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The Court Magister

The Blackfeather Court is a feudal court of talking crows that rules over the realm of Crow's Wood. They were hatched by the Crow Mother, and are led by the Duke of Crows. You will be given citizenship of the Blackfeather Court during the quest Decree of the Court, along with a Blackfeather Court Whistle.

This faction also appears in the Clockwork City, having stolen a Daedric artifact from Sotha Sil. The Court offers daily quests which reward Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffers, which may contain chapters for learning to craft the Ebonshadow style.


Named Members
Duke of Crows (leader)
Bursar of Tributes
Court Magister
The Castellan
Dame Coughcaw Blackwood
The Hermit Crow
Jongleur of Filches
Knight of Marrow
Knave of Rooks
Lady Blightwing Clockwork City
Page of Poking Blackwood
Seneschal of Carrion
Squire Peck
Steward of Plumes Blackwood
Generic Members
Blackfeather Court CrowBlackwood

Related Quests[edit]

Blackfeather Dailies[edit]


  • For historical information on the Blackfeather Court, see the lore article.
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