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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Turn the tide in the Pact's war against the Worm Cult.
Zone: The Rift
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Honrich Tower — Help King Jorunn defeat the Worm Cult at Honrich Tower.
Quest Giver: Scout Fenrir on the west road
Scout Jaga on the east road
Jorunn the Skald-King in the Pact camp
Location(s): Honrich Tower, Arcwind Point
Prerequisite Quest: Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Previous Quest: To Honrich Tower
Next Quest: A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
Concurrent Quest: Soldier Down
Reward: Wormwood Staff
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
Thallik Wormfather tries to revive Sinmur
The Ebonheart Pact has come together under King Jorunn's command to battle the Worm Cult at the ruins of Honrich Tower.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King.
  2. Talk to Valdur.
  3. Close the portals to Coldharbour.
  4. Confront Thallik Wormfather at the central ruin.
  5. Find Captain Hrosta at Arcwind Point.
  6. Open the tomb.
  7. Defeat Thallik Wormfather.
  8. Talk to Hakra.
  9. Talk to King Jorunn.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

On your way to Honrich Tower, you'll see Scout Fenrir along the road. He greets you, and tells you that King Jorunn is in the camp up the road. The Worm Cultists are preparing to advance.

The King is in the Ebonheart Pact camp near Honrich Tower's wayshrine, holding council with Hakra and Valdur. He tells you that the Worm Cult is summoning an army of Daedra at Honrich Tower. Thallik has Wuuthrad, and has roused the spirit of the ancient giant, Sinmur. He tells you to speak to Valdur before you attack the cult head-on.

Valdur vows to retrieve Wuuthrad, and says that Captain Hrosta will search for Wormfather while you close the portals. You must close four portals. If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can ask Valdur to give you a little bit of help. He will summon one of the Five Hundred Companions for you, since you have great need. You can choose a warrior, firemage or healer.

The four portals are in the towers surrounding the lake just outside the camp. There are a few powerful harvesters in this area, so be careful. The Daedric portals are in the ruined towers. Each of the four portals has two Worm Cultists and a Dremora Kynval guarding it.

Valdur's spirit appears as you close the final portal, and tells you to come to the central ruin. A portal has been opened to Arcwind Point, where Thallik Wormfather has fled. Captain Hrosta followed Thallik through the portal with a small contingent of soldiers. Enter the portal and pursue them.

Arcwind Point[edit]

Arcwind Point is a snowy place, where you can barely make out the high arcing traditional Nordic structure in the distance. As you search for Captain Hrosta, you'll have to avoid a swath of murderous Daedra.

The captain is in the southern corner of this area. Go down the steps, then follow the left (south) path. You can sneak past most of the Daedra or walk further away from them, or you can choose to engage them in combat. Just be careful not to catch the attention of too many groups at once.

Captain Hrosta opens the door

You'll find the captain near the entrance to a barrow similar to Taarengrav. This one is unique in that there is a strange white crystal with red runes beneath it sitting in front of the door. Talk to the captain near the door. She tells you that Thallik entered the ruins, but that you can't follow him. The door is warded, and the only way to be able to open it is to sacrifice a living soul at the crystal near the door.

The captain notes that she saw a Reachman in a cage back near the portal. At this point you can decide if you want to trick a prisoner into touching the crystal or allow the captain to sacrifice herself.

If you choose to trick a prisoner, climb the stairs out of the barrow and go north. You see Lesuin in a cage in the northeast corner of the map. He is a member of the tribe that attacked the Rift, and you can ask him why he was imprisoned. He claims the cultists imprisoned him because he refused to sacrifice a child who reminded him of his daughter. You can choose to lie to him and lead him to the crystal, or let him go home to his family (although this means the captain dies). If you let him go, he promises to live a good life.

Return to the crystal and observe the sacrifice. You can now enter the ruins. Continue through the first hallway to Sinmur's Tomb.

Wuuthrad imbues Sinmur with power

Inside the tomb, you will see Thallik and two Worm Cult Ritualists performing a ritual on the ghost of Sinmur. As you get closer, you can see Wuuthrad, glowing blue in front of Sinmur. Thallik is channeling energy through Wuuthrad into Sinmur. Defeat Thallik Wormfather and his minions.

After Thallik dies, his spirit appears and floats over to the upright sarcophagi on either side of the ritual. He casts a spell to awaken the Draugr Corpses slumbering within. After both of the draugr have been defeated, Thallik and Sinmur merge. Wuuthrad shatters, and Sinmur lets out a mighty roar before disappearing. Hakra and Valdur appear, but they are too late. Talk to Hakra.

You need to collect Wuuthrad's haft, then return to Honrich Tower through the portal. Talk to King Jorunn, who is just south of where you land. Despite the fact that Sinmur escaped, Jorunn thanks you for defeating Thallik Wormfather. Your actions here have severely weakened the Worm Cult.

Quest Stages[edit]

Shattered Hopes
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should seek out Jorunn and find out how I can help.
Objective: Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King
Latest start The Pact's forces are spread thin. Jorunn has asked me to close the portals to Coldharbour and confront the Cult's leader, Thallik Wormfather. I should speak with the spirit of Valdur, one of Ysgramor's Companions.
Objective: Talk to Valdur
I got the impression I might be able to convince Valdur to provide me with additional aid if I can persuade him. Otherwise, I should leave the king's camp and look for the portals I need to close.
Objective: Leave the Camp
Optional Step: Persuade Valdur to Aid You
Valdur has offered to summon the spirit of one of the Five Hundred Companions to fight at my side. I only have to let him know which warrior I want.
Complete one: Choose Warrior or Choose Firemage or Choose Healer
(If you persuaded Valdur)
I must seek out the four portals the Worm Cult has opened to Coldharbour. Closing the portals will stop the legions of Daedra coming through.
Objective: Close the Portals to Coldharbour: 0/4
Hidden Objective: Close the East Portal
Hidden Objective: Close the West Portal
Hidden Objective: Close the North Portal
Hidden Objective: Close the South Portal
I closed the portals to Coldharbour and the spirit of Valdur appeared. He says they've found the cult's leader, Thallik Wormfather, and I should come to the central ruins.
Objective: Confront Thallik Wormfather at the Central Ruins
Thallik Wormfather escaped through a portal to the cult's base at Arcwind Point. Valdur says Captain Hrosta has gone after him. I should go through the portal and try to catch up.
Objective: Enter the Portal to Arcwind Point
I've traveled through the portal to the Worm Cult's base at Arcwind Point. I should look for Captain Hrosta to find out where Thallik Wormfather went.
Objective: Find Captain Hrosta
I found Captain Hrosta. I should speak to her to find out where Thallik Wormfather has gone.
Objective: Talk to Captain Hrosta
Thallik Wormfather has retreated into the lower ruins at Arcwind Point. To get past the wards to follow him, a life must be sacrificed. Captain Hrosta has volunteered, or I can perhaps trick a Reachman prisoner into doing so.
Complete one: Sacrifice Captain Hrosta or Trick a Reachman Prisoner
Someone must be sacrificed to open the door to follow Thallik Wormfather. Though Captain Hrosta offered to sacrifice herself, I've decided to trick a Reachman prisoner into killing himself. There's one in a cage up the mountain.
Objective: Find a Reachman Prisoner
(If you decide to sacrifice the Reachman prisoner instead of the Captain)
The Reachman prisoner does not suspect anything. I must lead him back to the ritual circle.
Objective: Lead Reachman to Ritual Circle
(If you decide to sacrifice the Reachman prisoner instead of the Captain)
I led the Reachman prisoner to the ritual circle. I can trick him into touching the gem and killing himself or I can ask Captain Hrosta to sacrifice herself.
Complete one: Sacrifice Captain Hrosta or Sacrifice Reachman Prisoner
(If you decide to sacrifice the Reachman prisoner instead of the Captain)
The sacrifice is made. I must wait until the circle's victim is devoured.
Objective: Witness the Sacrifice
Thallik Wormfather has the legendary axe Wuuthrad in the lower ruins at Arcwind Point. I must find him and kill him to retrieve Wuuthrad and end the Worm Cult threat.
Objective: Find Thallik Wormfather
Thallik Wormfather is performing some dark ritual with the legendary axe Wuuthrad in the lower ruins at Arcwind Point. I must kill him to retrieve Wuuthrad and end the Worm Cult threat.
Objective: Kill Thallik Wormfather
I slew Thallik Wormfather, but Wuuthrad was shattered and it seems Thallik merged his spirit with the ghost giant Sinmur. I should speak to Hakra. She may know more about what just happened.
Objective: Talk to Hakra
Thallik Wormfather is dead, but he merged his spirit with the ghost giant Sinmur and shattered the legendary axe Wuuthrad. All that remains is the axe's haft. I should collect the haft and take it back to Honrich Tower.
Objective: Collect the Haft of Wuuthrad
Finishes quest☑ Thallik Wormfather is dead, but he merged his spirit with the ghost giant Sinmur and shattered the legendary axe Wuuthrad. I should talk to Jorunn about what has transpired.
Objective: Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King
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