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This article is about the bone colossus. For the Chimer general, see General Balreth.

(lore page)
Home City Davon's Watch
Species Bone Colossus
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly

Balreth is one of the Brothers of Strife, a bone colossus with magical fire attacks. He was created out of desperation by Chimer wizards in the First Era. Balreth became a menace to Stonefalls, and was ultimately imprisoned within Ash Mountain.

In life, Balreth was an ancient Chimer general during the Battle of Red Mountain in the First Era. With Stonefalls occupied by the Nedes and the Chimer army cut off from reinforcements, grim prospects awaited the army. Balreth and his brother Sadal, along with a small force of elite troops and sorcerers, decided to retreat to an ancient Daedric ruin. It was here that they sacrificed themselves and became the Brothers of Strife, transforming into powerful bone colossi. Although their sacrifice ended the war, the brothers went on a bloody rampage, killing both Nede and Chimer alike. Balreth was ultimately defeated and imprisoned within Ash Mountain.

You will need to aid House Indoril in summoning Balreth to Davon's Watch to defeat the attacking Covenant army. After the battle is won, you will be required to travel to Ash Mountain to defeat Balreth and restore his wards.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

City Under Siege[edit]

Tanval will use the skull of his ancestor as part of a ritual to summon Balreth to drive back the Covenant forces. He will be inside the Indoril crypts and will need your help to hold off the waves of Covenant soldiers.

Once you hold off the waves of attackers, Tanval will successfully summon Balreth.

Tanval Indoril: "Heed my call... Balreth, I summon you!"
Tanval Indoril: "Destroy the Covenant army!"

With that order, Balreth will turn into a ball of fire and exit out of the crypts to attack the Covenant warship near Davon's Watch. You will witness Balreth devastating the soldiers on board. Once he's done with his carnage, he will disappear again in a fiery orb.

Rending Flames[edit]

After you helped Mavos Siloreth prepare a ritual that will let you travel back to the past to see how to stop Balreth, you will witness Balreth being held by Mavos and the group of Chimer mages.

You will need to release Ragebinder and Blaze to help bind Balreth from escaping. Eventually you will have to bind him with the altar.

The Death of Balreth[edit]

After you successfully summon Ragebinder and Blaze with the help of Walks-in-Ash, Mavos will open a portal to Ash Mountain where Balreth will be roaming. Garyn will provide health and stamina support during the fight. Balreth will summon scamps to help him during the fight.

Once you defeated Balreth's mortal form, his spirit will appear which you will summon the guardians to bind him:

Garyn Indoril: "Now, summon the guardians! Touch Balreth's prison to draw them in."

After being summoned for the last time to bind Balreth within Ash Mountain, Ragebinder and Blaze turn on you. Before they have the chance to burn you and Garyn to a crisp, the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, the one who originally bound Balreth, appears to save you.

Garyn Indoril: "You did it! The guardians are here! What are they waiting for?"
Ragebinder: "What will you do now, worms?"
Blaze: "Mortals, burn in my flames unending!"
Mavos Siloreth: "Daedra! Hear me! Return to your purpose."
Mavos Siloreth: "Balreth cannot walk the world of mortals. You must cage him again!"
Ragebinder: "We obey."
Blaze: "Forgive us, mortal master."
Mavos Siloreth: "Fulfill your ancient vows. Imprison Balreth!"

With that, the guardian atronaches permanently bind Balreth to Ash Mountain.

The Brothers Will Rise[edit]

After travelling back to the past at the Brothers of Strife, you will play the part of reenacting the creation of the Brothers of Strife. After collecting the hearts of Nedes and Daedric essences, the Chimer sorcerers will use it as part of the ritual to sacrifice Balreth and Sadal to create the Brothers of Strife. Once praying at the ritual altar, the brothers will transform into the very monstrosities they are.

During the ritual, the brothers will be binded by magicka and then transform into flaming bone colossi:

Sorcerer Turoni: "For the Chimer! For Veloth!"

Skills and Abilities[edit]

You'll face off against Balreth in Ash Mountain's caldera during The Death of Balreth.

Balreth walks back and forth between the two lava pools on the northeast and southwest ends of the caldera. He has a large amount of health and will heal when he stands in one of the lava pools. He fights rather passively, not purposefully targeting you or Garyn.

Balreth has the ability to summon weak scamps, whose fireball attacks can be a hindrance to players taking him on solo. The Storm Talisman given to you by Walks-in-Ash freezes Balreth in his tracks, but has a lengthy cooldown.

You can stand near Garyn Indoril during the fight to passively regain health and stamina through his healing aura.

Balreth stomps on the ground, unleashing a fiery AoE in a moderately large circle around him. This attack can easily be outpaced.

Health Values[edit]

Balreth appears in a variety of states with varying health values.

Location Reaction Difficulty Health
House Indoril Crypt
Ship near Davon's Watch
Friendly 15,000
Brothers of Strife and Charred Ridge, in flashbacks Friendly 15,000
Ash Mountain, during combat Hostile ON-misc-Boss 1.png 146,590
Ash Mountain, after his defeat Friendly 39,959