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The Worm Cult, also known as the Order of the Black Worm, is a brotherhood of necromancers led by the ex-Psijic Mannimarco. For historical information, see the lore article.


Named Members Generic Members
Mannimarco (Leader)
Aera Earth-Turner
Anchorite Borodin
Anchorite Garmar
Bonecaster Lashakh
Bulugbek Thieves Guild
Cassia Varo
Chental Heartwound
Exile of Mauloch
Falkyn Milkeye
Fortuna Iceheart
Giron Rii
Hannat the Bonebringer
Helvia Livianus
Hilo Veturius
Hooded Figure
Housecarl Thorulf
Josajeh, Duchess of Worms Summerset
Josseline Sidrey
Kalin Thal
Kerelia Lucullus
Magna Tharn
Marcellus Bursio
Midaras Centho
Radrase Alen
Severinus Falco
Thallik Wormfather
Thorasa Scipio
Warden Cornexius
Worm Cult Warlock
Master of Worms
Worm Adept
Worm Assassin
Worm Bonelord
Worm Cult Acolyte
Worm Cult Adept
Worm Cult Assassin
Worm Cult Bannerman Imperial City
Worm Cult Battlemage
Worm Cult Bonelord
Worm Cult Cryomancer
Worm Cult Dreadmage
Worm Cult Enforcer
Worm Cult Incendiary
Worm Cult Necromancer
Worm Cult Nightblade
Worm Cult Pyromancer
Worm Cult Ravager
Worm Cult Reverent Morrowind
Worm Cult Ritualist
Worm Cult Savage
Worm Cult Thrall
Worm Cultist
Worm Incendiary
Worm Knight
Worm Nightfrenzy
Worm Savage
Worm Slayer


Related Quests[edit]

Overheard Dialogue[edit]

Worm Cultists have ambient dialogue that is uttered as they idle. Bandits may also occasionally say lines from this pool.

Ritual Components and Instruction Prayers and Summons
  • "I will perform the Daedric summoning."
  • "This one will perform the Daedric summoning."
  • "I will recite the invocation."
  • "This one will recite the invocation."
  • "A sacrifice must be made at midnight."
  • "The ritual has begun. Prepare the sacrifice."
  • "The ritual needs fresh blood!"
  • "Summon the Dremora, and scamps will follow."
  • "Once the unbound Daedra is summoned, he must be forced to submit."
  • "When summoning Daedra, remember that little is known and nothing is to be trusted."
  • "Recite the incantation thrice, then kneel."
  • "The altar must be cleansed before the Daedra can be summoned."
  • "Dremora can only be controlled through complex oaths and contracts."
  • "Bring me a hollowed-out skull."
  • "Take the goblet of blood, and drink deep."
  • "We summon and control you, Daedra. Obey us."
  • "Who knows the invocation?"
  • "Only death will appease the dark ones."
  • "Do we control the Daedra, or do they control us?"
  • "What Daedra serves this Prince? Reveal yourself!"
  • "By the Master's Mace, bring us life in Undeath!"
  • "Harvest our unworthy souls, God of Schemes."
  • "We honor the name of Coldharbour, the realm of our master."
  • "Daedric masters who speak in riddles, preserve your dominion over us."
  • "We serve the master, Molag Bal."
  • "I submit to your will, Daedric masters."
  • "Coldharbour beckons, Nirn obeys."
  • "In the name of Molag Bal, we serve."
  • "Molag Bal, God of Schemes, we come to do your bidding."
  • "By the powers of darkness, I invoke thee."
  • "Molag Bal, Lord of brutality, we praise your name."
  • "Through this ritual, we bind you to us, Daedric servant."
  • "Molag Bal, master of domination, spread the seeds of strife and discord in these mortal realms."
  • "I invite the forces of darkness to bestow their power upon me!"
  • "God of Schemes, Lord of Brutality, Father of Vampires, hear us!"
  • "All mortals will come to our lord and master. He is the Harvester of Souls."

Imperial City[edit]

Worm Cultists in the Imperial City have their own dialogue. Unlike the previous lines, this pool is not shared with bandits.

  • "Nobles Plaza, a filthy sewer ... doesn't matter. Guard duty is guard duty."
  • "I am but a tool for the kyn."
  • "Magicka has great power over flesh."
  • "A Dremora called me "worm-slave." Is that really how they see us?"
  • "I would prefer to be posted to the Arboretum."
  • "There have to be more bodies in the water."
  • "This city will be raised from the dead!"
  • "The Xivkyn can't admit our importance in causing the Planemeld."
  • "I don't question Legion Zero's capability. Just their loyalty."
  • "I have been in the White-Gold Tower before. It's not that impressive."
  • "Any word on the Magisterium? I long for its secrets."
  • "Always take their fingers before you pluck out their eyes."
  • "The key is to pose the bones properly, so they accept the animus."
  • "So hungry. The flesh colossus won't mind if I take a slice. Will it?" ON-icon-race-Bosmer.png
  • "The White-Gold Tower? Not that impressive."
  • "The great chains must hold."
  • "The city belongs to the Cult of the Black Worm, above and below."
  • "That Xivkyn just keeps looking at me. I feel like a mouse under the gaze of a housecat."
  • "Kill them all, I say. Let the necromancers have the bodies."
  • "We're not keeping the Legion after it's done, are we? Maybe as slaves."
  • "Mournhold's sewers are far more sanitary."
  • "The fools think we don't know about their sewer base. They'll learn soon enough."
  • "Preserve the corpse, but not too much. A little rot goes a long way."
  • "Raising a dog from the dead? Is she a savage?"
  • "I sliced him in half. He stood there and blinked twice before he fell."
  • "The city reeks like a rotten wamasu."
  • "Someone bring me a legionnaire. I want to set it on fire."
  • "Fear kills, much to my amusement."
  • "I'll have them soiling themselves before you rub the sleep from your eyes."
  • "That atronach's flesh was sewn poorly. A master's touch is needed."
  • "Food is not my concern. I expect you to provide it."
  • "If I see her again, I'll freeze her solid."
  • "He ascended into Coldharbour via a Dark Anchor. Lucky bastard."
  • "None think they'll break. Not at first."
  • "One day I'll make it to Coldharbour."
  • "Priests die the same as any other. Where are the Eight now, eh?"


The Worm Cultists at the Unfinished Dolmen in Wrothgar also have commentary.

  • "Molag Bal cannot be stopped!"
  • "Molag Bal will reward me for this. More bones! We attack tomorrow morning!"
  • "Molag Bal will be pleased that we continue his work!"
  • "He shall be reborn. We dedicate this anchor to him!"
  • "Spill the blood of the innocent! Desecrate the stones!"
  • "He shall burn this land with a cold flame! None shall survive!"
  • "Finish the anchor! All others in this land were destroyed."
  • "How long have we been working on this dolmen?"
  • "None will stop us from building the dolmen!"
  • "Don't interfere! This is mine and mine alone!"
  • "Molag Bal will send a champion, I'm sure of it."



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