Echateres, echateres being used as beasts of burden in Wrothgar Orsinium

Generic Echatere[edit]

Generic, unnamed echatere can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These echatere have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of echatere, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Difficulty Health
WrothgarOrsinium Poacher's Encampment ON-misc-Boss 2.png 141,000