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Bone Colossus
(lore page)
Location Varies
Species Bone Colossus
Health 119538
108669 (Imperial City)
52831 (Summon)
60370 (Stral Blackthroat summon)
15165 (The Wailing Maw)
Normal117879Veteran401911 (Crypt of Hearts I, Blackheart Haven)
Normal(?)Veteran355432 (Fang Lair), Normal(?)Veteran302117 (Thurvokun)
Normal78586Veteran225562(Blackrose Prison)
Reaction Hostile
A bone colossus

Bone Colossi are large aggressive undead creatures made from bones. While most Bone Colossi are elite difficulty enemies, smaller and weaker versions can be summoned by Bonelords to assist them in battle.

Bone Colossus
(lore page)
Location Shada's Tear, Skyreach Catacombs
Species Bone Colossus
Health 162654 (Cyrodiil)
237066 (Craglorn dungeons)
479511 (Dragon summons) Dragonhold
Normal39412Veteran(?) (Maelstrom Arena, Vale of the Surreal) Orsinium
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As they are considered elites, Bone Colossi are immune to all crowd control effects.

A basic melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
Wake the Dead
The bone colossus summons three to four Risen Dead to attack the player.
The Risen Dead swipe at the player doing minor physical damage.
Necromantic Implosion
After a while the Risen Dead explode if not killed, doing moderate physical damage around themselves as indicated by a red circle.
Bone Saw
The bone colossus stomps its foot doing moderate physical damage in a cone in front of it.

Bone Colossi summoned by Animus Crystals during the fight against Thurvokun have additional abilities.

Coldfire Blast
Deals moderate flame damage.

Bone Colossi summoned by dragons have additional abilities.


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