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Help a son find his missing father.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Crow's Wood — Help Telbaril learn the truth about Crow's Wood.
Quest Giver: Telbaril Oran
Location(s): Crow's Wood
Concurrent Quest: Decree of the Court
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High XP
ID: 3902
I met a Dark Elf named Telbaril in a pocket of Evergloam known as Crow's Wood. He's trying to find his missing father, Rulantaril. He asked for my help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find charred notes in the house.
  2. Talk to Telbaril Oran.
  3. Talk to the Court Magister.
  4. Take the tower key.
  5. Talk to Crow Mother.
  6. Choose to convince Rulantaril to stay, kill Crow Mother, or kill them both.
  7. Talk to Telbaril Oran.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Upon arriving in Crow's Wood, you'll see Telbaril Oran standing next to your point of entry. Talk to him:

"I hope you're not here to attack me. If I die before I stabilize this portal, you'll be trapped here.
Since killing me is off the table, I could use some help."
What kind of help?
"My father, Rulantaril, is missing. He disappeared from his workshop in Davon's Watch.
I think his disappearance has some connection to this place. I want to know what, and then find him if I can."
What do you know about his disappearance?
"He was there one day and gone the next. His notes call this place 'Crow's Wood.' It's the only clue I have.
I thought I saw an old house up the trail. Could you take a look? I need to stabilize this portal."
I'll check out the house.

The house is a burned-down shack to the west. Inside, you find charred notes describing an encounter between the writer, a witch, and someone under her command called the "Magister of the Blackfeather Court." The Magister taught the writer a number of spells on the witch's orders, and the writer locked the witch in a tower afterward. When you finish reading the notes, Telbaril will join you inside the house:

"Chilling. Look at this place. It was deliberately set on fire."
You might want to take a look at these notes.
"Interesting. Why was my father here? And who is this witch he mentioned?"
Tell me what you want to do now.
"I stabilized the portal, but it's not going to stay that way. I need to attend to it.
Would you go to the court my father mentioned? Maybe someone there knows of his fate."
I'll find the Blackfeather Court.

The Blackfeather Court is near the center of Crow's Wood. Speak to the Court Magister, a talking crow perched upon a rock.

"You want something, featherless?"
I ... um ... do you know Rulantaril?
"Ah yes, the Dark Elf. He was a diligent student, if somewhat crass. Talented, to be sure, but there was something off-putting about him.
My suspicions were confirmed when he locked Crow Mother in the tower. Of course, she got her way in the end."
I don't understand. How did she get her way?
"Crow Mother is lonely. She doesn't get many visitors, and we, her children, aren't the best company. Hard to believe, but true.
We agreed that if she'd teach Rulantaril the secrets of magic, he would return to her side."
And now he's back here?
"Yes. The bargain's power brought him to her side and locked him in the tower. It's just as well, really.
You want to talk to them? Rulantaril left his tower key in a ruined structure nearby. It's in a cursed chest with a fiery guardian."
I'll find the key. Thank you, Magister.

Following her tip, you'll find the ruined structure to the northeast, protected by a Flame Atronach named Rulantaril's Construct. Defeat it, open the ruined chest, and take the key. (Be quick: the Atronach has a low respawn timer.) Once you have the key, head inside the tower. You'll find the Crow Mother, a hagraven, waiting for you:

"We bargained in good faith! All fair and square! You can't have him."
What in Oblivion are you?
"Why recoil so? Am I truly so hideous? Would you spurn me, as Rulantaril did years ago?"
Is Rulantaril here? His son, Telbaril, is trying to find him.
"Yes, Rulantaril is here. We made a bargain, but he thought to renege by binding me in this tower.
He still fights me. He doesn't want to stay. Make him see reason. Make him honor our agreement."
I know precisely how I'm going to deal with you.
"Do you, now? Very well, intruder. Tell me."
You shouldn't be alone. I'll make Rulantaril honor his agreement.
You're a foul, malicious deceiver. I will destroy you.
It's clear you both deserve to die.(?)

Subdue Rulantaril[edit]

Crow Mother will respond to your diplomacy:

"Thank you. He's raging in the corridors below us, trying to blast his way out with magic... The magic we taught him.
Please, don't kill him. I don't want to be alone."
I'll try not to hurt him.

Enter the basement and find Rulantaril. Rulantaril is hostile and will surrender after losing half his health.

Accepting his fate, he'll teleport to the Crow Mother upstairs. Leave the basement.

If you talk to Rulantaril:

"It's not all bad. At least I get a feather bed, right?
Ask my son to come up the tower. I'd like him to meet his... er, new stepmother."
What made you think you could cheat this with?
"I don't know. Desperation, I suppose?
I knew I'd made a terrible bargain, and I didn't want to live with it. But I do, don't I?"
Your son followed you here, you know.
"Of course he did. He's my son. He's intelligent and resourceful. I left him all the clues he would need.
I was hoping for a rescue, not rebuke from a stranger. Are we done?"

Leave the tower and report the situation to Telbaril.

"You're back. Did you find my father?"
Your father's in the tower with the Daedra Lord. It's a long story.
"He's alive though. Ayem bless you, my friend. I'll get things squared away here and make my way to the tower.
I can't believe my fortune running into you here. Thank you for your help."

Kill Crow Mother[edit]

Crow Mother will respond to your threat:

"Then you're as cruel as Rulantaril. Shadow take you, mortal.
Or perhaps you'd like to take his place at my side? Find me below ... if you dare."
You won't escape.

Crow Mother will quickly flee to a separate location, directly north of the portal that brought you to Crow's Wood. Her den is in a trapdoor beneath a damaged tower. You'll find her alone; upon launching your first strike, she'll respond during combat:

"I can't stand to be alone anymore. I'll keep you both here for eternity."

After you kill her, you'll find the Oran family back at the portal. Speak to Telbaril to complete the quest:

"Welcome, my friend. We were just talking about you."
I see your father found you.
"Yes, he did, and he told me a most peculiar tale.
I owe you for getting him out of this mess. Take these coins. It's the least I can do."

Kill Them Both[edit]

Crow mother will respond to your threat:

"No! I won't let you hurt him. I'll protect him. Rulantaril, my love! They come for us.
Time to end this.

Crow Mother flees south to her den. You will find her and Rulantaril engaged in combat as she tells him she wants to protect him and he tries to fend her off. Once you attack they will both turn on you.

Once they are both dead you will find Telbaril back at the portal you entered from.

"You've returned. What did you learn?"
Your father's dead, and the Daedra Lord's banished. It was a sordid task, but it had to be done.
"My father's dead? Vivec's wrath, what in Oblivion happened? Those notes you found ... what was my father doing in this place? Please, leave me. I need to think."


  • You cannot speak to Rulantaril before choosing who to kill. Crow Mother's tower has a basement, but he doesn't appear there before you make your decision.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Son's Promise
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Telbaril saw an old house up the trail. I should investigate for any signs of Rulantaril.
Objective: Search the Old House
Telbaril followed me to the old house. I should let him know what I found.
Objective: Talk to Telbaril
A note in the old house mentioned that Rulantaril studied magic. He learned his craft from a witch at a place called the Blackfeather Court. I need to find the court and see if anyone there can tell me more.
Objective: Find the Blackfeather Court
The magister said that Rulantaril locked the tower key in a cursed chest. The chest isn't far from the Blackfeather Court. If I'm going to get inside the tower and find Rulantaril, I'm going to need that key.
Objective: Find the Tower Key
I acquired the key to the tower. Now I need to get inside.
Objective: Enter the Tower
The Daedric Lord called Crow Mother is inside the tower. She isn't rushing to attack me. I should speak with her to determine what to do next.
Objective: Talk to the Crow Mother
Complete one: Subdue Rulantaril or Kill Crow Mother
I agreed to help the Daedra Lord called Crow Mother. I need to subdue Rulantaril and make him honor his agreement.
Objective: Subdue Rulantaril
☑Finishes quest I "persuaded" Rulantaril to see reason and fulfill his obligation to Crow Mother. I need to tell Telbaril about the outcome.
Objective: Talk to Telbaril
I decided to destroy the Daedra Lord called Crow Mother. She fled into a tower. I should follow after her.
Objective: Kill Crow Mother
☑Finishes quest Crow Mother has been banished, and Rulantaril is free. I should return to Telbaril and tell him the good news.
Objective: Talk to Telbaril
Both Rulantaril and the Daedra Lord called Crow Mother are reprehensible beings. I decided to put an end to both of them.
Objective: Kill Rulantaril
Objective: Kill Crow Mother
☑Finishes quest Rulantaril is dead, and Crow Mother has been banished. I should tell Telbaril.
Objective: Talk to Telbaril