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Thallik Wormfather
Location Arcwind Point
Trolhetta Summit (spirit)
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 66,924 (Arcwind Point)
127470 (Trolhetta)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Shaman
Other Information
Faction(s) Worm Cult
Thallik Wormfather

Thallik Wormfather is a powerful Breton necromancer and the leader of the Worm Cult sect in the Rift, who are attempting to resurrect the giant Sinmur.

You will fight Thallik at Arcwind Point during the quest Shattered Hopes. However, in death his spirit becomes bound to Sinmur, making the giant stronger. Using Wuuthrad, you will have to separate their spirits at Trolhetta and defeat him once more.

Following his defeat, Thallik is sent to the Cliffs of Failure in Coldharbour for displeasing his master, Molag Bal. You have the option to take his side and save him from eternal battling. In return, he agrees to aid in the fight against Bal at the Endless Stair.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Bone Cage
Summon Aura of Protection
Summon Ghost

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Rift[edit]

Scouting the Mine[edit]

Thallik and Stral address the Heiress

You will see a projection of him and Stral Blackthroat talking to Heiress Alona when you go inside Alona's Sanctum:

Thallik Wormfather: "You have done well, Mystic. Continue to follow my plan."
Stral Blackthroat: "Send more bodies as you finish with them. We need all you can supply."
Thallik Wormfather: "The Pact draws closer; remain strong. If we succeed, all these lands will belong to the Reach!"

Shattered Hopes[edit]

After closing the portals, you will head to the central ruins to see Thallik escaping with a couple of his Worm Cultists to Arcwind Point:

Thallik Wormfather: "Quickly. Open the portal!"
Valdur: "Thallik Wormfather retreated through the portal to Arcwind Point! Go quickly! Captain Hrosta is there already."

Thallik is located at Arcwind Point, and is using Wuuthrad to revive Sinmur. Two Worm Cult Ritualists accompany him. You need to defeat Thallik.

When engaged in combat, he says:

Thallik Wormfather: "The Worm Cult will prevail!"
Thallik merges with Sinmur

When you kill him, his spirit returns.

Thallik Wormfather: "You can't defeat me that easily!"

The two Draugr Corpses on either side of the ritual rise from their slumber.

Thallik Wormfather: "You'll never defeat the Worm Cult!"
Thallik's ghost at Trolhetta Summit

He floats over to Sinmur and their souls merge.

Thallik Wormfather: "I give my spirit to Sinmur!"

After you defeat his draugr, his ritual finishes. Wuuthrad shatters.

Thallik Wormfather: "Wuuthrad is not for you, little one."

Sinmur shakes his club and lets out a mighty roar before phasing out of Arcwind Ruins. Thallik and Sinmur are one, and they're on the loose.

Stomping Sinmur[edit]

During your fight with Sinmur, you will need to expel Thallik's spirit from the giant in order to weaken the giant. Every single time you use the shards of Wuuthrad, Thallik will taunt you during the battle:

Thallik Wormfather: "You're too late to stop us!"
Thallik Wormfather: "So eager to die?"
Thallik Wormfather: "We will crush you!"
Thallik Wormfather: "Pray to your puny gods, fool!"


Cliffs of Failure[edit]

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Thallik Wormfather
Location Cliffs of Failure
The Hollow City, House of Darkness
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Worm Cult

Thallik Wormfather can be encountered in Coldharbour as a contestant in the game at the Cliffs of Failure. When you first enter the portal the cliffs you can find him conversing with some possibly familiar faces as they observe a trio of restrained mages.

High Kinlady Estre: "Your troops grow weak, Thallik. The Worm Cult isn't what it once was. And this mage isn't going to change that."
Thallik Wormfather "You throw peasants at me, Estre. You confuse weakness with boredom. My mage will do just fine."
High Kinlady Estre: "Believe what you will. When I am victorious and you grovel before me, I will remind you of this moment and how wrong you were."
Angof the Undying: "You two bicker like a couple of married old Nords. You didn't even notice the new arrival."
High Kinlady Estre: "Another one? Where do they all come from? I swear, they pop up like rabbits."
Angof the Undying: "This one is different. Special. I think this one will make a good addition to my team."

The Endless War[edit]

Before starting the match, you have the opportunity to speak with Thallik. His attitude towards you will depend on whether you killed him previously or not. He

"My killer comes to humiliate me once again? Well, know that your luck won't help you here.
I do hope you compete in this game. I so want to get another chance to rip out your heart and pull out your spine!"
You should be dead.
"And here I am, no thanks to you!
My connections to the higher powers have granted me a second chance. One I fully intend to use to tear you apart. Piece by piece. You won't stop me again."
Isn't that what you said last time?
"Don't test me, fool!
I can't say I blame you for coming to join the game, though. The lure of power. The chance for Molag Bal's favor. You're more like me than I imagined. Ruthless. Power-hungry. A worthy opponent."

Otherwise he will be sizing you up as a valuable asset.

"Yes, yes. I see, I see. You would make a fine addition to my forces."
What are you talking about?
"What am I talking about? I'm talking about this game of war that we play, fool.
Oh, don't tell me you came here by accident? It never ends well for the stupid ones."
You expect that to win me over?
"Fool, I don't expect to win you over with a smile and pretty words. I expect you to fight for me because of the power I wield.
You'll see. Just wait."
Thallik with his rune circle

Down in the field, Thallik will be waiting by the rune circle that he told Mim about. You can ask him what the rune you received does.

"So you ended up with my rune? Interesting. You're either working with the cat or you killed him. I'd prefer the latter, of course, but perhaps that's just me.
Still, there's a way for everyone to win today."
What are you talking about?
"The rune you carry is more powerful than you can imagine. If the cat knew its true potential, he would never have given it up.
The power of the dead flows through the rune. Necromancy, some call it. But the rune serves another purpose, as well."
What other purpose?
"The death rune transforms you. Every death you deal in this form fills the rune. I intend to use the fully charged rune to escape this plane. Not even the Observer will be able to stop me.
And I'll remember anyone who assisted me, of course."
Tell me how the death rune works.
"Use the rune within this circle and you will transform. Then the rune will absorb the essence of everything you slay.
The more you kill, the stronger the rune becomes. But don't linger. The death rune's transformative power lasts only so long."

Before you use the rune:

"Once you use the death rune, get on with the killing. The transformation doesn't last very long.
If the power fades, just use the rune again."

After saving helping the three mages, the Observer will call you back to the clifftop to choose who to side with. You have the opportunity to speak with Thallik first and hear his proposal.

"You appeared to enjoy the power I gave you. I, too, know how exhilarating the power of death and darkness can be.
All this and more can be yours whenever you want it. If you join me in this campaign."
You're offering me power to join with you?
"Of course! What else is there? Power makes us happy. It lifts us up above the rabble.
In life, I had such power that you wouldn't believe! I was foolish, though. I let it slip away."
What happened?
"I misjudged the … committment [sic] of others. It was a simple miscalculation, but it brought my entire base of power to a grinding halt.
I won't make that mistake again, though. I'll use my power to its fullest extent. No one will stop me!"
The Rift Zone story not completed:
The Rift Zone story completed:
I seem to remember taking it away from you.
"Call it what you will. I lost because I miscalculated your committment [sic] to your cause.
But your lust for power remains. Why fight to be a hero when you can fight for your true goal—power! All you have to do is join me."

The Will of the Worm[edit]

If you choose to join Thallik you can meet him in his camp down below.

"Yes, yes. You decided to serve me because I have the best chance to win. I understand that. You want to survive.
Listen to what I have to say and do not question my orders. Do this and we shall escape this game."
I'm here to rescue the Mages Guild members.
"Of course you are. But you could have sided with the weepy, thorny bastard. Or the deceptive Lady Estre.
But no. You selected me."
So what do you want me to do?
"Eager to serve. I like that. So much more backbone than what the cat demonstrates.
Well, if you want to win, you must defeat Angof's and Estre's champions. That's all you have to do. Simple, when you think about it."
And what will you be doing while I get my hands dirty?
"Watch your tone! To win, you'll need more power. Take my death rune. Use it when you wish.
Don't try to deny that you've enjoyed the power. Freedom from one's flesh can be so … rejuvenating! No need to thank me. Just go out there and win."

Talk to him after the conversation, and he'll be dismissive.

"Off with you. Off!
Spill blood. Stab things. Do what you do best!"

After defeating both the champions and the Observer himself, you will return to the cliff top to find Thallik and the Mages in separate cages. Estre and Angof will be been turned to stone and posed in front of them.

The revived Observer will then give you a choice, to take the mages or take Thallik. If you speak with Thallik, he will command you to free him.

"Because you enjoy winning. Only I can provide the power you need to stand against Molag Bal!
Now go tell the Observer that I'm the one and get me out of this blasted cage!"
"If that were true, why are you still talking to me? You know I am the right choice. I'm the only choice!
If you plan to march on Molag Bal, you need the most powerful allies at your side. This has already been decided. You just have to accept it."

If you chose to take both Thallik and the mages:


After the quest:


If you choose to save Thallik, (?).

"Yes, I know of it. My former master spoke of it once. How he hated the place!
I'll make my way there. Come and get me when you're ready to actually do something significant."

After the quest:

"Don't worry about me. Save your empathy for someone who needs it.
I shall have no trouble making my way to this city of yours."

If you didn't side with him and after you defeat the Observer, he will be a stone statue in a defiant position.

A Thorn in your Side/A Bargain with Shadows[edit]

If you side with either Angof or Estre, you won't see Thallik.

After defeating the Observer in combat, you'll find him as a stone statue in a defiant stance.

The Hollow City[edit]

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If you got him out of the game, Thallik can be found in the House of Darkness in the Hollow City. He will not like the place at all.

"This city is dreadful. All the bright colors. The blooming flowers and trees. The … life!
Maybe I should go back outside again. I think I prefer Coldharbour's stark landscape to this … wonderland."

However, if you previously met him in Tamriel, he will instead admire the decor:

"Whoever lived here before had a splendid eye for decor. This will suit me just fine.
We spend so much time worrying about what happens after life when we should be embracing death and the powers that come with it."