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Telbaril Oran
Location Crow's Wood
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Telbaril Oran

Telbaril Oran is the son of Rulantaril Oran, who has entered Crow's Wood looking for his missing father.

Related Quests[edit]


Quest start dialogue:

"I hope you're not here to attack me. If I die before I stabilize this portal, you'll be trapped here.
Since killing me is off the table, I could use some help."
What kind of help?
"My father, Rulantaril, is missing. He disappeared from his workshop in Davon's Watch.
I think his disappearance has some connection to this place. I want to know what, and then find him if I can."
What do you know about his disappearance?
"He was there one day and gone the next. His notes call this place "Crow's Wood." It's the only clue I have.
I thought I saw an old house up the trail. Could you take a look? I need to stabilize this portal."
I'll check out the house.
"I must concentrate, or the portal will close. Excuse me."

After finding the charred notes:

"Chilling. Look at this place. It was deliberately set on fire."
You might want to take a look at these notes.
"Interesting. Why was my father here? And who is this witch he mentioned?"
Tell me what you want to do now.
"I stabilized the portal, but it's not going to stay that way. I need to attend to it.
Would you go to the court my father mentioned? Maybe someone there knows of his fate."
I'll find the Blackfeather Court.

If you decided to force his father to stay with Crow Mother:

"You're back. Did you find my father?"
Your father's in the tower with the Daedra Lord. It's a long story.
"He's alive though. Ayem bless you, my friend. I'll get things squared away here and make my way to the tower.
I can't believe my fortune running into you here. Thank you for your help."

After the quest:

"Father is going to have a hard time explaining this."

If you saved his father:

"Welcome, my friend. We were just talking about you."
I see your father found you.
"Yes, he did, and he told me a most peculiar tale.
I owe you for getting him out of this mess. Take these coins. It's the least I can do."

After the quest:

"We're going to Oblivion to deal with an insane Daedric lord.
Not the best way for a father and son to bond, is it?"

If you've killed his father:

"My father's dead? Vivec's wrath, what in Oblivion happened? Those notes you found... what was my father doing in this place?
Please, leave me. I need to think."

After the quest:

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