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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defeat Balreth and end his threat forever.
Zone: Stonefalls
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Ash Mountain — Imprison Balreth inside Ash Mountain.
Quest Giver: Walks-in-Ash
Location(s): Ash Mountain
Prerequisite Quest: Restoring the Guardians
Next Quest: In With the Tide
Reward: Dagon Morag
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
Achievement: Balreth's Bane
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Balreth imprisoned
I've defeated Ash Mountain's guardians. Now I must enter Ash Mountain's caldera, defeat Balreth, and imprison him again.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Summon Ragebinder and Blaze.
  2. Talk to Mavos and enter the portal.
  3. Defeat Balreth with the help of Garyn Indoril.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Walks-in-Ash gives you a totem which will slow Balreth down.

"This is magic I do not understand, far from the waters of my home. You are brave to walk the river's edge."
We should be ready. Is there anything else I need to know?
"You are wise to ask. Yes. I have brought you a focus, a totem, that should help you in the trial ahead. It is a storm totem that will bring pure waters down on his blistering skin."
What will that do?
"Balreth is an engine of fire and death. You'll need something to slow him down. Use the totem, slow him down, and your task should be much easier.
But first, as you said, you'll need to summon the guardians. Sun on your scales, my friend."
Thank you, Walks-in-Ash.

Return to the ritual braziers where you summoned the guardian atronachs in the past to summon them again. Mavos Siloreth appears near the binding altar: talk to him.

"Well, I see that my considerable investment in you wasn't a total waste."
"Our meeting at Othrenis left me curious and frustatingly conscious. Can you really imprison Balreth?
Death has given me a certain ... perspective. And, of course, I have time to indulge my curiosity."
The portal is open. Do you have any other advice?
"Balreth's attacks have cost him power. You should defeat him while he's weak.
Right now, I feel him moving in the caldera of the volcano, gathering strength from the lava that flows there."
So we need to keep Balreth away from the lava.
"Yes, though I doubt it will be easy. If he reaches a lava pool, Balreth will regain strength.
There was something else. Ah! Don't let him light you on fire. Yes, that's something you should avoid."
Anything else?
"As you've seen, scamps love the fire and magical energy Balreth exudes. Be ready to deal with more of them below.
Once we've destroyed his fiery shell, we'll be able to bind him again. This time, it will be for all eternity."
Ragebinder and Blaze imprison Balreth

Travel through the portal to the interior of Ash Mountain, where you will see Garyn Indoril doing battle with Balreth. Garyn wields a frost staff, and he exudes a yellow aura that passively restores a small amount of health and stamina when you stand next to him.

Balreth walks back and forth between the two lava pools on the northeast and southwest ends of the caldera. He has a large amount of health and will heal when he stands in one of the lava pools. You can use the Storm Talisman from Walks-in-Ash to briefly stop him by bringing a thunderstorm down on his head. Balreth fights rather passively, not purposefully targeting you or Garyn. He occasionally stomps on the ground, unleashing a wave of fire beneath his feet in a large range. Balreth has the ability to summon weak scamps, whose fireball attacks can be a hindrance to players taking him on solo.

Once you have defeated Balreth, you must summon Ragebinder and Blaze to imprison him forever.

Garyn Indoril: "You did it! The guardians are here! What are they waiting for?"
Ragebinder: "What will you do now, worms?"
Blaze: "Mortals, burn in my flames unending!"
Mavos Siloreth: "Daedra! Hear me! Return to your purpose."
Mavos Siloreth: "Balreth cannot walk the world of mortals. You must cage him again!"
Ragebinder: "We obey."
Blaze: "Forgive us, mortal master."
Mavos Siloreth: "Fulfill your ancient vows. Imprison Balreth!"

Once they arrive, they unexpectedly turn on you. Just as you and Garyn are about to become meat toast in the caldera of Ash Mountain where no one will find you, Mavos Siloreth appears, commanding the atronachs to adhere to their ancient vows. They acquiesce, and Balreth is bound.

Speak with Mavos.

"You've done well, for a mortal."
Mavos! Is it finished?
"You've seen it yourself. Balreth, the Brother of Strife, is forever imprisoned. He's shackled to Ash Mountain.
You did this. You did what took countless mages many attempts and failures. For a mortal, you're quite an impressive sort."
Thanks, Mavos.
"Yes! You should thank me! You couldn't have done it without me. And you are welcome.
Now go. Get out of here. This is no place for the living."
Take care, Mavos.

After your conversation, you'll exit through the portal Garyn opens on the west end of the caldera. Talk to Walks-in-Ash to complete the quest.

"You've done the impossible. I was wise to see the stone in your spirit.
Then again, I'm known for being wise."
We defeated him together.
"Yes, Balreth is defeated. Argonians, Dunmer, and Nords working together—one might almost think we had formed a Pact!"

Quest Stages[edit]

The Death of Balreth
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should use the ritual braziers to summon the guardians. Then I can open the portal into Ash Mountain.
Objective: Summon Blaze
Objective: Summon Ragebinder
The portal stands open. The spirit of Mavos Siloreth has appeared once more at the portal entrance. I should speak to him to see if he has any advice for defeating Balreth.
Objective: Talk to Mavos Siloreth
I should enter Ash Mountain and defeat Balreth.
Objective: Enter Ash Mountain
I must defeat Balreth.
Objective: Defeat Balreth

While fighting Balreth, I can use Storm Talisman to stun him. Garyn Indoril's aura will restore me if I'm exhausted.

Objective Hint: Use Storm Talisman to Stun Balreth
Objective Hint: Garyn Indoril's Aura Has Restorative Properties
Balreth's body has been defeated, and his spirit is trapped inside the Daedric ritual circle! I must summon the guardians of Ash Mountain to contain him once and for all.
Objective: Contain Balreth's Spirit
The guardians have appeared. Now I must force them to do their duty and imprison Balreth.
Objective: Imprison Balreth
Mavos Siloreth has arrived. He helped me imprison Balreth, a Brother of Strife, forever. I should speak to him and see if anything else remains to be done.
Objective: Talk to Mavos Siloreth
Now that I've defeated Balreth, I should leave Ash Mountain and speak to Walks-in-Ash.
Objective: Leave Ash Mountain
Finishes quest☑ Now that I've defeated Balreth, I should speak to Walks-in-Ash outside.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
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