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Bursar of Tributes
Daily Job Broker
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town
Species Crow
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackfeather Court
Bursar of Tributes

The Bursar of Tributes is a crow member of the Blackfeather Court, who can be found in Slag Town in the Brass Fortress offering daily contracts.

To unlock the Bursar's Daily Missions, you must first help the Blackfeather Court be rid of the Queen of Exarchs. The mission to do so is in the Clockwork Storyline. After which he can be located on a light pole north of the wayshrine inside the Brass Fortress.

Related Quests[edit]


"Twenty-seven, twenty-eight—caw! No talk! Counting!
Now I have to start over …."

If a daily quest is available, he'll greet you with:

"The Court demands something shiny. Or maybe something tasty. We demand a tribute!
Please, crow-friend, flap your nonexistent wings and fly to our aid. Our hoard won't fill itself, you know."
"I must confess that the Blackfeather Court's hoard has been depleted of late. Tributes have been few and far between.
What do you say, my featherless squire? Care to aid our murder in its time of need?"
"Ah, crow-friend, so good of you to offer a helping wing. You will assist me, yes? Tributes have been slow of late and I have coffers to fill!"
"The time has come, crow-friend! There are tributes to collect!
Can we count on you to help the Blackfeather Court and get the job done?"
How can I help?
You have another task for me?
What do you need now?
What kind of help do you need, exactly?

If you have a quest in progress, he may say:

"Murder! Murder, I say!
Sorry, sorry. I like to keep the featherless curs guessing. But how goes your search for tributes for the Court?"
"A tribute saved is a tribute earned. Which reminds me, can the Blackfeather Court count on a tribute from you today?"
"Tribute? Something shiny, something tasty? Or both? Shiny and tasty? Oh, stop keeping me in suspense! Either give me the tribute or get back out there and find one!"
"The tributes, do you have them?"
Here are the items you requested.
I gathered the items you requested for your hoard.

Depending on when you speak to him, you might be able to ask:

Why does a flock of crows require tributes?
"Flock of—! The proper classification is a murder, as in the Blackfeather Court will murder the next featherless cur who dares to disrespect our prestigious gathering.
As for tributes, such gifts are necessary to appease our wrath."
Wrath? Seriously?
"Careful, crow-friend. The nobles of the court are easily offended.
We can pile a storm of disgrace and degradation on the heads of any who dare refuse us. We caw, we peck, we deposit droppings of the foulest sort. Then the tributes roll in!"
What kinds of tributes do you demand?
"The Blackfeather Court accepts most anything given with humility and respect, but we truly appreciate tributes of flesh and silver."
What do you mean, a tribute of flesh?
"The tender bits! Those taste best! Eyes and ears, noses, the dripping, gooey ribbons of a creature's soft and juicy insides—my beak practically waters just talking about it!"
What do you mean, a tribute of silver?
"Trinkets and baubles that shimmer and shine! Coins, armor, rocks, gems—the more it sparkles, the happier it makes our murder. We love to gaze upon objects that glisten!"
Where do you keep these tributes?
"Why, in our hoard, of course! The actual site must remain a closely guarded secret. I'm sure our crow-friend understands. Many thieves and treasure-hunters long to learn the location of the place.
Instead, all they find is our wrath."
Remind me. What is the Blackfeather Court?/Tell me more about the Blackfeather Court.
"The Blackfeather Court is an ancient order established by the Crow Mother and set upon the wings of the Duke of Crows. We conspire, we debate, we collect tributes, and we defend our sacred holdings against all invaders.
Anger us and feel our wrath!"

A Matter of Leisure[edit]

A Matter of Respect[edit]

"The featherless curs that wander this metal monstrosity refuse to display the proper amount of respect to the Court. They decline to pay our tributes! Worse, no plagues or pestilences ravage this land. That means there are no bodies to pick clean!"
So what do you want me to do about it?
"If they insist on not dying, then a different tribute must be collected. Steal their tools of eating! Bring me their plates and bowls! If we can't eat, then neither can they. A fair and meaningful tribute that also teaches a lesson, yes?"
I'll gather cookware and dishes, as you requested.

A Matter of Tributes[edit]

"Featherless ingrates! They dare to call us "dirty birds." They risk our wrath by throwing things to chase us away.
Such insults must not stand! The Court demands tributes!"
What do you want me to do?
"The Court's honor is at stake! They treat us like lowly pigeons even though we are sleek and beautiful. Well, let us show them dirty!
Bring me their tools of grooming and cleaning, then we'll see how they like it when their feathers turn dull."
I'll gather their cosmetics and grooming items, as requested.

Return to him and he'll say:

"Oh yes, these will do nicely! The Court preens in elegance and splendor as the featherless curs languish in muck and mire.
Take these coins for your efforts, crow-friend. And may your feathers always stay groomed!"

Glitter and Gleam[edit]

"The Blackfeather Court's hoard grows tarnished and dull. Such paltry gifts we receive!
But you plunder real treasures! Armor gilded with gold and encrusted with glittering gems and stones! You will bring me more, yes?"
I suppose I could acquire some additional pieces.
"I knew the Court could count on you! You always were my favorite of all the featherless curs.
I'm feeling bold! Brazen, even. I desire ornate armor from far off lands. Bring me these things and I'll reward you in kind."
I'll bring you more pieces of ornate armor.

Alternate dialogue is also possible:

"The Blackfeather Court seeks shiny baubles that glitter and gleam! Bring me ornate and decadent pieces of armor, encrusted with gems and jewels we can pick and pluck.
Our hoard lacks these vital commodities, and only your assets can secure them."
My assets?
"Your hands, crow-friend! Our wings lack such ugly but useful appendages!
Now listen well. Plunder armor of the most ornate sort. Pieces that make a statement! Impractical things, but pretty when polished and shined. Yes, bring such items to me!"
I'll bring you any ornate pieces of armor I acquire.

Return to him and he'll say:

"Flap my feathers and call me a pigeon, but these will do nicely! Even the Duke of Crows will be impressed, and he's a hard one to please.
I have something for you in return. A prize for the Blackfeather Court's favorite crow-friend."

Nibbles and Bits[edit]

"The Blackfeather Court likes nothing better than to peck and pick at the discarded carcasses of the most obnoxious creatures. To get at all the best bits, you see.
Could you acquire some choice nibbles for our murder?"
What exactly do you want me to bring you?
"Crunch, crackle, and snap. Hides and carapaces from the corpses of creatures, and Daedric husks that the Court can crumble and crush! Those would be most excellent!
And for your assistance, I offer the usual compensation."
I'll bring you a few carapaces, hides, and Daedra husks.

Return with the items and he'll say:

"Such crunch! Such chewy bits! The Blackfeather Court will feast tonight! Thank you, crow-friend.
Now, these aren't quite as tasty, but they are what we agreed to. Perhaps you could trade them for something yummy."

Morsels and Pecks[edit]

"This land of metal provides shiny bits, but there are no morsels to fill the bellies of the Blackfeather Court. We miss our favorite treats terribly!"
What kind of treats are we talking about?
"We miss pecking at ectoplasm, essence, and bug-infested roots! Find these delicacies and return to me. I'll reward you spectacularly once the Court's hunger has been sated."
I'll scavenge some ectoplasm, elemental essence and roots for you.

Return to him and he'll say:

"Rare delicacies for this land of brass and silver! These morsels must be placed in the hoard with all due haste … after I take a nibble to ensure their quality.
Here's your reward. Not as tasty, but I suspect it will suffice."


  • Unlike other daily quest givers, the Bursar of Tributes does not have special dialogue for speaking to him before the timer has reset for a new available quest. He simply uses his greeting but you don't have the option of accepting a quest.
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