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Magistrix Vox
Location Eidolon's Hollow
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Maulborn
Magistrix Vox

Magistrix Urili Vox, sometimes simply referred to as Vox, is a Dark Elf and the leader of the Maulborn. She is a former member of the Tribunal faithful who unleashed the Llodos Plague on Deshaan and stole the Judgment of Saint Veloth from the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold. Her son's death allowed Boethiah to persuade her to do this.

Urili's son, Meram Vox, served Boethiah and tried to steal the Judgment of Saint Veloth. For his crimes and Daedra worship, Almalexia killed him while Urili begged her for mercy.

While wielding Judgment, Vox has almost godlike power due to a large amount of trapped souls.

Urili Vox

Related Quests[edit]


Vox wields the hammer Judgment in combat.

A two-handed weapon ability
Quick Strike
A two-handed weapon ability
A two-handed weapon ability
Summon Ghosts
Vox can summon two ghosts as she raises her hammer above her head
Magistrix Vox floats above the ground, holding Judgment before her. She is surrounded by an orb of red light as a magic rune is set beneath her. She will also be shielded until you bring it down. it's not clear to me what this ability does, needs clarification

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Restless Spirits[edit]

The Forlorn shows a vision of the past after you defeat the Echo of Vox. In this vision, he meets with Magistrix Vox at the Selfora Temple:

Forlorn One: "Praise to the Three, Magistrix Vox. To what do we owe the honor of your visit?"
Magistrix Vox: "Behold! I bear the Hammer of Veloth, priest. I have come to rally my people against the taint of the Three."
Forlorn One: "What are you saying, Vox? Have you gone mad?"
Magistrix Vox: "Mad? You want to see mad? Let me show you true madness..."

Motive for Heresy[edit]

In the first memory, you will see Vox begging her son not to turn against the Tribunal:

Urili Vox: "You mustn't do this, my son. Defying the Tribunal is a death sentence."
Meram Vox: "Enough, Mother! Your faith in false gods blinds you to the truth."
Urili Vox: "You mustn't say such things, Meram."
Meram Vox: "Silence, Mother! The Daedric Princes return. I welcome them as the true gods of this land."
Urili Vox: "Please, Meram! Come back. I don't want to see you get hurt."

In the second memory, Vox will beg Almalexia to have mercy on her son but to no avail:

Almalexia: "My child, why have you spilled innocent blood? What has led you to perform such evil?"
Meram Vox: "You are a lie, Almalexia! A false god! I renounce you as the impostor you are!"
Almalexia: "You show no remorse and your crimes cannot be ignored. Let this be a lesson to all who would oppose the Tribunal."
Urili Vox: "No, my lady! Mercy! I beg of you! He's my only son!"
Almalexia: "What mercy did Meram show his victims? I am sorry, dear, Urili, but he has earned this punishment."
Meram Vox: "Ahhhh!"

In the third memory, Vox has fallen to the influence of Boethiah and has vowed to destroy the Tribunal to avenge her son. After Boethiah leaves, she senses you in the memory before it ends:

Urili Vox: "False gods. False justice. Meram was right. The Daedric Princes must return. And blood must flow!"
Urili Vox: "Let them die. Let them rot. Let them feel my pain. No false gods can stop me!"
Shadow of Boethiah: "Yes, Urili, yes. Let you plague spread across the land as your rage fills you and makes you strong. But you need Veloth's hammer. You must take it for your own."
Urili Vox: "The Judgement? That's what my son sought to possess. Yes! It will be mine! And with Judgement in my hand, the Tribunal shall fall!"
Shadow of Boethiah: "Go. Gather your followers. Spread your plague. Wield the hammer. With it, you can devour living souls and unleash your true power!"

<The shadow disappears before Vox turns to face you.>

Urili Vox: "Heh heh. You think to hide from me, intruder?"
Urili Vox: "I. See. You. Heh. Heh heh."

The Judgment of Veloth[edit]

When you approach Magistrix Vox in her hollow, she will address you:

Magistrix Vox: "You! The meddler from my memories. Have you come to die?"

She will be angered that you are ruining her plans but would like to make an ally out of you:

"You shattered my wards. You entered my Hollow in service to a false god.
I'm impressed you made it this far. But your interference ends here!"
You can't kill me.
"Kill you? I could have done that long ago.
You are strong. You overcame obstacles that blocked even the false goddess. Why kill you? You'd make a fine ally."

Choosing to oppose her:

I'd never help anyone who murders the innocent.
"Innocent? Innocent? You saw what your goddess did to my son!
Why do you choose to be a willing slave of those imposters? Think for yourself. Stand with me."
No. You must be stopped.
"You utter fool. Stop me? Not even the Tribunal can stop me.
The power of Veloth's Judgement courses through my body. You shall feel its power as I take your life and absorb your soul!"

Choosing to join her:

I'm listening.
"The Tribunal is a lie. They were born as mortals, no more divine than we are. Who are they to sit in judgment on us?
They just found a way to gain and wield great power. As I have. And as you shall, if you join me."
What must I do?
"Let me absorb your strength, combine it with my own. Have no fear. You won't die, but you will become part of something greater than yourself.
Hold still while I strike you with the Judgment. Strike you—and make you immortal!"

Regardless how you bait her into killing you with the Judgement of Veloth, she will strike you down to send you to the spirit realm:

If you choose to defy her:

Magistrix Vox: "I will have your power! And the Tribunal's as well!"

If you choose to "join" her:

Magistrix Vox: "Your spirit will give me the power I need! Together we will triumph over the Tribunal!"
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Magistrix Vox
Location Eidolon's Hollow
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 133,800 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Ravager
Other Information
Faction(s) Maulborn

Confronting Magistrix Vox after escaping from the spirit realm:

Magistrix Vox: "You have tried my patience long enough! Feel the wrath of Veloth's Judgment!"


  • In an early pitch for Deshaan, Naryu Virian was Magistrix Vox's daughter and sister of Meram Vox (whose death would cause her hatred for the Tribunal), though this idea didn't make it very far into development.[1]
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