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(lore page)
Home City Mournhold
Location Tribunal Temple
Race Chimer Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple
Almalexia in her temple

Almalexia, or Ayem, is one of the three living gods constituting the Tribunal. She has been handling temporal affairs since the recent Akaviri invasion and was the one who convinced the Great Houses to join the Ebonheart Pact.

Most Dunmer follow her naturally, particularly those of House Indoril, who consider her to be their patron goddess. While she does not have the same influence in the other Ebonheart Pact nations, she is implied to hold much more sway behind the scenes. She can be found in the Tribunal Temple within her city, Mournhold. She is not accompanied in the Temple by her fellow gods Vivec and Sotha Sil.

For more information see the Lore article.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Favor Returned[edit]

After speaking to Naryu Virian outside the temple, you'll see the goddess flanked by her guards:

"Welcome to Mournhold, my child.
Your name is known to the Tribunal. You were wise to heed my summons."
What can I do for Mother Morrowind?
"You have helped my people. And through your actions, you have aided me. I sense that your accomplishments thus far are only the beginning.
My registrars have given you access to the city, but I would like to personally thank you for your deeds."
You don't have to do that.
"Nonsense! I take pleasure in rewarding those who serve my will. May this lantern provide you light in even the darkest situations.
But I sense something troubles you. Tell me. Fear not to speak your mind in my divine presence."
I've heard the Maulborn are in Mournhold.

You can ask her further questions before leaving the temple:

"I sense that there is more to your story, but I won't pry. I trust your instincts and your judgment in these matters.
Consider yourself blessed with my authority. You may investigate the Maulborn presence as you see fit."
Thank you, Sacred Lady.
"Do not be so quick to offer your thanks. After all, you are doing all the work. Should you remove this Maulborn thorn from my side, I will have yet another reason to thank you.
Go, speak to your secretive allies. We have similar goals. For now."
Can you tell me more about the lantern you gave me?
"Do you always question a gift from a god? But I am in a generous mood. The lantern requires no fuel or flame to produce light. Simply activate the lantern and it will summon a ball of illumination to your side for a short time."

Speaking to her again:

"Walk in wisdom, child."

The Mournhold Underground[edit]

Almalexia displays her power

As you and Naryu Virian investigate the Mournhold Sewers, Almalexia will appear once Maulborn Commander Kalara has been defeated. She will personally ensure Farona Telvanni makes it back to the Mages Guild safely. She will say:

"My city, my people, shall not be harmed!"
"The scent of Daedric magic permeates the air. Those who practice forbidden magic shall pay dearly for their crimes!"
"It seems I am in your debt again, champion. Your friend. She thinks to hide from me, but I heard her words of warning. She cares for you. But Farona is wounded. I shall take her to the Mages Guild where she can receive care. Find her there."

The Seal of Three[edit]

After receiving a message from an Ordinator, Almalexia will be waiting for you outside the Tribunal Temple and has informed you that the Maulborn launched an assault on her temple:

"Some of my own children have betrayed me!
I am rarely an angry god, but this time there shall be a reckoning."
How can I help?
"Rage consumes me! The Maulborn invade my home. They attack my children. They attack me!
You have proven yourself loyal and capable. I call upon you to serve me once more."
I'm honored, Sacred Lady. / You honor me, Sacred Lady.
"The Maulborn penetrated the Temple and opened a portal into Oblivion. Even now, Daedra swarm within its hallowed halls.
Such sacrilege must not stand!"
What should I do?
"Banish the Daedra that defile our Temple. Defeat them and then make your way to my altar.
While you slay their minions, I shall determine what the Maulborn are really up to. Now, go, and carry my divine rage with you!"
You're a god. What can I do that you can't? / But what can I do that you can't?
"You shall hear, though you shall never speak of it.
This enemy uses guile and subterfuge. I need time to understand the threat they pose. My divine defenses have been breached and the Temple has been invaded. I cannot be seen to fail!"
Why do you care about appearances?
"Appearances are everything! They feed opinion and belief, and such matters are important to me.
But enough questions! Save the Temple and you will be renowned among mortals and favored by gods."

Speak to her again before entering the temple and she says:

"Enter my temple and banish these Daedric invaders, my child."

Once you've sealed the portals and prayed at her shrine, Mother Morrowind materializes behind you:

"I sense the Temple is free of the Daedric incursion. We are well pleased.
While you fought for my glory, I learned more about our foes."
What have you found out?
"Magistrix Vox used Daedric magic to split the seams of the wards around the High Chapel. Then she opened an Oblivion gate to fill the Temple with Daedra."
What can I do?
"You need to get into the High Chapel. Vox managed to bypass the defenses, but its wards are still in place, drawing on the full power of the Tribunal.
We must get you past those wards."
How do I get in?
"Without the blessing of each of the Three, no mortal may pass through the wards and enter the High Chapel.
You have more than proven yourself to me. You have my blessing already."
Can't I get in the same way Magistrix Vox did?
"You would compound the sacrilege that has already been wrought upon our Temple? No, that is unacceptable. If you will aid us, you will do it with our blessing - or not at all!"
How do I get the blessings of the other gods?
"Go to the cloisters of Vivec and Sotha Sil. My companion gods are absent, but they left trials I can activate to grant their blessings.
Pass the trials and you will be blessed."
Why would she do that? / Why would Vox open an Oblivion gate?
"Vox seeks to desecrate the Temple, steal our holy artifacts, and then loose Daedra upon Mournhold.
If she succeeds, a great many of my children will die. And my people may lose confidence in the Tribunal. That would be catastrophic."'

When you head to Sotha Sil's trial, she shall be waiting for you:

"Sotha Sil values intelligence and ingenuity. He builds. He maintains. He is the master of his creations.
He shall test these qualities in you."
How do I receive Sotha Sil's blessing?

She can explain more about the task:

"Sotha Sil has devised a test that allows him to learn more about you each time you complete it.
You are to repair one of his clockwork toys - and then break it."
I have to fix something, just so I can destroy it?
"All gears turn like the Hurling Disk. All artifice is ephemeral. And at times, parts are of more use than the whole.
There. Divine wisdom. Does that satisfy you?"

She will also be present at Vivec's trial:

"Vivec's trial will measure your clarity of judgment. He saw our blessed people through vexing times. His wisdom reveals the secrets others keep.
So shall yours be put to the test."
How do I receive Vivec's blessing?

She will give you background information on what the trial entails:

"Vivec's teachings often take the form of allegories and tales. His lessons are learned by listening and then acting.
His challenge exemplifies that approach. You must listen, then act."
Tell me what I must do.
"A temple worker named Vamen dueled Belronen Telvanni, slaying him before witnesses. But Vamen was a loyal spy. To incite such discord was against his nature.
As Vivec did, speak with Vamen. Determine who truly slew the Telvanni."

Once you've gained both blessings, you proceed to the High Chapel to slay Sathram. Once that has been done, Almalexia will be waiting outside:

"I felt a burst of power from the Temple and ventured within, fearing the worst.
But you've prevailed. What have you discovered?"
The Maulborn sacrificed their own troops so that Vox could escape with the Judgment of Veloth.
"I will discover what powers the Judgment of Veloth possesses and why Vox has stolen it. In the meantime, you must pursue Magistrix Vox.
For your heroism and service this day, I name you a Hand of Almalexia. Go with my blessing upon you."

Chasing the Magistrix[edit]

If you haven't started the quest yet, she will say:

"You have done much for my city and its people. Thank you.
But one more task requires your attention. You must harry Vox and run her to ground."
How do I find Magister Vox? (Leads to quest dialogue)

Otherwise continuing on from the previous conversation, the goddess will send you to Selfora to find Vox:

"As Vox fled Mournhold, she went east.
With the recent troubles the Ordinators are on high alert. One of them saw her headed that way."
Then I'll head east.
"To the east of Mournhold lies Selfora, a quiet village known for its independent spirit.
Vox almost certainly passed through there. Start your search in Selfora."
I'm on my way.

Into the Mouth of Madness[edit]

Almalexia appears over the campfire to tell you that you will need to destroy three wards to enter into Magistrix Vox's lair. You need to sit by the campfire and receive her message.

Almalexia: "You received Veloth's blessing and have come to the Hollow, just as I have foreseen."
Almalexia: "The blasphemer Vox has sealed herself behind powerful wards. While these wards are in place, she is hidden from me."
Almalexia: "Three wards protect her—one bound to the living, one to the dead, and one to the Daedric planes."
Almalexia: "Destroy these wards. Then you will be able to enter the blasphemer's lair."

Motive for Heresy[edit]

Almalexia executes Meram Vox

In Urili Vox's second memory, a flashback plays out of Almalexia confronting an apprehended Meram before executing him:

Almalexia: "My child, why have you spilled innocent blood? What has led you to perform such evil?"
Meram Vox: "You are a lie, Almalexia! A false god! I renounce you as the impostor you are!"
Almalexia: "You show no remorse and your crimes cannot be ignored. Let this be a lesson to all who would oppose the Tribunal."
Urili Vox: "No, my lady! Mercy! I beg of you! He's my only son!"
Almalexia: "What mercy did Meram show his victims? I am sorry, dear, Urili, but he has earned this punishment."
Meram Vox: "Ahhhh!" [dies]

A flash of light ends the memory and moves onto the next one.

The Judgment of Veloth[edit]

"Our will prevails. Order shall be restored."

Almalexia appears after Vox is defeated. There will be the presence of the freed souls.

Almalexia: "You have done it, my child."

She returns the Judgment of Veloth to the Temple, and opens a portal to Mournhold so that you may leave Eidolon's Hollow:

"Vox is defeated and Veloth's Judgement returns to the Temple where it belongs.
Our will prevails. Order shall be restored."
Did Vox steal all these spirits?
"These are but a few of the innocents Vox imprisoned in her Reservoir of Souls.
But her power is broken now and they're free to pass on. That was your doing."
Why are my companions spirits again? I restored them.
"Both Malvari and Da'ravis have been dead for a long time. They cannot return to life, but they can be set free."
Is that it? Is it over?
"Yes, but your journey continues. The time has come for you to move on.
We will work to restore order in Morrowind. You may leave that to the Three."

Exiting the conversation before finishing the quest, then speaking to her again:

"Vox is defeated and Veloth's Judgement returns to the Temple where it belongs.
Our will prevails. Order shall be restored."
Is that it? Is it over?

After the quest:

"Daedric Princes are not supposed to meddle in our affairs. My companion thought he had dealt with that threat.
But that is not your concern. You have done well and earned our approval. Walk in blessings."