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Divayth Fyr
(lore page)
Home City Brass FortressClockwork City
MournholdClockwork City
Location Tel Fyr
Clockwork City, Tribunal TempleClockwork City
FargraveThe Deadlands
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
10,000,200 (In Seht's Vault/Pneumatic Approach/Prime Pneumatorium)Clockwork City
15,000 (While reclaiming his shadow/In the Registrar's Office/After the assembly/At the end of "Lost in the Gloam"/In the Throne Aligned/At the Elegiac Replication)Clockwork City
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower To The Clockwork City
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Divayth Fyr
Divayth Fyr's appearance prior to Update 16

Divayth Fyr is a powerful and ancient Dark Elf wizard of House Telvanni and the new owner of Tel Fyr, on Vvardenfell.

He is first found near the entrance to the Halls of Fabrication trial. He has recently gained ownership of the tower, but has met unexpected issues during the shaping of the tower and needs your assistance to investigate the problem.

He is later encountered once more on his search for a Daedric artifact in the Clockwork City.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


Forging the Future[edit]

"The Telvanni decided to honor me with membership in their great house. This tower was their idea of a gift. Their choice of location was... portentous, let's say. For them. My own auspices are far brighter."
What makes you say that?
"I'm a traveler. At my doorstep, a new path. The natural conclusion should be obvious. I intend to explore beyond the rift that has emerged in my basement, or rather, the caverns beyond; however, none of this lot are willing or able to join me."
What exactly do you need accomplished?
"Upsets in planar demarcation are remarkably complex. Study must be free from distraction. An impossibility while constructs continuously spill from the rift. We must find their source and shut it down."
Understood. Where do we begin?
"Clear a path through the meddlesome machines in the cavern beyond this antechamber. I will join you at the rift once I've completed my usual transliminal preparations."
What kind of constructs are we dealing with? / You mentioned constructs. What kind?
"Some are Dwemeri. Tinkered with in ways beyond even my experience. Intriguing, but not nearly so interesting as the fabricants. Their marriage of the organic and inorganic defies all contemporary wisdom. But are they as they seem?"
What is a fabricant?
"What indeed. I'd only heard descriptions of the creatures in my talks with Barilzar, Sotha Sil's former apprentice. Even he doesn't seem to have a full grasp of their design. They are life driven by clockwork, if all is to believed."
Do you know where this rift leads?
"Given the eruption of fabricants into the caverns, my theory is it somehow intersects with the Clockwork City. Anything beyond that is pure speculation."
Clockwork City?
"The domain of Sotha Sil. A world of his own design. Privilege of being a god. Whether it exists in Nirn is the subject of much conjecture. Perhaps we'll finally lay that debate to rest."
I don't think we've been properly introduced.
"I'd assumed you knew whose home it was you were standing in. Divayth Fyr. Does that name's significance escape you as well?"
No, actually I'm a fan of your writings.
"Then you should be honored to see my work firsthand. I'll make a note of your contribution to my next book, posthumous or no."

If you have a female character, Divayth Fyr will instead say,

"A woman of taste. I would offer a private reading, but as you can see my new home is not fit for company. Perhaps after we've finished our sojourn in Clockwork City."
Yes, sorry.
"For your sake, I hope you're more prepared for what's to come. As for me, you could say I am a practitioner of magic. If you were partial to understatement. I am the premiere authority on extra-planar travel. My writings are taught the world over."

When fighting the Hunter-Killers:

  • "The realms are bleeding together around the locus. Not unlike the Planemeld. We must stabilize the rift before it drags anything else through."
  • "This structure has some hold on the rift, or the other way around. I'll investigate while you finish up down there."
  • "The energy arcing between those fabricants is strong. Enough to dissipate flesh... or melt metal."
  • "A surge in the rift! On your guard!"
  • "The automata are reacting to it! Shut them down!"

After the Hunter-Killer's defeat, when the Pinnacle Factotum arrives:

Divayth Fyr: "Interesting. These devices have all reset themselves. I didn't do that."
Divayth Fyr: "Another surge in the rift. A big one! Prepare for the worst!"
Divayth Fyr: "There! Somethings [sic] coming through! Another fabricant! Oh! That's a new one."

The first time the boss is empowered:

  • "The constructs are up to something. They're empowering that fabricant!"
  • "A few of you should get up here and deal with this."
  • "There. Stand on those levitation sigils. I'll see you momentarily."

When the rift explodes:

  • "You should go. Quickly. Use these Slowfall sigils. I'll be fine."
  • "Never seen liminal backlash of this magnitude. Marvelous."

The fabricant is empowered subsequent times:

  • "That energy is just like what was arcing between those fabricants before!"

Summoning levitation sigils again:

  • "More constructs! Use my sigils!"
  • "They're at it again. Better get up here."

When you've been up there for 30 seconds or so:

  • "I almost have it, but that fabricant is still resonating with the rift. Destroy it! Quickly!"

If you dally:

  • "Get up here, before they destabilize the rift entirely!"
  • "Did you not hear me? I need you up here!"
  • "The automatons are still up here and still a problem!"
  • "What are you waiting for? Use my levitation sigils!"

If you fail defeating the constructs upstairs, which will result in a group wipe, he can say:

  • "Fortunate that there was enough of you left to translocate."
  • "There. Now try again. Successfully, this time."

Once you successfully defeat the constructs upstairs, he can say:

  • "Gravity is not the force you should fear right now. Jump!"
  • "I can't shield all of you, get off the platform!"

When the factotum is defeated and he enters the rift:

Divayth Fyr: "The rift is stable. Let it not be said that there was a portal I could not tame!
Divayth Fyr: "Now, my old friend, what inspiration has divinity brought you?"

Upon reaching the Reprocessing Yard:

Divayth tinkers with the controls
Divayth Fyr: "Ah! There you are, finally!
Divayth Fyr: I've had my fill of rooting through garbage while this lackwit drones on."
Assembly General: "Reprocessing yard contamination critical. Disassembly status suspended. Mass reactivation initiated."
Divayth Fyr: "Fascinating―Look! The scrap heaps!"

During combat, he can say:

  • "They're channeling energy throughout the junkyard... and it's reacting."
  • "They're reviving fabricants! Highly unstable. Deal with them quickly!"
  • "Their systems are beyond taxed. Reforming their circuit could overload them entirely!"
  • "These fabricants are forming a circuit. Breaking those links may weaken them."
  • "It's gone haywire! Damaging the others should cause a similar reaction!"
  • "Besieged by garbage. A new low."
  • "Sever their connection, or are you trying to do this the hard way?"
  • "Their circuit is active again."
  • "The junkyard is stirring. Be wary!"
  • "You mustn't allow them to cooperate!"
  • "More shambling refuse. Cease that clatter!"
  • "The fabricants are reactivating!"
  • "They're empowering one another!"
  • "The fabricants are getting up again. Durable, if nothing else."
  • "They're dangerous in that amplified state."
  • "Their conductivity is impressive, but not without drawbacks. Use their power against them!"
  • "One of them is overcharged!"
  • "They're at their limit! Link them!"
  • "It's charged beyond its capacity."
  • "It's channeling tremendous amounts of energy."
  • "That's all of them. Now trigger a surge!"
  • "Careful, it's gone haywire!"
  • "That's it, now push them over the brink!"
  • "Keep that circuit broken!"
  • "Discharge that energy! Direct it against them!"

After Reducer‎, Reclaimer‎, and Reactor are defeated:

Divayth Fyr: "Are you listening, construct?"
Assembly General: "Query denied: Creator not found."
Divayth Fyr: "Close enough. We're coming for you, you chattering collection of cogs!
Divayth Fyr: We may find something helpful in this workstation. Draw its attention elsewhere. I'll catch up."

When you speak to him after the fight:

"Were you confused as to your purpose in this endeavor?
Stop that incessant machine's prattling."
You know how to operate that terminal?
"I know how to operate a myriad of things quite similar. Buy me time, as I've already asked―twice―and its secrets will not stay hidden for long."
What do you hope to discover?
"A means of silencing that infernal machine and ending this threat without turning the entire place into a heap of smoldering wreckage.
That would be easier if you went about the task I gave you."
You don't seem very concerned that this place is a death trap.
"You aren't here for my safety. You're here to help me defuse the situation without resorting to mass disintegration.
If you refrain from dying―and stop pestering me―we may yet accomplish that."
Divayth Fyr comes face-to-face with the General's physical avatar

Inside the Core Assembly:

Divayth Fyr: "Well, well. Now that's the second largest construct I've ever seen. Inactive, at the moment."
Assembly General: "Initializing internal scan."
Divayth Fyr: "I expect that will no longer be the case shortly."
Assembly General: "Organic contamination detected within control center."
Divayth Fyr: "Aha! There's its cogitation array, in the distance. Keep the body distracted while I unravel its mind."
Assembly General: "Assuming manual control. Surrogate avatar... synchronized.
Divayth Fyr: "I'm sure you'll do fine! I'll yell if I need anything!"

During combat, he can say:

  • "The secondary terminals are attempting to compensate! Give them a whack!"
  • "It's bypassing my alterations! Disrupt the secondary terminals now!"
  • "Attack the secondary terminals!"

Following the Assembly General's defeat:

"Finally. Quiet. Now, to study this mechanism in peace."
"What secrets do you hold of your creator's processes, hmm?"
"It will take years to sort through this information... though perhaps I can repurpose an animunculi to sift the archives."
"Nothing of the scale of what we've seen here. A harmless little spider, perhaps? Or maybe something with a face? It'll need more personality than this one possesses."

When you speak to him in the north part of the Core Assembly:

"Translocating all this material will require considerable―yes?"
Is the rift secure now?

Normal complete:

"Hmm? Oh, yes. With this machine shutdown the threat to Tel Fyr is contained. Keep whatever valuables you collected as compensation."

Veteran complete:

"Hmm? Oh, yes. With this machine shutdown the threat to Tel Fyr is contained. Consider these treasures reward for your assistance."

Veteran hard mode complete:

"Hmm? Oh, yes. With this machine shutdown the threat to Tel Fyr is contained.
Take this as thanks. I could not have asked for more capable assistants in this endeavor."

If you failed to pick up the quest at the trial's entrance, you can give him an Incomprehensible Artifact.

I have this artifact for you.

Normal complete:

"This doesn't look particularly illuminating, but I'll add it to my research collection.
Should you find something else interesting in your travels, do think of me."

Veteran complete:

"Yes, this could have potential. You're not trying to butter me up for any reason in particular, are you? No matter.
Take this as recompense."

Veteran hard mode complete:

"Now this is a find. It's clear you intend to curry my favor, and I'll admit it—it's working. I have something you should find equally interesting. Consider it a fair exchange."

He will reward you with the Fabricant's Burnished Coffer. When you speak to him after completing the quest:

"I will open a portal from here to allow you to exit. I'll linger here a while longer, but you needn't concern yourself with my safety.
If you ever find yourself near my tower, do stop by. You're entertaining. Capable."
Why didn't you open a portal earlier?
"In all my thousands of years, how didn't I think of that? Translocation does not work by your whims and desires, or even mine.
Be glad you needn't traipse through half of Oblivion searching for your point of origination."
Was this thing the cause of the rift?
"No. Intelligent as this machine is, it lacks the awareness to create such an event. It was simply attempting to cope with the anomaly.
That does not mean there are not answers to this phenomena here. I intend to find them."
It's been an honor, Master Fyr.
"Doubtlessly. However, I'm afraid I have no further need of your brand of assistance at the moment.
Would you be on your way? You're becoming a distraction. You know my opinion of distractions."

Clockwork City[edit]

Appears only with Clockwork City

To The Clockwork City[edit]

In the Tribunal Temple, where you were instructed to meet Fyr.

Divayth Fyr: "Ah, you've arrived at last. Come forward, we have much to discuss."

Speaking to Divayth Fyr if you've never met him before:

"You've arrived. I am Divayth Fyr, wizard-lord of Tel Fyr. I trust no further introduction is necessary?
I seek a Daedric artifact. It lies hidden in a brass city filled with danger, curiosity, and contradictions. You will accompany me, if you wish."

If you've met him before:

"So, you've chosen to join me. Excellent.
I seek a powerful Daedric artifact. It lies hidden in a distant land—a gleaming city filled with danger, curiosity, and contradiction. In such a place, diverse perspective is vital. Thus, you."

If the mystery of mages succumbing to their shadows has been solved Of Knives and Long Shadows completed:

"Did you think I would not expect you? I already know all that occurred with Lilatha and the murderous shadows. Rest assured, I will find this mysterious Daedric artifact. Perhaps you'd like to assist me."

Regardless of his greeting, you can ask:

What exactly would I be signing up for?
"A voyage that only a few have ever undertaken. We will travel to Sotha Sil's peculiar experiment—the Clockwork City.
I have inquiries to make. You will assist me."
You know how to reach the Clockwork City?
"I do. The Tribunes are not so clever that they could hide such a place from me for long. The city is quite close… and also very far away. Just the first of Sotha Sil's many paradoxes. If you choose to join me, be prepared for many more."
Why ask me to help?
Prerequisite Dialogue
If no other prerequisites have been met "The future holds its secrets close, but I have scried glimpses. Your spirit strides alongside those of anointed kings and heroes. Trust me - you walk the path to power.

Don't believe me? Good. A healthy dose of skepticism will serve you well."

If you've escaped from the clutches of Coldharbour.
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour completed
"You escaped the prisons of Coldharbour. Truly, I think it would be easier to escape an iron safe at the bottom of the ocean.

You show great promise. I can use a slippery warrior like you."

If Molag Bal has met his match in Coldharbour.
God of Schemes completed
"You bested Molag Bal in mortal combat. In Coldharbour no less.

Defeating a Daedric Prince in his own realm? That's a feat that even I would have trouble repeating. Only a great fool would pass up the opportunity to employ a Prince-slayer."

If Orsinium's political landscape has changed forever
Long Live the King completed
"That business in Orsinium - you were one of King Bazrag's most powerful advocates, yes.

I need someone who can fight and parlay with equal skill. As a warrior and kingmaker, you will do splendidly."

If the Thieves Guild is back to its former glory
Prison Break completed
"Did you not unite that rabble in Abah's Landing and reassemble the Thieves Guild there?

Oh, don't make that face. I have no interest in reporting you to the authorities. Quite the opposite. I need someone willing to take risks. You will do nicely."

If the Dark Brotherhood's dark times are now over
Filling the Void completed
"Nightmarish fabricants and automata lurk in nearly every corridor of the Clockwork City. I need a skillful and deadly warrior at my side.

A Silencer of the Dark Brotherhood fits that description splendidly, don't you think?"

If Vivec and his city were saved from a fiendish Daedric plot
Divine Blessings completed
"You saved the life of a living god. Yes, I know all about your service to Vivec, and your conflict with Clavicus Vile.

Foiling the plans of a Daedric Prince is no mean feat. I can think of no better companion for my journey to the Clockwork City."

If the Halls of Fabrication have been valiantly battled through
Forging the Future completed
"I have not forgotten our romp through the Halls of Fabrication.
You proved your resourcefulness when facing the Assembly General. Now, you will prove your usefulness again, and receive an appropriate reward."
If the mystery of mages succumbing to their shadows has been solved:
Of Knives and Long Shadows completed
"I have no great fondness for that Psijic, Lilatha, but you saved her life and defeated a powerful shadow mage in the process. A remarkable accomplishment for someone of your … breeding.

I'm confident you will continue to surprise me."

All right. I'll work with you.
"Of course you will. Naturally, you have questions. Alas, they will have to wait. Servants of the Tribunal do not look kindly on blasphemous journeys like this one.
Meet me at the waterfall north of the city. We can discuss the details there."

After this conversation:

"Prepare if you must, but make it quick. Time is not on our side."

Once you reach the waterfall he will call out to you:

Divayth Fyr "There you are. Come! Here, behind the waterfall!"

Speaking to him behind the waterfall:

"My companion arrives at last. Now then, our journey begins in this dreary little cave. Quite a surprise, yes? Believe me, it won't be the last.
We can speak freely here, but do make it brief. All this natural splendor is just … tedious."
You mentioned Sotha Sil. Who is he?
"The Father of Myseteries, the Clockwork God, the Tinkerer, and other such banal titles.
Sotha Sil, or Seht, is a member of the Dark Elf Tribunal. He reigns over Morrowind as the god of craft and sorcery- the wisest and most reclusive of the Three."
Do you know him well?
"Ha! No one truly knows Sotha Sil—not even his hordes of wild-eyed worshipers.
I studied with him before his ascent, and even then he defied comprehension. His only true peer was Indoril Nerevar. Such a shame what happened to him."
Indoril Nerevar?
"Indeed. Saint Nerevar the Captain. Our king and greatest champion for a time.
He died, tragically, during a journey to the heart of Red Mountain. It was all very sudden. Some believe his retainer, Dagoth Ur, struck the mortal blow. Others …."
What do the others think?
"Some believe that Sotha Sil, Vivec, and Almalexia murdered Nerevar so they could take divine power for themselves.
Who's to say what really happened? In any event, Sotha Sil emerged from the mountain even more inscrutable than before."
What do you think happened?
"I think it's irrelevant.
The silence of Sotha Sil may come from a place of grief and deep regret. It might be a side-effect of his fierce obsessions. Perhaps both? How he became a god is no concern of mine. I respect his knowledge, nothing more."
Why did Sotha Sil hide the Clockwork City here?
"Sotha Sil hides everything. But more to your point, it's not just a city. It's an incomprehensibly powerful world-shaping device. Can't leave that sort of thing lying about, can you?
Also, Almalexia worries about how it reflects on her divinity."
"Yes. Sil's fellow tribune.
A machine can be studied and perhaps understood in time. She fears that by reducing their divinity to a machine, Sotha Sil lessens the mystique of their godhood. To his great credit, Sil largely ignores these concerns."
What do you hope to find in the Clockwork City?
"A Daedric artifact. I take a keen interest in all such objects, but this one seems especially significant. You see, nearly everyone who searches for it winds up dead.
I suspect that someone or something hid this artifact away in the Clockwork City."
Are you concerned about seeking an object that got other people killed?
"Other people are not Divayth Fyr. I've not lived this long by shying away from dangerous relics.
Anyway, if this artifact inspired someone to slaughter scores of mages, it's clearly something worth investigating."

After entering the Mysterious Cave:

"Hmm. Even draftier than I remembered. Follow me."

Further into the cave:

"Welcome to the Dwarven hold of Bamz-Amschend... such as it is. Ironic that Ayem's holy city of Mournhold has Dwemeric roots, don't you think?"

Reaching the bridge:

"Curious. Practically no one knows this route, but this scaffolding looks new. Built by rogue ordinators perhaps? Stay watchful."

After crossing the bridge:

"Sotha Sil always did admire Dwarven industry, albeit quietly. Perhaps that's why he built his city here."

Approaching the lift:

"This lift will take us to the nethermost depths of the ruin, and to our destination. Come along."
"On you go. The entrance lies just ahead."

Entering Seht's Vault:

"Do you see, just across the ravine? That's our door."

When the factotums kneel in Fyr's presence, welcoming him to the city:

"Sotha Sil's factotums still remember me. How touching."

Approaching the celestiodrome:

"I'd say prepare yourself, but nothing can prepare you for what's to come. Touch the sphere. The Clockwork City awaits."

After entering the city:

"What in the .... This is not the Brass Fortress."
"Someone diverted our passage. Audacious, but foolhardy. When I find them I'll... wait. I feel ... cold."

Fyr's shadow splits:

"Back, creature!"
"My shadow! My power! Don't let it escape!"

The factotums attack:

"Factotums. They're activating!"
"Another batch, spinning up. Destroy them!"
"Ready your weapons. I will assist you as best I can"
"More, to the southeast! Make ready!"
"This had better be the last of them!"
"Fetching scrapheaps … My shadow remains close. We must hurry!"

Entering the Scrubbing Bore:

"Swivel Swords? Wonderful. I'm in no condition to navigate this maze. Go, find a way to deactivate these traps."

Fyr impatiently answers your questions if you speak with him here:

"Perhaps I failed to impress the gravity of our situation upon you. If my shadow gets away, we may never escape this place. So if you have something to say, say it quickly."
Was that really your shadow?
"Yes—and perhaps something more. In removing my shadow our attacker removed some vital part of my animus. My soul, in the common parlance. Without it, my power is severely diminished.
Needless to say, this will not do."
If you have completed Of Knives and Long Shadows
If you have not completed Of Knives and Long Shadows:
I've seen this before. If we kill your shadow, you will lose that power permanently.
"Yes, of course. Disrupting the binding would cause my animus to disperse. An unwelcome prospect to be sure.
I might be able to reclaim the shadow, but not before we exhaust its power. So when we confront it, use restraint."
Do you know how to recover your shadow?
"This may surprise you, but I've never had my shadow ripped from my body. Even so, I will devise a solution. Don't trouble yourself with the finer details. Just be prepared to fight. Much will depend on your ability. Do not fail me."
Do you have any idea what sent us here?
"Not yet. We should have translocated directly to the Brass Fortress—Sil's chief municipality here in the Clockwork City. But somehow we ended up here. Vexing."
How do we plan to get out of here?
"One step at a time, if you please.
We need only to find a landmark, or map... or something. Once I determine where we are, it won't take long to find an exit. Just leave that to me. You focus on these traps."

After deactivating the traps:

"Well done. Killed by spinning knives is not an epitaph worthy of Divayth Fyr."
"Now, onward. I'm eager to see what new wind-up absurdities await us."

Upon entering the Pneumatic Forge:

"I recognize this place now. The Pneumatic Forge. We should leave as soon as possible."
"Sotha Sil constructs his clockwork servitors here- the factotums. They reject anyone who doesn't belong. Someone meant for us to die here."

Upon entering the Pneumatic Approach:

"Ugh. Remedial spellcraft is all I can muster, but I will aid you as best I can. Lead on."

Then you'll find his shadow on the Pneumatorium Prime, not too far ahead.

Divayth Fyr: "At last! Defeat this monstrosity, but don't kill it. I must reclaim my power."

During the combat against the shadow, it will cast clones of itself.

Divayth Fyr: "Fetch it! It's multiplying!"

While reclaiming his shadow:

Divayth Fyr: "Stand back. Time to reclaim what is mine."
Divayth Fyr: "Maliad, khebeit tehir! Devahrokad sint molad!"
Divayth Fyr: "Finally. You never know how much you miss a thing until it tries to kill you."

As Fyr notices the swarm of factotums that suddenly appeared approaching you:

Divayth Fyr: "More ridiculous machines? I've had enough of this!"

After destroying the factotums:

Divayth Fyr: "Come. We still have a long way to go."

When you exit the Pneumatis and end up in the city proper:

Divayth Fyr: "Behold, the Clockwork City. Finally. Sotha Sil's Brass Fortress waits at the end of this road."
Divayth Fyr: "We should go there at once. I'm keen to find out who sent us on that delightful jaunt through the Pneumatis".

Speaking to Divayth Fyr here:

"Follow this road to the Brass Fortress. When you see the wayshrine, veer north... or what passes for north here.
If you have other business to attend to, I'll not stop you. Just meet me at the gates to the fortress when you're ready to proceed."
Are you all right?
"Concerned for my well-being? Touching. With time, I should make a full recovery.
You performed admirably in there. I must admit, I had my doubts. But don't worry —I have doubts about practically everyone."
Any new ideas about what disrupted our travel?
I hoped that in reclaiming my shadow, I might catch a glimpse of our adversary or my prize. Alas, nothing. Seems we'll have to conduct inquiries the old fashioned way."
What was that about your prize?
"Have you forgotten so soon?
I came to the Clockwork City in search of a Daedric artifact. Our misadventures in the Pneumatis and this mysterious relic share a common point of origin, I'm certain. Now it's just a matter of rooting it out."

At this point, you can follow him to the Brass Fortress or take another way. If you decide to let him go alone, he'll say.

Divayth Fyr: "More important matters to attend to? Fine. Conclude your business quickly and meet me at the Brass Fortress."

And he'll be waiting for you on the bridge, greeting you as you approach:

Divayth Fyr: "You've arrived. Good."

Upon being greeted by Luciana Pullo at the gates of the Brass Fortress:

Luciana Pullo: "Divayth Fyr! I warned you never to come back!"
Luciana Pullo: "And you? One of Fyr's lackeys, I take it?"
Divayth Fyr: "Luciana Pullo. Hospitable as ever. Go talk to her. I'll not waste my time speaking with a petulant toy soldier."

If you talk to him before Luciana, he'll say:

"You should speak to Luciana … mostly because I don't care to."

Speaking to Fyr after Luciana's exit:

"Luciana clearly hasn't lost her charming demeanor. Predictable."
It seems I won't be welcome in the city until I've found a sponsor.
"Ah, yes, their bizarre sponsorship custom. I forgot about that little wrinkle. As a friend and peer of Sotha Sil, I come and go as I please.
I suppose it would be best for you to wait out here. If i need you again, I will find you."

Speaking to him again after exiting the conversation, but before turning in the quest:

"I sometimes wonder why Sotha Sil lets these ridiculous people live here. Perhaps it's just another experiment. I suppose it doesn't really matter. No one will deny me entry. Not even Proctor Luciana."
Can't you sponsor me?
"I am not a citizen. And even if I were, I'd not waste time wading through their opaque bureaucracy. You've proven yourself to be more than capable. I have no doubt you will figure something out.
Gain your sponsorship. We will speak again soon."

After completing the quest, you can talk to him some more:

"I appreciate your assistance in the Pneumatic Forge, but for now our paths must diverge. The artifact we seek will not remain in one place for long—I can ill afford a delay.
Navigate this absurd ritual. Quickly. I will find you again afterward."
Who is Luciana Pullo?
"One of Sotha Sil's greater lackeys. Chief proctor of the Clockwork Apostles.
You might have noticed some mild cosmetic flaws. Honestly, I think she's more automaton than flesh and blood. She certainly acts the part."
Why does an Imperial serve a Dark Elf god?
"Sil takes all kinds. Imperials, Bretons, even Argonians.
Luciana may be one of his oldest servants. She served Emperor Reman Cyrodiil as a battle mage in her younger years. Made quite a name for herself during the Akaviri invasion."
What happened to her? How did she wind up here?
"According to the legend, she was caught in a torrent of arcane energy during a battle with a rival mage. It mangled her body and sent her hurtling through the veil. She eventually crashed here. Sil found her shortly thereafter and mended her wounds."
So now she serves him?
"Indeed. At first I thought she served him out of some cheap obligation—reciprocity for his kindness. But apparently she really believes in this place.
I heard they had a bit of a falling out. She still serves him though, in her dog-like fashion."
She didn't seem happy to see you.
"People like her rarely are. You see, I present a destabilizing influence. I reject all illusions of authority and thus reject their entire way of life. Hierarchy, ritual, reverence. It's all a sham.
I respect power, not absurd social constructs."
Luciana mentioned the Clockwork Apostles./She mentioned the Clockwork Apostles.
"Yes, a monastic order … of sorts. They serve Sotha Sil through magical inquiry.
Apostles fancy themselves iconoclasts who push the boundaries of magical praxis. There's a seed of truth there, I suppose—but they're still obnoxious."
Are they all like Luciana?
"You mean, are they all half-metal monstrosities? More or less. Some modify themselves more than others. It's a form of reverence. They want to be more like Sotha Sil.
You see, Sil has some peculiar … well, I'll let you see for yourself."
Why did Luciana refer to Sotha Sil as Seht?
"Sil has many names. Sotha Sil, Seht, SI, the Clockwork God … on and on. Tiresome if you ask me.
The Clockwork Apostles mostly refer to him as Seht—his verse and sermon name. I call him Sil, because I'm not a doe-eyed idiot."

The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

After becoming an official citizen, Fyr walks into the Chancel of Records to find you.

Divayth Fyr: "There you are. Good. We have much to discuss."
Neramo: "Divayth Fyr? here? It is a true pleasure to meet you."
Divayth Fyr: "I imagine it is. Now, be on your way."
Neramo: "Yes… well. Be seeing you, assistant. Good day, Lord Fyr."

You can then talk with Fyr who will get to the point, something is off about Sotha Sil.

"So you're a citizen now? Well done.
I heard something about a constable tossing people down sewer drains. Even in this shrine to knowledge, drooling idiots bumble their way to power. Ludicrous. Moving on, I require your services once more."
What do you need?
"It's Sotha Sil. Shortly after you and I parted company, I sought him out to discuss our Daedric artifact. I fear something is … askew.
His habits, his diction, the timbre of his voice—they've all changed, albeit subtly."
You think something is wrong with him?
"Worse. Initially, I dismissed it as boredom, fatigue, or even the first signs of senility. But now, after observing him at length, I can say with certainty—this is not the Sotha Sil I know.
There's Daedric mischief here, and we will root it out."
How do we go about doing that?
"We will leverage your hard-earned citizenship to make inquiries.
First, I will make it known that in light of your recent exploits, I offered to take you on as my aide—an offer you so eagerly accepted."
Fine. How does me becoming your aide help us investigate Sotha Sil?
"As the most powerful mage in the Brass Fortress, I find it difficult to have proper conversations with common folk. They grow silent at my approach, then whisper as I leave. An appropriate, but sadly uninformative display of deference."
So you want me to talk to the other aides?
"Indeed. It's commonly understood that servants grumble about their masters, loudly, to those they consider equals.
Ask them about Sotha Sil's recent behavior. I'm confident that we'll find something of value tucked away in their churlish complaints."
All right, I'll talk to the other aides.

You can then ask him some additional questions:

"You have questions, of course. Ask what you must. The forces at work here are cunning indeed. You should be prepared for anything."
I thought no one really knew Sotha Sil. How can you be sure something is wrong? / How can you be sure something is wrong with Sotha Sil?
"He is inscrutable, but he's also unflinching. Sil always most deliberately, quietly, and one step at a time—like clockwork. I have never once seen him divert from his course. Until now."
How has he diverted?
"In the short time we've been here, he has twice adjusted city patrol routes and delivered three revisions to the fortress charter.
Trust me when I say this is unprecedented. Sotha Sil never meddles like this."
Has he made any other changes?
"That's for you to discover.
Don't bother speaking with members of the congress. Varuni's faith in Sotha Sil is unbreakable. Chancellor Gascone resents any threat to the status quo. And Luciana? Well, let's just say she's been less than helpful."
Is Proctor Luciana still insisting you leave the city?
"Luciana resents my presence, but she's no fool. I go where I please, when I please. An open confrontation between us would likely leave hundreds dead.
So do not trouble yourself. She will not stand in the way of our investigation."
What can you tell me about the others in Sotha Sil's circle?
"Well, you've met Varuni. She's pleasant without being vapid or boring. Then again, her doe-eyed faith in Sotha Sil turns my stomach. I find religious attachments repulsive. My thoughts on Luciana are well-known.
As for Gascone …."
Who is Gascone?
"Gascone serves as chancellor. He commands respect, but suffers from the peculiar character flaw of demanding praise at all times. Adulation. A sad fixation indeed.
He holds great power, but it's his petty obsessions that make him dangerous. Be wary."

After some questioning, you will learn more about Sotha Sil's recent behavior and can return to tell Fyr about it:

"Were you treated well by the menials? I assume they battered you with complaints. What have you learned?"
Sotha Sil is definitely behaving strangely. He's made lots of odd demands.
"Well I could have told you that. That is why I sent you here, after all. What kinds of demands? Be specific."
He makes the servants darken rooms before he enters, and demanded that some lamps be replaced.
"The lamps in the loqutorium, yes? The large assembly room over there? The auxiliaries and factotums have been laboring in there day and night, ever since we arrived. Curious.
What could lights have to do with this? There's only one way to find out."
Expose him to the light?
"Impressive. I assumed I'd have to explain it to you. Of course, this requires a functional lamp. I assume he ordered them destroyed.
Speak to that High Elf of yours. Neramo. The Dark Elf as well. We need one of these lamps—repaired and operable."
All right, I'll go find Neramo and Raynor.

Speaking to him again:

"While you investigate and acquire this lamp, I will make sure Sil stays off your scent. Keeping secrets in the Brass Fortress requires a spider's cunning and god-like vigilance. Luckily, you have me.
Find Neramo and bring me that light."
Divayth with Kireth Vanos

Once you have the duo constructing the lamp, Fyr will be happy you have returned:

"Ah, I was beginning to worry. Not about you, of course. These apostles have been circling me like cliff racers—looking for an autograph no doubt. So tiresome.
I take it you were successful in learning about these lights and constructing a new one?"
Yes. Neramo and Raynor constructed a working lamp. Kireth will deliver it soon.
"Well done. I assume you discovered the special property of these lamps? Why does my dear friend, Sil, go to such lengths to avoid them?"
Neramo believes they emit some kind of invisible light.
"Invisible light? Fascinating. To help with factotum navigation perhaps? No matter. Further inquiry must wait. Now is the time for action.
I will request a congressional assembly. Plant your lamp on the balcony above, then return to me."
All right. I'll get the lamp into position on the balcony.

Speaking with Fyr before taking Kireth's news about the new security measures:

"Seems young Kireth brings ill news. Speak with her."

After speaking with Kireth and learning about the new security measures on the balcony:

"Kireth's logic is sound—keep those guards alive and position the lamp, just as we planned.
You must move swiftly. Once I convince the others to call an assembly, we won't have much time. The Congress of Calibration is nothing if not prompt."

After returning from planting the light on the balcony:

"I convinced Sotha Sil that the congress requires yet another lecture on the sanctity of clockwork automata. He eagerly agreed. Seemed almost giddy about it. It was … unsettling.
Is all in readiness?"
Yes. I placed the lamp. Everything is prepared.
"Good. Sil's lecture should begin any moment now. Stand ready to activate the lamp.
I'm reasonably certain that something will happen, but the specifics elude me. I guess this is what uncertainty feels like. What a novel change of pace."

Speaking to him again:

"What are you waiting for? Sil will take the stage any minute. Make uour way to the Loqutorium."

After the incident with the Shadow of Sotha Sil:

"Well. That was enlightening. To think, I've been speaking to Sotha Sil's shadow all this time. It seemed so lifelike. Far more advanced than my own, I'm sorry to say. Fascinating.
It really is too bad we'll all be dead soon."
What? Dead how?
"I don't mean to alarm you, but I will be frank. If an imposter sits upon the Throne Aligned and learns how to wield the power of this place, a cataclysm will follow.
We may yet discover a way to avert this disaster, but the chances are slim."
So what do we do?
"Stay with Varuni. With Sotha Sil exposed as an impostor, the congress will fall into turmoil. In such chaos, dark truths always float to the surface. Pray they do so quickly.
I have other inquiries to make. Stay vigilant. We will meet again soon."
Take care of yourself, Divayth.

Lost in the Gloam[edit]

After you've attempted to recover the skeleton key from the Blackfeather Court, the omnivox alarm will sound and you rush back to the basilica to find Divayth Fyr and Provost Varuni Arvel arguing.

Divayth Fyr: "What part of sealed don't you understand? The Shadow put a hex on the lift. Perhaps if we had the key you managed to lose..."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Here we go again. I told you before, Lord Seht would never allow the Skeleton Key to enter the city. There must be another explanation."
Divayth Fyr: "Well, by all means, explain it to me. Just be sure to use small words. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Why must I always surround myself with soft-headed zealots? Why?
Oh come now, I don't mean you. I'm talking about Varuni. Pity. I really quite liked her before she started talking."
What's going on here?
"Your gentle friend suffers from some very serious delusions.
The Shadow managed to seal every entrance to the Mechanical Fundament, and by extension, every entrance to the Cogitum Centralis—Sotha Sil's inner sanctum."
How do these seals work?
"Honestly, I have no idea.
I tried to reach out and get some sense of it through Psijic projection, but I found nothing. Just a cold lack. I hesitate to admit it, but this Shadow's magic is beyond my ken."
What should we do?
"Talk to Luciana. She's been remarkably quiet throughout this whole ordeal. She may have a plan."

Where Shadows Lie[edit]

Just as you're about to deliver the killing blow against the Shadow of Sotha Sil, the world goes dark only the darkness begins to peel away:

Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Fyr? Where did you—? What are you doing?"
Divayth Fyr: "Never mind where I came from! I'm keeping Sil alive, you ungrateful shrew! We can't let the shadow escape!"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Just hurry! I can't hold the light for long!"
Nocturnal: "Even now, at the end, you bicker. How predictably mortal …."
Divayth Fyr: "She's here! Nocturnal!"
Nocturnal: "Why do you struggle so? Do you not see that it's hopeless? Sleep now … give in to the dark."
Divayth Fyr: "I can't hold it much longer! Get up, comrade! You have to turn the Skeleton Key! Now!"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "I … will not yield! Go, friend—do as Fyr says! Unlock the throne! Free Sotha Sil!"

Use the Skeleton Key on Sil's bindings:

Sotha Sil: "You trespass, Ur-dra. The Clockwork City shall bear your weight no longer."
Sotha Sil: "Begone."
Nocturnal: "You achieve nothing, little godling. The Triad looms upon Summerset's shores. All that is shall be ours!"
Divayth Fyr: "Well done, my friend. Enough theatrics, Luciana. On your feet. Luciana …?"

The Light of Knowledge[edit]

Speaking to him on the bridge outside the fortress:

"Ah, my erstwhile companion. You look remarkably ... coherent. Most mortals caught in a Daedric tempest would suffer some lasting effects.
I'm impressed. Baffled, but impressed."
Sotha Sil asked me to find you.
"Already? I expected him to wait at least a week before summoning me. Sil's concept of time bears only a faint resemblance to our own.
You should set out. I'll be along shortly."
Where were you? Luciana and I nearly died fighting the Shadow.
"You didn't though. Bully for you.
In truth, I sought an alternate route to the throne—through the Evergloam. Unfortunately, Nocturnal detected my presence immediately. One of the few burdens of near-divine power. I'm difficult to miss."
So she trapped you?
"Trapped? No. Impeded, perhaps.
Fortunately, Nocturnal's attention turned to you and the good proctor when you defeated the Shadow. It gave me the opportunity to pinpoint the object of her fury. You. I followed her to the throne. The rest is history."
What are you doing out here? / Fine. So, what are you doing out here?
"Taking it all in, I suppose. Surely, you won't begrudge me a moment of vulnerability.
This place ... it is something. I sense that I won't return anytime soon—if at all. When you've lived as long as I have, that actually starts to mean something."
What's to keep you from coming back?
"One can only marvel at a rival's triumphs for so long before that awe turns to resentment, and I have no time for petty jealousy.
I have plans of my own, and countless realms to explore. I can't afford to linger anywhere for long."

If you speak to him again, he'll say:

"Best not keep Sil waiting. I doubt he'll remain here for long."

Arrive at the Elegiac Replication and Sotha Sil and Fyr have a brief conversation:

Sotha Sil: "Thank you both for coming."
Divayth Fyr: "Of course, old friend. You seem troubled. More troubled than usual, I mean."
Sotha Sil: "Perceptive, as always. I do not wish to diminish your achievement, but Nocturnal's defeat here will be short-lived."
Sotha Sil: "What's more, she does not act alone. A third enemy looms at the edge of my sight."
Sotha Sil: "Their covetous eyes are now fixed on the Summerset Isles."
Divayth Fyr: "Then we should inform the rest of the Psijics. They'll need to prepare."
Sotha Sil: "I will inform them personally. I have a separate task for you, Divayth."
Sotha Sil: "Take the Skeleton Key. Keep it hidden for as long as you can. I trust that this task pleases you? After all, your love of such trinkets is what brought you here in the first place."
Divayth Fyr: "Sometimes I wonder if you see too much. I will keep it safe."
Sotha Sil: "Farewell, Divayth Fyr. We will not meet again."

Mnemonic Planisphere Dialogue[edit]

One of the Stars in the Upper Hall of the Mnemonic Planisphere will play excerpts of Divayth's voice, talking to Sotha Sil following the Battle of Red Mountain:

"Yes, I've heard quite a few refer to you by your new title. I think it should be obvious that I shall abstain from doing so."
"It seems Azura has kicked up quite a fuss about your newest experiment, Sil."
"Why change yourself, Sil? Why degrade yourself to this cursed appearance? After all, you are one of the few who can resist Azura's curse."

The Deadlands[edit]

Appears only with The Deadlands

Web of Lies[edit]

When you approach him in Fargrave, he will say "You there! Come speak with me."

If you have never met:

"And as if by fate, a solution presents itself. Greetings. I am Divayth Fyr, wizard-lord of Tel Fyr. I find myself in need of a partner. You seem well-equipped for the role. The position is yours if you wish."
What do you need me to do?

If you met him during Clockwork City:

"Ah, my dauntless companion from Clockwork City. Bounding from one mysterious realm to another, I see. This is fortuitous.
I find myself in need of someone with your skills."
What do you need me to do?
"I recently discovered that someone intends to auction off Mephala's chief artifact, the Ebony Blade. I hardly thought such a thing possible, but I leave nothing to chance.
As soon as I began making inquiries, House Hexos canceled the auction."
You think they canceled the auction on account of you?
"I am the foremost authority on Daedric artifacts and the greatest mage of our era. So, yes, I'm quite confident they're trying to hide the weapon from me. A fool's errand. If you choose to assist me in finding the blade, I will pay you handsomely."
All right, I'll help you find the Ebony Blade.

Asking him further questions:

"Our first order of business is investigating the auction house. It's just there, near the Nereid's fountain. Gather testimony, correspondence, anything you can.
When you've discovered enough, meet me in the market near the Shambles' north entrance."
What can you tell me about the Ebony Blade?
"It is an artifact of the dread teacher, Mephala. At first glance, it resembles a katana carved from obsidian. But, I assure you, it is far more than a simple sword.
It is the Lady's malice in physical form—a life-devouring instrument of murder."
What will you do with it if we find it?
"Do I detect some suspicion in your voice?
If we recover the Ebony Blade, I will do what I do with all the dangerous relics I acquire—keep it safe. I assure you, there is no better equipped to safeguard a terror like this."
Staying busy, Divayth? (If you met him before in Clockwork City)
"Ha! Rest is a luxury the ambitious cannot afford.
My business in the Clockwork City, while important, accounts for only a fraction of my grand design. I have interests in realms across the Aurbis. Including this one."
Do you still have the Skeleton Key?
"On my person? No, I know better than to wander the streets of Fargrave with an artifact like that jangling around in my pocket. But it is quite safe.
I gave Sil my word I would keep it out of the Daedra's hands. I always honor my agreements."

Once you collected the information about the Ebony Blade, he will be talking to Teltyraz:

Divayth Fyr: "So, it's carved in the shape of a sundial? Clever."
Teltyraz: "That is so, yes. When the spell takes shape, the Magnus sigil will glow. Simple."

Speaking to him to relay the info:

"Ah. Timely as ever. What did you discover in the auction house?"
They moved the Ebony Blade to a Hexos vault in the Shambles to hide it from "the Telvanni."
"The Telvanni? Then it's as I suspected. Foiled by my own renown. Again. Intolerable.
Well, there's no use dwelling on it. Did you find anything else?"
Yes, I found this strange crystal key.
"A key? Yes, that might come in handy. Can I just say how refreshing it is to find competent allies? A rare luxury, I assure you.
Make your way to the Shambles. There's a Hexos storehouse near the center of the district. Check there first."
Aren't you coming with me?
"You needn't worry. I'll be along soon enough.
Fair warning, the Shambles is a lawless slum—full of far worse things than mortal indigents. Prepare yourself."
Why do you think the Hexos vault is in the warehouse you mentioned?
"The size, mostly.
These Hexos n'wahs are quite clever…by Imperial standards. They operate a number of warehouses in Fargrave, but only one of them is large enough to contain a vault of any appreciable size. I suppose we'll find out soon enough."

Speaking to him again:

"We should make our way to the Shambles at once. There's no guarantee that the Ebony Blade will remain in that vault for long."

You will meet up with him at the vault, he will try to open the door but no avail since it was warded:

Divayth Fyr: "Warded. No surprise. Do you have that key near to hand? Have a go at this."

Speaking to him before you use the key:

"This spellcraft is crude…but effective. A loathsome combination.
Try that key you found in the auction house. It might do the trick."

Once you got past the ward:

Divayth Fyr: "Well done. Now, let's see what they're hiding in there."

Speaking to him before you go through the door:

"Go on, then. Let's search the vault."

Once inside the vault, you will see the Ebony Blade, he will ask you claim it:

Divayth Fyr: "There. The Ebony Blade. Claim it."

Speaking to him before you claim the sword:

"This is what we came for. Collect the sword."
Is it safe?
"What? To touch the sword? What exactly do you want me to say? The Ebony Blade is a Daedric artifact—a weapon of unspeakable horrors. It is decidedly not safe to touch. Nevertheless, we soldier on.
Now, go on and pick it up."
Why don't you pick it up?
"The long answer is that a mage of my caliber must always be cautious around items like this. If it bears a curse of arcane reversion, I could inadvertently kill both of us in a burst of magicka.
I assume that's something you'd like to avoid."
All right. What's the short answer?
"I pay your salary.
Now, enough stalling. Pick up the sword."

Once you pick up the sword, nothing really happens:

Divayth Fyr: "Hmm. As I suspected. Let's have a look at this so-called artifact, shall we?"

Speaking to him about the sword:

"The fabled Sword of Leeches, here, within my grasp. I have my doubts. May I?"
Have a look. Is this the real Ebony Blade?
"Eerily sharp, masterfully etched…and completely fake. This is a forgery. A brilliant one, I admit, but a forgery nonetheless.
While I respect this forger's skill, I cannot abide a glut of fraudulent artifacts taking up my time and attention."
Do you think someone in House Hexos produced this?
"No, no. They're traders, not artisans. This is Daedric precision.
I know a Spiderkith. Skrix. He's a small-time scoundrel who deals in stolen goods, counterfeit soul gems, that sort of thing. He might be able to point us in the right direction."
Where can we find this Skrix?
"He frequents the Wishbone—a tavern in the Shambles' northern alleys. Let's pay him a visit, shall we?"
What more can you tell me about this Spiderkith, Skrix?
"He's a Spiderkith, which is to say he's treacherous, deceitful sneakthief.
Our personal history is…contentious. Full of double-dealings and trickery. I've killed him more than once, but you know how these Daedra are. It rarely takes."
If you two hate each other so much, why would he agree to help us?
"For the usual reasons. Simple greed and fear of punishment.
Daedra may not die, but the process of reconstitution is not pleasant. I can also make business difficult for him. For Skrix, losing wealth may cause more pain than losing his life."

Speaking to him again before going into the tavern:

"Let's make our way into the tavern. It's never wise to linger in the Shambles for too long."

When you enter the Wishbone, Divayth Fyr will be trying to convince Skrix to help him regarding with the matter of the Ebony Blade:

Skrix: "Got nothing to say to you, Fyr."
Divayth Fyr: "Settle yourself, Skrix, and listen. I can make business very difficult for you if you don't."

Speaking to him before speaking to Skrix:

"I'll let you take the lead here. My history with Skrix will only complicate matters.
Learn what you can. Just remember that he's far from trustworthy."

Speaking to him before you put the sword on the table:

"So, he's agreed to help? Excellent. You see? Simple threats can be very effective motivators.
Place the sword on the table. Let's see how this ritual plays out."

Once you placed the sword on the table, Skrix will do the ritual and expose a seeking spider. He will be pressured by Divayth to accompany you:

Divayth Fyr: "A seeking spider, eh? I do hope it works. For your sake. In fact, why don't you accompany my partner here. As a gesture of good will."
Skrix: "Lady's fangs! Did what you wanted. Cast the spell! Zzavfa. Let's go."

Speaking to Divayth Fyr before you follow the spider:

"A ghostly spider, hmm? A bit garish for my taste, but then, we can't all be squinty, desiccated Skein-spawn, can we?
Before you go, I have something to give you."
What is it?
"A bauble I purchased before we set out for the Shambles. Keep it near to hand. It may prove useful."
A sundial? What does it do?
"I pray you never need to find out. Suffice it to say that it's insurance.
Enough talk. Follow the spider. And don't take your eyes off Skrix. Not even for a moment."
All right. Why aren't you coming?
"Surely you don't require a chaperone? Skrix, while clever, is hardly a match for a warrior of your skill. No, I'm quite certain you'll be fine without me.
I have other lines of inquiry to explore. I won't be far behind, I assure you."

Speaking to him again:

"Are you waiting for something specific? You should pursue Skrix's scuttling companion. Just be careful not to get a knife in your back."

When you enter inside the Counterfeiter's Lair, Divayth will be inside and you can speak to him before you examine the second blade:

"A second Ebony Blade. It appears Skrix was a good as his word…so far.
Examine the sword. Perhaps we can determine the nature of this artifice."

Once you examine the blade, Stkix will web up Divayth in an attempt to betray him. Divayth will instruct you to use the sundial to teleport out:

Skrix: "Flies in the web! Hope you like the lair, Fyr. You're never leaving."
Divayth Fyr: "Potent magics, Skrix. But all too predictable. Quickly, assistant—use the sundial."
Skrix: "Light? What are you—?"

You'll realized the sundial you used reverses time again, you can mention this to him once you're inside the counterfeiter's lair:

"A second Ebony Blade. It appears Skrix was a good as his word…so far.
Examine the sword. Perhaps we can determine the nature of this artifice."
Divayth, we've been here before. This all happened already.
"Indeed? I assume it went poorly the first time?"
Yes. Skrix sprung a trap on us.
"Then you used the sundial, yes? Excellent.
Skrix has us at a disadvantage here. I assume this is his lair, which means it abides by his rules. You must be prepared to counter whatever trap he springs on us."
I found this torch outside. Skrix seems worried about it.
"Ah, excellent. Spiderkith abhor fire. A single spark can set their entire world aflame.
Wait for an opportune moment, then apply the torch."

The same scene will replay, but this time you're more prepared:

Skrix: "Flies in the web! Hope you like the lair, Fyr. You're never leaving."
Divayth Fyr: "Webs! Use that torch—quickly!"

Once you free Divayth, he will imprison Skrix and teleport him out. He would like you to meet him outside:

Divayth Fyr: "Well done."
Divayth Fyr: "A respectable attempt, Skrix. But it will cost you."
Divayth Fyr: "Seems we're finished here. Meet me outside."

Speaking to Divayth on the conclusion of the quest:

"And that appears to be that. Exemplary work.
From the looks of things, our web-brained friend here planned to sell several more forgeries. Now that we've apprehended him, the flow of counterfeit artifacts should grind to a halt."
So, what now?
"Now, I provide you with the reward I promised and we part company. Skrix and I have a great deal to discuss. I'd invite you to join us, but let's be honest. Carrying on a conversation with him is exhausting.
You have my thanks, sera. Farewell."

After the quest:

"You know, despite his simple nature, Skrix displays a rare gift for counterfeiting. I can think of countless applications for such a skill. Alas.
For all their power, the Daedra lack one vital trait: imagination."
Do you think Skrix will answer your questions?
"No, of course not. He'll squirm, and curse, and prevaricate until I banish him. But even a lying tongue tells some truths. He will give something away. He always does.
I only wish the process wasn't so tiresome."

Against All Hope[edit]

Return to Fargrave after defeating Nokvroz and seemingly all of Fargrave has turned out to celebrate your victory:

"Quite the celebrity, aren't you? It seems that while I busied myself with other affairs, you assailed the fortress of a Dremora warlord and escaped the Lord of Destruction himself.
If I'm not careful your reputation may begin to outshine my own."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

Divayth Fyr in Castle Leyawiin

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"Quite the fete. And like all great celebrations, it's full of uninteresting people.
Present company excluded, of course."
You didn't bring Skrix with you?
"What, to a fete like this? Of course not. Wading through all these social niceties is painful enough without dragging some squinty spider-lover along behind me.
Also, I already disposed of him."
You killed him?
"Oh, don't be so dramatic. We both know he can't die.
He's swirling through the Spiral Skein's creatia … accreting, as they say. He'll be back to his old games soon enough."
Did you learn anything from him at least?
"I managed to extract some minor details about his forging methodology. Not enough to replicate the process, but something to build on at least.
Being able to create forgeries like the Ebony Blade we found would be quite the coup."
Why is that?
"I could trap would-be thieves and foolish treasure hunters. Barter for more valuable objects, and so on.
Even the illusion of power is power of a sort. And power is the coin of every realm."
That sounds a little ominous.
"As always, my motives are pure. If they weren't, I suspect I'd have you to deal with. And neither of us would enjoy that, would we?
Enjoy the party. Until next time."

After Eveli gives her speech:

"So, my erstwhile colleague banishes Dagon himself. I must admit I'm impressed. I know only two people who've accomplished the same, and they are worshiped as gods.
Just don't let the victory go to your head. No one likes a conceited braggart."


Clockwork City Trailer[edit]

Divayth Fyr says the following in the Clockwork City Trailer:

"The people of Morrowind think themselves safe."
"Even now, Vivec's enemies turn their covetous eyes to the realm of Sotha Sil."
"Deep within his hidden city, The clockwork god builds great and terrible wonders."
"But daedra circle like crows."
"You must drive them back, outlander."
"You must save the Clockwork City."