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(lore page)
Location Trolhetta
Species Giant
Health 359633 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Sinmur the Terrible is a long-dead giant. He was slain by the legendary Nordic hero, Ysgramor in a great battle between the Five Hundred Companions and his kin.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The Worm Cult is attempting to resurrect this ancient titan and unleash his power against The Rift. The nefarious Thallik Wormfather is leading this effort. There's no telling what kind of damage Sinmur could do, should his spirit fall into the hands of the Cult.

When you enter Sinmur's Tomb, you'll hear the skeletons summoning the spirit of Sinmur. The giant himself will be awakened.

Corpse: "Rise Sinmur! Return, and taste the blood of Ysgramor's heirs!"

The giant spirit then caused damage to Shor's Stone after he was awakened.

The Rise of Sage Svari[edit]

Ysgramor and Ylgar fight Sinmur

Accompany Skald Svari to the shrines of Yngol, Ylgar and Ysgramor, where you will witness three visions that tell the story of the Five Hundred Companions.

You will witness a vision of Ysgramor and Yngol defeating Sinmur.

Shattered Hopes[edit]

When you get past the ward of the barrow at Arcwind Point, Thallik Wormfather is using Wuuthrad to revive Sinmur.

Thallik merges with Sinmur

When you dispose of the two Draugr Corpses, Thallik's spirit will float over to Sinmur and merge with the soul of the giant:

Thallik Wormfather: "I give my spirit to Sinmur!"

His ritual will finish and Wuuthrad shatters.

Thallik Wormfather: "Wuuthrad is not for you, little one."

Sinmur shakes his club and lets out a mighty roar before phasing out of Arcwind Ruins. Thallik and Sinmur are one, and they're on the loose.

Stomping Sinmur[edit]

After you defeat the remaining holdouts of Worm Cultists at the top of Trolhetaa Summit, Sinmur will appear and be ready to fight both you and your companions. During your fight with Sinmur, you will need to expel Thallik's spirit from the giant in order to weaken the giant.

Eventually after weakening the giant enough times, you will be able to fell the giant once more.

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