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(lore page)
Location Jackdaw Cove
Species Crow
Reaction Friendly
A crow, the Knave of Rooks, as seen in Crow's Wood.

Crows are black birds. Most are aesthetic rather than being true creatures, but there are a few crows existing as actual creatures in the game.


Unique Crows[edit]

"The Knave of Rooks as he appears in the Clockwork City dlc."

Quests Involving Crows[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After slaying Uela the Hagraven, the crows trapped spirits will merge with their bodies and descend to start feasting on her corpse, one of them will call out to you.

Crow: "You killed her. You freed us. Haha!"

You can speak with them:

"Freedom. Freedom at last! And Uela dead. Dead!"
Yes, she is.
"Sweet relief. No more voices, no more restraint. Bodies and minds together again.
The crows of Jackdaw Cove are in your debt."
I'm just glad you're free again.
"Yes, free and feasted! The Hagraven was all skin and bones, but what's there is sweet to eat.
So thank you for saving us, and thank you for supper!"
I'll leave you to enjoy that then.
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