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The Pacthunters[edit]

The Pacthunters are a group of Bosmer hunters competing in the tournament taking place at the Dragonstar Arena.

Pale Watch[edit]

The Pale Watch is a rogue knightly order found inside Watcher's Hold, Wrothgar. The order was originally stationed in the hold by order of King Maxevian.

Pellingare Mercenaries[edit]

The Pellingare Mercenaries are a group of mercenaries who appear in Wayrest Sewers I, and are led by the Pellingare twins - Allene Pellingare and Varaine Pellingare.

Pit Daemons[edit]

The Pit Daemons are one of three factions you can fight for in the Battlegrounds.

Pit Rats[edit]

The Pit Rats are a group of Dunmeri thugs who have taken over the kwama mine Darkshade Caverns. Tervur Sadri hired the group to kill the miners while he murdered his partner Selos in order to steal the deed to the mine.

Pride of Alkosh[edit]

The Pride of Alkosh is a clan of Khajiiti warriors who serve Alkosh. They protect Elsweyr in its time of need. The order is housed at Pridehome, and comprises Khajiit who were born under the eclipse, but are not destined to lead as the Mane. These individuals are known as the Forgotten Manes.

The order was founded by the legendary hero Ja'darri, the first champion of Alkosh. The order has historically worked alongside the Dragonguard to defend Elsweyr against the Dragons. The Pride selects one champion to undergo solitary training so that they may one day wield the Mask of Alkosh.

Priests of Trinimac[edit]

The Priests of Trinimac are clergy who spread the ways of Trinimac from the Temple of Ire in Orsinium. While mostly consisting of Orcs, they also count Argonians and High Elves among their numbers. The priests can easily be recognized by their distinctive six-winged robes.

Primeval Seekers[edit]

The Primeval Seekers are a cult worshipping the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. When he learned that a nereid named Lorelia planned to use forbidden knowledge to subvert the laws of nature in the Ayleid ruins of Bisnensel, he sent them to prevent her.

Psijic Order[edit]

The Psijic Order are a mysterious and ancient order of powerful mages based on the Isle of Artaeum. It is a joinable faction in the Summerset Chapter. As the island disappeared from Tamriel over 350 years ago, around when former member Vanus Galerion formed the Mages Guild, the Order has rarely ever been seen.

Pyre Watch[edit]

The Pyre Watch are a Redguard order dedicated to Tu'whacca and guarding the Unhallowed Grave in Bangkorai. After the Gray Host was defeated at Bangkorai Garrison in the First Era, the remains of the werewolf and vampire army were burnt to ashes and given to the Pyre Watch to safeguard at the tomb complex which became known as the Unhallowed Grave.

In more recent times, the Pyre Watch came under threat by a mercenary group known as the Draugrkin and their necromancer master who wish to use the remains for their own ends.