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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Release the Companion spirit from the Worm Cult's control.
Zone: The Rift
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Pinepeak Cavern — Learn why the Worm Cult are at Pinepeak Cavern.
Quest Giver: Netapatuu
Location(s): Pinepeak Cavern
Prerequisite Quest: Pinepeak Caverns
Next Quest: To Taarengrav
Concurrent Quest: Research Subject
Reward: Hakra's Cuisses
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Destroy the urns
Netapatuu and his colleagues came to Pinepeak Caverns to consult with the spirit of Hakra, one of Ysgramor's Companions. Worm Cultists attacked and drove them out. The cultists cannot be allowed to gain control of Hakra's spirit.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Use Hakra shard on a cultist corpse.
  2. Talk to the cultist.
  3. Destroy the burial urns.
  4. Find Hakra's spirit.
  5. Talk to Hakra outside.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Near the road outside Pinepeak Cavern, you come across a crouching Argonian, Netapatuu.

"I am doing what I can, but the weapons wielded by the Worm Cult have a cruel bite. We should have been more careful. Considering what we came here to do, we should have known there would be danger."
What did you come here to do?
"Do you know what this place is? Pinepeak Caverns? This is where one of Ysgramor's Companions was buried. Hakra was her name. We came to ensure her tomb was safe, but the Worms were already here. They ambushed us inside, and we barely escaped."
What is the Worm Cult doing here?
"I fear their intentions may be to enslave Hakra's spirit. There is still time though. Will you help? If you jab this shard into one of the corpses in the cave, Hakra can possess the body and then she can tell us what to do to stop them."
Sounds gross, but I'll do it.

You can ask him about why he was in the caverns, where he found the shard and how it works. The Pact leaders sent him because they believed the Worm Cult would try to enslave the spirits of the ancient Companions to strengthen Sinmur. The shard contains a tiny part of Hakra's soul, allowing her to possess a fresh corpse for a limited time. They found it inside a pillar after finding clues in the lore.

You need to find a dead Worm Cultist and use the shard on it. The cultists are inside the cavern, a short walk north of Netapatuu. You should see the body of Worm Slayer and be able to use the shard on it.

Hakra is not pleased with your choice of a body; the cultist "reeks." She also insults your ability as a hero. She confirms that the cult is indeed after her spirit. Once they breach the tomb, they will be able to bind her to their will. However, she cannot leave until you destroy three burial urns, which are binding her to the cavern. If you destroy them, the cult will never be able to bind her. She tells you that two of them are in the lower part of the cavern and should be destroyed first.

Save Hakra's soul

These are the urns of Kyne and Stuhn. Both urns are south of you and shine with a magical, gold light. Just follow the path, being careful to avoid the traps and cultists. You need to hit the urns with your weapon or activate them to destroy them.

Follow the path to the final und, the urn of Shor which is on the upper level of the cavern. However, once you smash it, Hakra's spirit appears to be in great pain. You need to enter Hakra's Tomb and defeat her.

When you enter, you see her kneeling on the floor and a cultist siphoning her power to her left. You need to attack the cultist first, then Hakra will fight you. The cultist is fairly weak compared to Hakra, so you should be able to defeat him before Hakra runs at you.

Once you defeat her, her spirit, though bound, appears to you, and you meet her outside. Leave through the shortcut, and be careful of the fire traps as you exit through the door you entered the cavern at the beginning. Walk back toward where you met Netapatuu and talk to Hakra.

"My bonds are broken! I'm free of that vermin-infested cave. Now to hunt down more of those damned cultists."
What did the cult want with you?
"Those Worms! Trying to enslave my spirit, then sacrifice me to enhance Sinmur's powers. A foolish plan, attempted by idiots. Even you were able to defeat them! That shard is mine, by the way."


  • You should consider picking up Research Subject while in the cavern, as you'll pass all of its objectives as you search for the urns.

Quest Stages[edit]

Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Netapatuu gave me a crystal shard containing a fragment of Hakra's spirit. I have to jab the shard into one of the dead Worm Cultists just inside the cavern entrance. Hakra's spirit should possess the corpse.
Objective: Use Hakra Shard on Cultist Corpse
The shard enabled Hakra to possess the cultist corpse! Now to speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Reanimated Corpse
I must destroy Hakra's burial urns. This will free her spirit and enable her to escape from the cavern, preventing the cultists from binding her.
Objective: Destroy Urn of Kyne
Objective: Destroy Urn of Stuhn
Only the third of Hakra's burial urns remains. When I destroy that one, her spirit should finally be free of this cavern.
Objective: Destroy Urn of Shor
I destroyed the burial urns chaining Hakra to the cavern. But the Worm Cultists already have her fully under their control. If I can defeat her ensorceled spirit, Hakra will finally be free of both the cultists and this cavern.
Objective: Defeat Hakra
Finishes quest☑ Hakra's spirit is no longer bound to her tomb or to the Worm Cult. She is free, after all these years. I must talk to her, outside the cavern.
Objective: Talk to Hakra Outside
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