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A Chimer

The Chimer (also called the People of the North, Changed Folk, Velothi, or Changed Ones) were the Elvish tribes of dissidents who abandoned the ways of the Aldmer and embarked on a great exodus to Morrowind. They followed the prophet Veloth, who spoke to them on behalf of the Good Daedra, the original Daedric gods that they worshiped. They were also known to have fought a war with the Nedes in Resdayn, which led to the creation of Balreth and Sadal. They appeared like other elves, but their skin was a darker shade of pale gold than the Altmer. After the Battle of Red Mountain and Nerevar's death, the Chimer were cursed by Azura and changed into the Dunmer.

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Almalexia maintains her appearance as a Chimer (as did Vivec, partially) despite the Curse. Ghosts of Chimer warriors can be encountered on Heimlyn Keep, the Starved Plain, and Tormented Spire in Stonefalls. You can also encounter Chimer during visions of the past at the Othrenis necropolis and at the Brothers of Strife.

A list of all the Chimer encountered in ESO can be found here.


  • Initially, the Chimer encountered in-game had black eyes. They were later updated to have golden eyes.
  • Sotha Sil and Divayth Fyr were formerly Chimer, but their appearance was changed following Azura's curse.